A Character Analysis of Kerima Polotan Tuvera’s The Virgin Kerima Polotan-Tuvera’s “The Virgin” is actually a short history that is dedicated to two personas namely Miss Mijares and The Carpenter. It “The Virgin” reflects the subject virginity which is an important and cherished worth for Filipinos.

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A Filipina should be proud to have preserved her virginity but in the case of the thirty-four-year-old Miss Mijares, she is ashamed of it. In her thirty-four years of existence, she acquired never recently been committed in a relationship. When ever she was younger, generally there had been other things to do and she avoid putting love together with her priorities. She experienced college to complete, a niece to put through school, and a mother to take care.

Her duties became hindrances for her to be in a romantic relationship. Miss Mijares’ childhood activities and tasks affected her personality. Miss Mijares is a thirty-four-year-old woman who performs at work placement organization. The first encounter in the two characters is at the interview. The way Miss Mijares handle him can be as aloof and cold the same as the way your woman treated her other interviewees.

She looks at herself as superior which will explains the impolite terminology she uses to speak with them. In line with the text “When she was younger, generally there had been other activities to do-college to finish, a niece that will put through college, a mother to maintain. ” Her childhood experience affected how she is today, it greatly affected her personality. Based on the theory of Sigmund Freud namely Psychoanalytic Theory of Freud, a person’s child years experience and unconscious head contributes to his or her personality (Cherry). The way Miss Mijares continue to keep her range from other persons and the way she speak with them serve as a defense mechanism. Her unsociable manners coupled with honest and instant way of conversation is a conceal for her solitude.

For nine years your woman dutifully appears out for the needs of her mother. For seven years the girl doesn’t consider her very own happiness pertaining to she prioritizes her duty to take care of her parent. Based on the text “But it had used her parent many years to die. Towards end, completely become a thankless chore, kneading her mother’s loose flesh, hour after hour, unable to wake up the frosty, sluggish bloodstream in her dying body.

In the end, the lady had died-her toothless, thin-haired,  flabby-fleshed mother-and Miss Mijares had pushed against the understructure in sadness and also appreciation. ” We are able to infer through the way your woman dedicated her early years to deal with her mom that she valued her family more than herself. She was really impacted by the death of her mother which she loved so much and it induced the enhancements made on her character. She exemplified her brilliance as a woman. “Miss Mijares did not appear 34.

The lady was minor, almost bony, but she had learned early how to dress herself to achieve an false impression hips and bosom. Your woman liked sieges and shirrings and tiny girlish light colors. ” According for this text, Miss Mijares knows how to make her look appealing to opposite sexuality. This is her way to handle her solitude. For thirty-four years she gets not even carressed a man.

Just how she behaves and deal with other people provides for a defense device. According to the Behavioral Theory, persona is based on the interaction involving the individual as well as the environment which may be learned and unlearned (Cherry). Her bossy and indistinct manner of presentation coupled with the way in which she dress acts as a protection mechanism to cover her depression.

The “girlish pastel color” as stated in the story is additionally a way to hide her true feelings. She is ashamed of himself for continue to being a virgin at the age of thirty-four. “And yet Miss Mijares did consider love. ” It is stated in the text that Miss Mijares had temporary fantasies. She actually is still wishing that like will come her way sooner or later. It instantly happened if he met the carpenter. The girl with cold and distant initially but abruptly she is attracted to the man.

All this started at this time she observed the man keeping her paperweight. It is a wood block using a bird poised to flight. The paperweight was destroyed with one particular wing tilted unevenly therefore the carpenter decided to fix it.

The bird signifies freedom; this symbolizes the freedom of Miss Mijares. The lady lived in something where virginity is something important and should be taken care of. The problem is the girl with trapped in this system mainly because at the age of thirty-four she is still a virgin mobile who hardly ever touched a male. This will modify because of the carpenter.

She will always be free just like the bird in her paperweight fixed by the carpenter. She will be unwittingly attracted to the carpenter. Your woman doesn’t like the way he talk devoid of permission but it won’t modify her feelings toward the man. When she learned that the honcho, chief, gaffer boss has only given him three balanza but he’s filling in for a four-peso job, she faced the foreman right away.

It does not expected on her to be worried because of her cold and distant means of treating him. A change in her persona can be seen and it is because of the carpenter. Miss Mijares was emotionally attached to the carpenter. The girl was surprised and angry when the lady learned that the carpenter provides a son.

She thought the he is one and not dedicated. After learning that he was raising a kid by a woman he is certainly not married to, she see everything else that may be wrong with him-his crooked grin and defective front teeth. Her reaction turned out that she’s really fond of the father. She doesn’t even detect his grin and the teeth because of her infatuation. Miss Mijares rode again a jeepney that detoured again to avoid traffic but this time he can with the carpenter.

It was pouring and all of all of them were asked to acquire down the jeepney. She realized that there are no other people in sight but the two of them. Her emotion has gone wild on her young dreams have suddenly come to life. The girl turned to him with her ruffles damp and wilted.

Out of her free-will, Miss Mijares has nabbed the opportunity pertaining to love. According to the Humanist Theory, a person’s free will and specific experience bring about personality expansion (Cherry). Her feelings intended for him include changed her personality. The lady suddenly becomes more nurturing and concerned. Her personal feelings is the element for the change in her personality.

The Virgin handles the life of Miss Mijares. A child bounded simply by her responsibility. She occupied a society where virginity is something to take care of although at the age of thirty-four she is embarrassed that she’s still a virgin. Miss Mijares’ years as a child experiences and duties influenced her personality. The cold and far away personality in conjunction with a honest and instant manner of conversation can be traced back in her early years.

All of these serve as a defense mechanism to hide her depression. She developed a specific superior mentality that can be observed in the way she talks during interviews nevertheless all of these transformed when the carpenter came into her life. The paperweight with a bird on it symbolizes flexibility.

Miss Mijares was today free from every her worries because of the father who brought order in her your life just like how he fixed the paperweight. Her liked for the carpenter helped bring the difference in her life.

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