In Tim O’Brien’s “The Issues They Carried” First Lieutenant Jimmy Get across is a twenty four year old young man in love with a female named Martha, who is drive into the tropics of Vietnam. Carrying “the responsibility to get the lives of his men” although distracted simply by his fantasies of Martha, tragedy happens his platoon and Ted Lavender is definitely shot and killed. (p. 97). Lieutenant Cross grieves for Lavender, for Martha, for himself, as he curtails his daydreams “determined to perform his tasks firmly minus negligence.

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” (p. 106).


The war was gruesome, persistent, monotonous, and purposeless. The men of Lieutenant Cross’s platoon carried almost everything they necessary (and some points they did not) on their people as they “humped” it throughout the jungles of Vietnam (p. 98). They carried meals, clothing, bedding, weapons, photos, diseases, parasites, wounded and dead comrades, memories, kudos, dreams, and “the prevalent secret of cowardice barely restrained” (p. 105). They carried issues for many several reasons: decision, necessity, entertainment, superstition, or perhaps as a function of ranking or discipline specialty.

PASSAGE Among his things, Lieutenant Cross transported memories, letters, pictures, and a good luck charm from a young student named Martha. Although they went out with before the warfare, they only kissed in short , and her letters taken news of any “separate-but-together quality” they shared (p. 99). He understood that simply because she authorized her characters love Martha did not indicate she was at love with him, although he was positive. He generally lost him self in fantasies of her, wondering about her virginity and what “her truest feelings were” (p. 99).

He shifted slowly and distractedly finding it difficult to keep his mind on conflict and his in a number of security. His mind continually wandered to thoughts of “Martha’s clean young deal with, thinking he loved her more than whatever, more than his men, and now Ted Lavender was deceased because he liked her a lot and could not stop considering her” (p. 99). He was young and in love and may not make it but having been ashamed and hated him self too. PASSAGE Among his things, Wyatt Lavender who was scared, transported tranquilizers, superior dope and extra ammunition, requirements for him.

On the day he was shot and killed, he had just jumped a sedativum and eliminated off to pee. Caught by a bullet to the brain, in the act of zipping up, this individual went down instantly, under an excellent burden of “unweighed fear” and additional bullets (p. 99). PARAGRAPH “The morning hours after Allen Lavender passed away, First Lieutenant Jimmy Combination crouched at the end of his foxhole and burned Martha’s letters. Then he burnt the two photographs” (p. 105). He noticed that daydreams of unrequited take pleasure in had room in this headache world this individual called actuality.

He knew that this expressive gesture could not burn the responsibility he sensed for Lavender’s death, although perhaps it might keep the remaining portion of the platoon in. PARAGRAPH Lieutenant Jimmy Cross’s dilemma arose from the organic impulses of any young man in love in conjunction with the incessant responsibilities of a combat officer. Following Lavender’s death this individual realized “that his accountability was not to become loved but to lead” (p. 107). Huge burden to transport indeed. He vowed to himself persistance to his officer’s responsibilities, fully intending to run a tight ship regardless of the complaints of his guys.

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