With this essay We intend to compare “Your Shoes” by Michele Roberts to “The End of Something” written by Ernest Hemingway. Let me compare the two stories in which characters encounter difficult conditions. The freelance writers have both equally faced difficult situations inside their lives this has been reflected in the stories.

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Michele Roberts faced this when she had been living far from her father and mother. In “Your Shoes” the mother sees it challenging to leave bed, “I’ve locked the bedroom door” here that shows the setting indicates how the mom struggles to take that her daughter features “left me” but rather the mother wants to hang on, “pick up a shoe… and hold it like a baby” the writer is using a simile here to demonstrate how important moccasins are. Roberts has also applied personification to show how the mom faces challenging situations. Furthermore the themes of conflict, relationships and especially loss present how the personas face difficult situations.

The theme of loss is unveiled, “After my mother passed away I had in order to out… her shoes harm me so much” In this article the mother had obviously faced enough situations wherever it was hard for her. Roberts has drafted this to convey her sense of guilt of how your woman treated her mother. Another theme is conflict, “when your dad called you a dirty slut he didn’t mean you to take that personally” In this article the father finds it difficult to recognize that his daughter is sexually active.

The mom stands up intended for him by saying “he adores you” here the mother is trying to solve the situation. She doesn’t understand that various fathers truly feel resentful when ever their children start to expand up. This way the reader is encouraged to think that every three personas are placed in a situation wherever they couldn’t cope with the reality. Roberts shows the character in the mother as insecure; she is unable to control herself with all the situation. The mother handles this through, “You’re therefore innocent, you didn’t realize” here the writer has demonstrated the mom going through a stage of denial.

This encourages someone to think that she couldn’t face conditions. Furthermore the mother declares that, “It was that mob”. Clearly the mother is being paranoid. The noun “mob” is a term that is disparaging, but the mom believes that under no circumstances that it must be the fault of her daughter. “The End of Something” is similar to “Your Shoes” in a way that one of the character is fraudulent, ‘”What’s the situation Nick? ” Marjorie asked “I don’t know “Nick said” it can be obvious the dishonesty can be creating a rift in the relationship. And in addition suggests that Computer chip is faced with a complicated condition.

One of which will he would not want to reveal to Margaret, “He was afraid to consider Marjorie” The verb “afraid” implies that Chip feels inferior around her. This is proven in Roberts’s story the place that the daughter had been dishonest to her parents and clearly the mother was hurt. One more factor of similarity is the fact in the two situations Nick from “The End of Something” plus the mother from “Your Shoes” faced; had been connected to the separation of associations. In “The End of Something” it really is proven, ‘”It isn’t fun any more”‘ this is where Computer chip has announced that he wants to end the relationship with Marjorie.

He’s stating that he is convinced that the marriage is faltering. Nick is definitely confused, ‘”I feel that everything was gone to terrible inside of me”‘ Nick faced a difficult situation and was unable to deal with it properly. Clearly it was hard pertaining to him. The reader is cause the conclusion that may be true when, “Nick… lying on his face within the blanket” right here the disjunctive “lying” suggests that he is feeling guilty and possibly didn’t want the relationship to end. This is also true intended for Roberts’s tale because the mom doesn’t wish the relationship to get rid of with her daughter; the girl faces a complex situation because of this.

Unlike “Your Shoes” where the setting is a refugee externally world and maybe the bedroom signifies the mothers’ heart. “The End of Something” is unique, the reader sees that the mill at the start from the story that closes down signifies the end of the romantic relationship at the end from the story; the break up was tough to get Nick as he “went back and lay down with his face inside the blanket” Evidently Nick is usually upset and does not want expressing his emotions and emotions. Just like in “Your Shoes”, it displays her, “If I maintain my mouth pursed tight I can’t scream or throw up” currently the mom does not wish to show her feelings to anyone which is perhaps scared of the reality in the situation she actually is tackling.

To summarize “Your Shoes” is drafted in very first person and the fact that it truly is written in nonchronological order makes the reader come to terms with the difficult situations the character in the mother confronts. However Tolstoy has crafted “The End of Something” in third person narrative; this is a good technique of portraying just how all the personas feel in the difficult positions. Although there is no description of how the character types are sense. The chorological order employed by Hemingway differs to Roberts’s idea of merged events; these are used to communicate the large confusion from the narrator.

The writers’ prevailed to illustrate characters that face challenging situations. Zenab Ahmed! Present preview only The above preview is unformatted text This kind of student written piece of work can be one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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