Juliet is 13 going on 14 on the initially August. Juliet is a Capulet, and Capulets hate Montegues.

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Juliet lives with her parents, God and Lady Capulet and is looked after by her Nurse, all whom are extremely protective of her. Capulet explains to Paris “My Child can be yet a stranger in the world. ” Act 1 Sc2 l8. Juliet is of a high status, for the reason that of her family term.

Juliet’s mom and dad are extremely safety of her, they will not let her away from home with out the nurse or perhaps one of the servants with her, this is because she’s an just child ” Earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she. ” Act1 Sc2 L14. It had been common in the time the play was set pertaining to Juliet to get already married, Lady Capulet comments about this near the start of the play, your woman comments how she was married together Juliet once Lady Capulet was Juliet’s age.

Via Act one particular Scene a few it is obvious that Juliet has never flirted before, mainly because she is as well forward, this can be shown the moment she smooches Romeo, but she really does show indications of hiding her feelings in the same picture, Juliet tells the Nurse to ask for people names whom are at the ball and comes to Romeo last to make it not look also obvious. I possess also learned from Take action 2 scene 2 that she is practical, when the lady Romeo climbs up to her balcony she says “If they certainly see the, they will murder thee. ” Act2 Scene2 L70. Juliet is also extremely honest about how precisely she feels and gets offended when Romeo says that he enjoys her and he swears by the moon.

Act2 Sc2 L107-111. Juliet is also extremely certain of things and asks Romeo to get married to her and she demands him to complete all the arrangements Act 2 Sc2 L142-170. During the Play, Romeo offers always attempted the art of Poetry with women to encourage them to take to his fancy. Act1 Sc1 L165-176.

Juliet doesn’t like this Act2 Sc6 L30-34, but Juliet does say that her take pleasure in for Romeo has grown a great deal that it doesn’t even add up to half her wealth. Juliet doesn’t just like her wish to be sworn on issues she merely wants love to be proven. Act2 Sc2 L107-116. The factor in the play I actually find incredibly peculiar is definitely Juliet’s awareness that her love with Romeo can be some just how unethical presently there love really is.

In Act3 Scene5 Ln54-57 Juliet is saying that in the foreseeable future she can easily see herself searching down into Romeo’s grave. This is ironic because does in fact happen When the play initial started I believed that Juliet was a great little girl and seemed to be incredibly obedient, toward both father and mother, because when Lady Capulet asks Juliet if she’ll marry Rome she says that if your woman likes Paris, france then the lady shall marry him, but I won’t involve personally any further devoid of you consent. Act1 Sc3 L97-99.

The moment Juliet did start to change character Act3 Sc5 to me it seemed incredibly unusual, ahead of this landscape she looked like very obedient, but then she just ceased, I do discover why though, she was already to married to Romeo and didn’t need to betray him by simply marrying Region Paris. This kind of shows in spite of all the things this lady has been through Juliet still stays on Loyal to Romeo. The effect this got on Juliet’s relationship with her father and mother was huge, her parents wanted to refuse her, from her historical past “Hang thee young suitcase, disobedient wretch! ” Act3 Sc5 Ln160.

Juliet’s father and mother were extremely unfair, cursing her, saying that they didn’t want everything to do with her any longer, through out their particular speeches. A great attribute I prefer about Juliet is her cunning, in they approach that when following this scene, the moment she sessions Friar Laurence and then comes back to her residence, her Dad asks her where this lady has been and she says this lady has been to admission and informed Friar Laurence that this wounderful woman has repented to be disobedient. Act4 Sc2 Ln16-22.

I think this is ingenious, Juliet tells her Father that she had been to manifestacion when genuinely she has been plotting to fake her own fatality. In Act3 Scene5 when Juliet is definitely talking to her mother, the girl shows her cunning yet again, the way the girl uses a play on words to makes her mother think she actually is cursing Romeo when actually. Act3 Sc5 Ln93-102. This also demonstrates that Juliet is incredibly intelligent through the use of these word game00.

Juliet can be fond of the Nurse who will be always there with Juliet. Act1 Sc a few L8-9. This is because the Doctor brought Juliet up similar to a mother could. The Registered nurse was used buy Head of the family and Lady Capulet as a Wet Nurse, it is because Ladies of Lady Capulet’s high position would never destruction there systems by breastfeeding there child, and also it could disrupt her routine with having to wake up at all hours in the evening to look after a baby. The Health professional did include a little girl, Susan, a similar age while Juliet yet unfortunately your woman died from a young age.

There is no particular reason why the Nurse remains to be employed it really is the fact that Juliet is now attached to her and the reality she can be utilised as a chaperone. The Doctor is like Juliet’s best friend and her get between with Romeo, Juliet tells the Nurse anything. In Action 2 Field 5 Juliet goes through a range of emotions.

Juliet detects the Doctor extremely aggravating and the Nurse is teasing Juliet, which in turn provokes this kind of, but Juliet uses her shrewdness to get what she wishes in the end, the response if Romeo will marry her. In my experience this reveals their friendly relationship. Towards the end of Act3 Scene5 the Nurse betrays Juliet in ways, she doesn’t help Juliet when the lady really demands it and tells her to get married to Paris and to forget about Romeo. Juliet responded to this extremely badly, the girl curses the Nurse pertaining to abandoning her, and states that’s she will leave to go to Friar Lawrence’s cell of course, if that does not work out then she could commit committing suicide.

Juliet is usually an exceptionally good character on her behalf age, appearing she was kept from outside lifestyle for years. Juliet stood about her father and mother for what the lady believed was correct and disobeyed all of them, by not really marrying Paris. Juliet was extremely fearless when the lady faked her own death, although the girl was fearful of numerous issues that she may possibly face in the event the potion didn’t work. Juliet was afraid that the Comprime would get rid of her, that she would arise and expire of asphyxiation or she’ll wake up and Romeo will never be there and she would need to stay in the Crypt till he came up.

All she wanted to carry out is be around Romeo. In my own judgment I think Juliet has a superb and interesting personality. The lady seems to myself remarkably intelligent, emotionally strong, and very daring. From what Romeo provides told all of us she looks beautiful Act1 Sc5 Ln41-50 and the fact that Paris fell in love with her straight away and died for her also means the girl looked extremely beautiful too. I personally would have loved to fulfill her or to have a friendly conversation with her about her love with Romeo.

My own frame of mind is if Juliet had never met Romeo I would think that she would have got stayed obedient, because the reality she would had been pressured simply by her family to marry Paris, I realize that your woman wouldn’t end up being happy, because she said earlier in Act1 Scene3 that she would “Look to like if choice move, although no more profound will I endart mine attention than the consent offers strength to make it fly” If the girl did marry Paris it could have been really depressing for her and the lady wouldn’t experience anything pertaining to him. Within my own opinion Juliet could become boring, she would merely stay the same, and wouldn’t possess strength in character. She’d have existed the stereotypical life of your rich Veronese woman an excellent source of status, nevertheless even if she did live this lifestyle she would possess lived considerably longer than if she acquired married Romeo.

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