Synthesis Composition: Death of any Salesman and The Great Gatsby After examining Arthur Miller’s Deah of any Salesman and watching the movie of N. Scott Fitzgerald’s well known story The Great Gatsby, the two works clearly demonstrate the lengths that people go to in order to achieve the American Dream, the stereotypical lifestyle of a rich, successful and happy American. Both The author Gatsby and Willy Loman are blinded by the pursuit of their unrealistic dreams which eventually cause their pitfalls.

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In Death of the Salesman, Willy Loman can be an old man who no longer makes an adequate living for his family. Dedicated to the American Dream, Willy believes that he will have the ability to make money because of his offering ability and “contacts. He’d come home to his as well as brags regarding the revenue he has made, in reality although, no organization is ready to offer him a job. This individual also has a troubled romantic relationship with his family, especially his sons Biff and Cheerful, both of whom are unemployed and defeated.

Willy slowly but surely loses his mind over the story, hallucinating, seeing deceased friends and family in the imagination. This individual become frustrated and psychologically ill, eventually losing his ability to operate. Willy endeavors to dedicate suicide due to the fact that his anxious relationships with friends, relatives, and organization partners went him insane and taking once life.

Jay Gatsby from The Superb Gatsby is a fantastic millionaire in New York, however no one is aware of how he comes about his wealth. The truth is, Gatsby is actually a criminal” bootlegging alcohol and making an impressive fortune through illegal means. Although in contrast to Willy Loman, Gatsby offers managed to get hold of wealth, his actual wish is to gain the attention of his past love, Daisy Buchanan. It truly is due to his love for Daisy that he is blinded from his honest quest for riches which is lead straight down a path of subway crime. This individual believes that by turning out to be wealthy, ordering an luxurious home and throwing treat parties, Daisy would eventually leave her spouse, Tom, and come to him. Unfortunately, his desire is unrealistic. Gatsby’s like for Daisy also pushes him to consider the blame to get the death of Myrtle Wilson. Eventually, Gatsby is usually tragically wiped out.

The two guys desire wealth for different reasons, where Gatsby seeks over of his dreams, whereas Willy searches for the health and fitness of his family.

On the other hand, the fact that they both desire something so deeply indirectly killed both of them.


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