The Food cravings Games is a fictional novel that narrates the life of Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old girl, who have by fate was trapped in a video game of your life and loss of life, developed in a post-apocalyptic era, in a nation named Panem, which was dominated by a great oppressive govt. With a various themes cared for, this book likewise talks about your life, family principles and like. In addition , this book could supply you with a significant communication on how people can confront different life issues.

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The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins, a best-seller author of another book series including the Underland Chronicles; she was named one of many Times Magazine’s most influential people of 2010 because of the popularity which the Hunger Games books offers.

The Hunger Games corelates the story of how Katniss made a decision to replace her 12-year-old sis Primrose, in a game for her life.

Furthermore, the story was developed in a post-apocalyptical country named Panem, where was previously placed America; this country was divided in 12 region, that were repressed by Panem’s capital called The Polish capitol, a great advanced city that rules with its outstanding technology in the other schisme.

Katniss lived in the 12 region with her mother and sister, staying the head with the family on a very brief aged due to the death of her father, she presented food for her family simply by haunting animals in the forest, a risky activity that can bring troubles for Katniss and her family, as it was forbidden by Capitol’s law.

However, she haunted with the consent of the local authorities, because they bought the dam from her; actually on this district people often starved as a result of they simply dig fossil fuel for the Capitol, as each region had an activity to do pertaining to the Polish capitol. In a rebellion against the Capitol’s tyranny, the districts brought up and were defeated.

When it comes to remind them the supremacy from the Capitol, the Hunter Game titles were developed, a game were 2 tributes, a boy and a girl picked by lotto and which has a range grow older between 12 and 18 years old, from each schisme, compete to dead within a televised competition. Katniss goes to taken part with a son from her past called Peeta Mellark, and it’s captivating how the activities of in the past involves all their long term events. This book taught me personally about the tenacity from the human personality against life’s setbacks and just how people generally chose increase their words.

Katniss is frequently faces problems through most her journey, always questioning until what point her actions could possibly be persuasive by simply Capitol’s regulation, this can be identified in a particular moment with the plot, when Katniss is definitely disturbed by dead of another tournament, a 12-year old woman named Repent that informed her sis Prim, and who Katniss lived a specific moment through the competition, Katniss said Rue’s death offers forced me personally to confront my own rage against the cruelty, the injustice they inflect upon us. But here, even more firmly than in the home, I feel my impotence.

There isn’t a way to consider revenge for the Capitol. Is there? . Yet , as an expression of bravery, Katniss made a decision to continue and fight in the competition. I personally recommend reading this book since it leaves great reflections in numerous social and life concerns, problems including: hunger, disparity, government oppression and even friends and family dysfunction and non-corresponded love; The Craving for food Games book manages to combine different matters in a best way. Thus, with a futuristic and hard setting and an easy to appreciate characters, Suzanne could provide young people that don?

to are interested on these issues to consider them. The Hunger Online games is more when compared to a simple book that narrates another imaginary story with regards to a teenager. The themes reflected in this book are more profound and have a real meaning behind them. In my opinion, this book refers to an essential aspect of your life that we while citizens and human beings go through in daily basis, like is the great power or control which a government can have that individuals, a federal government is able to control everything; the totalitarian govt of the Capitol is a great example of that.

I do believe that the mistreatment of electricity and funds of people is definitely perfectly shown in this book, which is a reality that we almost all live nowadays with the government authorities. Bibliographical recommendations: Collins, Suzanne (2008). The Hunger Games. Scholastic. Educational (2013). Biography: Suzanne Collins.. Retrieved about June 20th 2013 by: http://www. educational. com/teachers/contributor/suzanne-collins


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