On the other hand there is Stoltz, the agent with the special part, he is the sly and cunning figure like Stanley but is definitely against Bens actions. His character is additionally very persuasive, as his evil activities are shown in his frosty character. The two main ladies characters inside the film happen to be Bens partner Susan and Melanie the reporter: those two have very contrasting personas. Susan can be not as psychologically strong and courageous as Ben which is therefore struggling to support him. She feels that Ben is fighting a helpless cause and is jeopardising his profession and wealthy lifestyle.

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As opposed to this Melanie is a difficult reporter who also goes on revealing the injustices to Dark-colored people regardless of dangerous effects she may face. The lady becomes very close to Bill and shares many of her personal feelings with him. In general I do think the heroes are very realistic and the film gets the viewers to truly feel sympathy for them. The heroes against Bens cause just like are also get the audience emotional involved and possibly feel hatred towards the South African law enforcement officials and federal government. At a primary glance I think the film was going to consist of a clichi?

d story of one guys fight against the system, which will it was in some aspects. Even though this film did not entirely the classic individuals-versus-the-system scenario, since I did not expect Bens relatives, with exception from his son, to go against him like they did. The storyline and plot moved at a fairly fast pace, which will gave this a slight element of adventure. Throughout the film there are some graphic views of assault. This can be found at the beginning, which shows lots of Black young children being hunted down through the town being masqueraded policemen with guns.

Additionally there is a pain scene, that i thought was terribly graphic. But this kind of violence had not been unnecessary since it was required in the film to give this the good element of realism. The aspect of the film I think differs from other films from a same genre is the stopping. Usually a film like this could have a happy stopping where Ben would have been successful in his fight for justice, but instead he could be murdered. Away of vengeance Stanley then simply kills the cop whom murdered Bill, so you possibly can say nothing at all was achieved.

This gives all of us the impression that the concerns were not settled. Although this film is undoubtedly not a comedy I found some aspects of Stanleys personality, his wit and cocky attitude to be amusing. I was concerned with the quality of the film due the lack of popular actors and actresses (as shallow since that may seem) but this kind of didnt subject because I had been very impressed with the way the film got it is message across with very convincing heroes, with great actors and actresses playing the parts. The film was very touching as well as slightly distressing to watch.

The scenes that showed the schoolchildren shot by the law enforcement were extremely sad and disturbing to watch along with the pain scenes. This really gave the film a very highly effective drama-like feel to it. Further more the film will make you consider that scenarios like these possess actually took place in real life and makes you think about the state the world is in, and how far we have can be found in terms of racial equal rights. Another major influence in the film which i think played out a huge part in increasing the atmosphere of the film was the soulful soundtrack.

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