Sunshine Tzu is rolling out a tactics on how to deal with war effectively with technique and methods. In his publication Sun Tzu about the ability of war I learned a whole lot of tactics on how to income and get a battle. He elaborated a lot of ways tips on how to defeat the enemy but also for me only some of his writings about war can be applied knowing that some situation happen to be changing. For me there are zero external knowledge can tell all of us how to work because actually previous effective models and theories are generally not effective anymore in the facts of the present scenario.

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However I learned a lot by Sun Tzu like how to become a good and effective basic I can connect this in the affiliation because an officer in JSWAP and as a class president because as a leader we should produce strategy or plans that will help us achieved our goals. Like as being a general they must be sensible enough to create, organize and train their very own soldiers to be able defeat presently there enemy.

There are certain guidelines and guidelines which Sun Tzu designed based on his experienced on war.

The first and most important part of waging a war is planning in this area the general has to be critical thinker in putting his intentions of how to beat their opponents. Like my own experiences like a student before taking a great exam for school I usually plan how you can pass the exam so I research and do some readings and part of preparing knows in the event my learning and know-how is good enough to pass the exam. Like in warfare the general must know if they can defeat their very own enemy or perhaps they will be conquered by their enemy.

Analysis and logic at this stage is fairly import and essential. The leader must have an excellent instinct in knowing that both they earn or drop the struggle. The soldiers must be properly trained and always prepared Sun Tzu mention that it can be good the soldiers will need to have keen feelings because it has a good influence in defeating their enemies. Like in my studies I actually only carry out my job and process well in the event I’m inside the mood mainly because our mood have an impact in all of the we perform.

When I was reading the ability of War by Sun Tzu there are question the maintain popping up to my way of thinking, is this publishing relevant to women and if during their time females our component in the challenge as a warrior. Is it possible that womencan be considered a general or maybe a commander specially in our present society and what are the various in people as a basic? After a few minutes of studying I arrived in a certain real truth that women can even be a general in their own ways because the primary principle of Sun Tzu is to succeed a battle without combat. It’s much like mothers who have discipline the youngster without using violence but just use the model of punishment and reinforcement. I’m also able to relate this Art of War by simply Sun Tzu in our subject who also deals with management but in other ways like Artwork of Battle it discusses how to have effective supervision in waging a conflict.

I can also bring up it during my daily life struggles because occasionally in war or in our own existence we choose to surrender and retreat nevertheless I thought that it does not mean that I i am weak. Sometimes I need to give up or escape when it appears I have big probability of losing a battle simply by our problem or the enemy. When I decide to give up or retreat it simply signifies which i have better plans in defeating my personal enemies. Sometimes when we understand that we cannot win a fight we have to retreat and locate other ways on how to defeat the enemy in other words we need to provide time in the training to make us even more stronger and make sure that we have enough resources, strategy and as well while manpower in order to defeat all of our enemy and could odds favour our challenge.


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