A solid character is definitely one who offers many attributes such as staying selfless, courageous and sacrificial. Dracula written by Bram Stoker portrays the young and witty Mina Harker.

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She is the very best example to fit the information of a good character. Ganga starts off like a young university mistress who is engaged. Because the plan progresses, her normal existence changes and she is faced with many difficulties that she overcomes, that show that she is the strongest persona in the book.

The 1st attribute that portrays Ganga as being the best character in the novel is usually her behavior of being patient of everyone. The very first time we see Mina doing so is usually when Lucy tells her that she gets been proposed to by simply three different men, Dr . Seward, Quincey P. Morris, and Arthur Holmwood. Sharon loves the attention that is provided to her by the three men and just like any best friend the girl tells Mina about it.

Lucy says, Just Fancy! THREE proposals in one day! (P. 60) Meanwhile, Jonathan, Mina’s fiancГ©e has been placed safely out of the way for the past month. Mina is very worried about this but your woman hides her pain via Lucy and so she doesn’t worry about her problems. This not only shows that the girl with caring, additionally, it shows that she actually is a great friend.

Another sort of Mina being caring can be when she was staying with Lucy and her mom. Lucy acquired just started sleep walking and Mina performed whatever your woman could to avoid her. Mitt did that inspite of knowing that the lady was underneath the curse of Dracula. The girl wrote, Lucy did not wake, but your woman got up twice and dressed herself. Fortunately, whenever I awoke in time and managed to undress her without waking her, and got her back to foundation. (P.

93) Mitt does a lots of little points that show that the girl with a truly caring person. Mina reveals the reader that she cares about the ones about her and she is ready to do anything to them, even if it implies to sacrifice her desires and needs. The lady shows that your woman really loves her hubby by sacrificing for his sake. Her journey of sacrificing begins when the girl with called to Vienne since Jonathan have been staying generally there because he was ill.

Within a very limited time of being with Jonathan, they will get married. Your woman marries a person who is not very sane at that time because of what he have been through. Jonathan’s insanity starts to become more obvious to her when he and Mina are strolling down the road and he areas the Count number and says I still find it the Count number, but this individual has grown young. (P.

184) Mina says that Jonathan was was incredibly pale, fantastic eyes looked like bulging out as, 1 / 2 terror and half in amazement. (P. 183) She doesn’t get raise red flags to or repent marrying Jonathan. She doesn’t break down inspite of everything that’s going on about her.

This proves how strong the lady really is. The heroine from the novel continue to be show just how strong your woman really is by simply protecting her husband. Following marrying Jonathan, Mina becomes Dracula’s following victim. Although, it is not clearly said, she actually is dragged in to Dracula’s deceitful plan since she is Jonathan’s wife.

In chapter 21 years old, Dracula comes into Mina’s space and poises her by saying in the event she screams he’ll destroy Jonathan. Dracula then makes her drink blood via his upper body. Mina manufactured another sacrifice by safeguarding her hubby by doing something very unhygienic and wrong. She displays her talents by protecting her husband all intended for the great sacrifice for like.

The sacrifices that the lady makes present how much brave she has. Her bravery inside the plan to get rid of Count Dracula shows that she is willing to risk her lifestyle in order to save mankind from Dracula’s immorality. Her bravery begins to show immediately after Lucy has become un-dead and Van Helsing wants answers from Mina. The idea of becoming interrogated about somebody’s fatality can be quite scary.

Although, Mitt shows that the girl with brave and answers almost everything Van Helsing has to question. Van Helsing and the additional men start to think of her as a new woman rather than Victorian girl. Her capacity to be courageous like a man puts her in a position by which she is thought of as to be one of these. Van Helsing says, Ah, that amazing madam Sl?ktens!

She has a man’s brain- a human brain that a man should have in which he much gifted- a woman’s heart. The great God fashioned her to get a purpose imagine me. (P. 253) This leads to the boys trusting Ganga with the solid qualities that she owns. They know that although she is women, she is brave.

Mina shows her bravery and courage again if the men ditch her in Doctor Seward’s residence while each goes to Carfax. The valor the your woman shows during these small views makes her a strong person overall. Despite all of the new woman attributes she own such as braveness and intelligence.

In addition, she possesses some other attributes of a solid person. The girl with a great fan base and very relaxing. Right after Lucy’s death, Van Helsing gets caught up in trying to clarify what in fact happened to Lucy to the other guys.

Dr . Seward, Quincey S. Morris and Arthur had been in love with her. They had quite an psychological ride after finding out so what happened to her. In Chapter seventeen, everybody decided to meet by Dr . Seward’s house. Three men that loved Lucy hadn’t seriously opened up to anybody about their pain.

Dr . Seward went through a lot of pain having seen what Sharon went through. He hid it from others and himself by working day and nighttime. On the other hand, Arthur was quite upset and shared a cry with Mina. Arthur and Sl?ktens were talking about Lucy and he turned apart and covered his confront with his hands. (P. 247) Sl?ktens could notice him crying.

Then Mitt comforted him, something that the boys had under no circumstances done prior to. She became more of a motherly personality to him. She said, With a sob he placed his go on my make and cried like a putting on child, although he shook with feeling. (P. 247) Arthur understood that she acquired comforted him so this individual spoke to her freely. This individual said, and none different can ever before know __ how much the sweet sympathy has been to me to-day.

This demonstrates Mina is definitely strong since she can provide emotional support to the people around her, a thing that the men can’t even perform.

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