Describe Pip’s encounters with Miss Havisham and Estella, and show how the meetings impact his personality and his associations. Puneet Khandelwal At the start with the novel, Pip is an innocent youngster who has been brought up to respect his elders and betters. He’s a kind-hearted child as seen in the episode by which he gives the convict the data file and the foodstuff. He is as well rather gullible and really feels that a horrible man is going to tear his liver away while this individual sleeps unless he really does as he has been told.

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This kind of gullibility is visible again if he visits Miss Havisham’s property, for the first time, and is taken in by charms of Estella. Pip first complies with Miss Havisham when he visits Satis Property, to play. This individual sees her sitting in the candle lighted room in her bridal dress and jewelry, resting next with her dressing stand. His first impression of her was that “she was the strangest lady I have ever noticed, or shall ever see. ” He is stunned by what this individual sees and thinks of her as being a “ghastly waxwork. ” He was “half afraid” and in an “uncomfortable state, ” within this meeting.

Pip is told to play, by simply Miss Havisham, but Pip finds this rather difficult in the gloomy surroundings. Estella is dispatched for to learn with Pip. Estella takes on a game of cards with Pip, and during this she humiliates him.

Estella abuse Pip by calling him “a boy” when in reality they are both the same ages. Estella does this time and again and Pip felt incredibly stupid and clumsy following he dropped the playing cards while dealing them. When playing at cards, your woman comments in Pip being “common” and that he “calls Knaves, Jacks, this boy. ” Pip seems very anxious after this humiliation. Pip meets both Miss Havisham and Estella, once again, six days later when he is informed to explore the environment of Satis House.

Pip feels himself inferior from the lower position because Estella orders him, “you should be stand there, boy, until you will be wanted. ” Then Estella makes him say that she’s “very pretty” and then your woman asks him if she is insulting although suddenly slaps him throughout the face and calls him a “little coarse list, ” that aggregates further insult to Pip. She in that case calls him “a boy” again in front of the other people who are also in the room. By this time Pip cannot stand up intended for himself. After a few years, when Pip is a little elderly, he is apprenticed to May well.

Pip’s sister and Joe’s wife, Mrs. Joe, is attacked by an unknown person, and so as a result of her incapacity, Biddy connects to the household to help out. He visits Miss Havisham as always but on one of these visits he finds that Estella has gone abroad to be well-informed.

Pip is upset with this news as they started to like Estella a lot but this individual also believes that Biddy is growing up into a “rather attractive female, ” and is quite partial to her. When he is informed, by Jaggers, that Pip has handed down a “handsome property, ” Pip instantly thinks that the “handsome property” is Satis House. He’s also told that he or she must begin his education working in london right away.

Pip’s attitude to Joe and Biddy totally changes today and this individual begins to think himself as being a gentleman, something that he is not. He starts to speak highly of himself and discussions down in Joe and Biddy. He can insulting to Biddy as they says; “you are envious, Biddy, and grudging.

You are disappointed on account of my personal rise in fortune and can’t help demonstrating it… ” Biddy will take as a big insult. He can rude to Biddy as they compares her to Estella. He also talks to Joe, “It’s a pity now, May well, ” said I, ” that you would not get a a bit more when we acquired our lessons here; isn’t it? ” He doesn’t approve of additional people’s manners, especially Paul.

He talks to Biddy about Joe when he says, “but he is rather backward in some things. For example, Biddy, in the learning fantastic manners, ” and has clearly recently been influenced by Estella. This individual has become ashamed of Joe and no longer desires to talk to him. He considers that Later on and Biddy are just commoners and he sees him self as a gentleman.

He is becoming rather wager headed. Given that he offers some of the funds, it starts to go to his head and he perceives himself as a person having a higher position than the people of the village. He’s, in a way, eager to be rich.

The scene in Mister. Trabb’s custom shop displays Pip getting the measurements to get a new match being taken. In the shop, Pip boasts his new status by declaring, “I desire to pay for them… with all set money, ” and gets a few gold coins and mixtures them in the hand. This individual also orders Mr. Trabb’s boy around even though we were holding previously equivalent.

He starts to despise the village, in which he has stayed almost all his lifestyle, and now this individual just desires to get away from all of it. Everything that this individual used to admire he at this point despises, just like Joe, the Forge, his upbringing, his apprenticeship and where he lives. He just has the one thing on his head, and that is to get rich. However , he really does become a very little unhappy as they has seen the upper ategori lifestyle and he doesn’t find it because exciting and he can’t do the issues that this individual used to do, like play in the roads.

He doesn’t have any friends and after this he turns into even lonelier. But he prepared to provide all this up, as he can be desperate to earn Estella and desperate to get hold of all the cash. He doesn’t see that some individuals are trying to take full advantage of his new wealth, such as Mr. Pumblechook. Pip is definitely invited more than for dinner simply by Mr.

Pumblechook, who offers him the very best wine and the best meat to eat including the end this individual asks Pip if he’d like to make investments some of his money in Mister. Pumblechook’s hammer toe business. Mr. Pumblechook don’t used to end up being this great to Pip, when he was obviously a commoner, great that Pip has a lot of money, Mr.

Pumblechook treats Pip just like the prestige. So overall Pip proceeded to go from getting just a typical, common son who cherished Joe, great own sister, and was respectful of everybody that was elder than him and turned into someone who didn’t love anyone else besides those of the top class. This individual became fresh, snobbish, very insulting and bid going.

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