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Sinmed Shoulder Support Pillow for Neck and head Immobilisation

Brown’s (2010) document entitled “Evaluation of a Sinmed Shoulder Support Cushion intended for Head and Neck Immobilisation, ” printed in The Radiographer, investigates the efficacy in positioning intended for head and neck patients, with the Sinmed shoulder support cushion, in contrast to standard protocol in place on the Princess Alexandra Hospital The radiation Oncology Department. Understanding that to be able to accurately position a patient is critical to effectively delivering radiation therapy treatment, Brown notes the fact that hospital have been investigating ideal immobilisation approaches. The author found that after trialing the Sinmed shoulder support cushion, produced by CIVCO Medical Solutions, zero significant variations were seen in the positioning accuracy, from the standard process.

A small group of patients were trialed with this evaluation in the Sinmed shoulder support. Electric portal the image was used to asses the device, as well as a en-cas of findings that were made from treatment and planning personnel at the medical center. As known, no key differences had been found to happen between the make use of the Sinmed device and standard department protocol, intended for the precision of positioning of the sufferers. In fact , Dark brown (2010) paperwork that trends indicated the fact that Sinmed system actually decreased the positioning accuracy the staff achieved. Personnel reported the fact that Sinmed device was hard to use, and when used in daily practice ended in problematic cover fitting. For these reasons, the hospital hasn’t implemented this gadget department-wide, instead it has retained it’s initial protocol except for those sufferers with physiological restrictions that could benefit from the gadget.

Critique in the Article:

Mcdougal does an moderately good job discussing Queen Alexandra Hospital’s small trial of the Sinmed shoulder support cushion. Brown’s (2010) title allows readers to know the actual general subject of the document will be; nevertheless , it is a tad misleading in the scope with the evaluation. Reading just the subject, the reader can be led to believe that this will be considered a broader analysis. Instead, the evaluation was conducted in just 6 patients with the hospital. A far more appropriate subject would have indicated the small trial size and noted the trial was limited to Princess Alexandra Clinic.

The abstract does a better work detailing the article. Brown (2010) gives the audience a brief description as to why appropriate and steady patient location is important. He then continues to be aware that Princess Alexandra Hospital investigated the use of the Sinmed device for radiation office. The method is extremely briefly explained, although Brownish notes that it is a small trial size, he could’ve been more specific with noting that there were simply six patients in the trial, so the reader can really appreciate the small scale of the trial. Results are likewise briefly explained in the subjective, and the conclusion notes that the hospital have not implemented the Sinmed system, due to the benefits, except inside the cases in which it may be effective due to anatomical restrictions in the patient. Generally speaking, Brown’s fuzy was associated with the article’s content; yet , it could’ve provided some more details regarding the trial scope.

Brown’s (2010) introduction offers a clear and concise demonstration of the importance accurate the position of the patient in the delivery of radiotherapy, particularly with the advent of Depth Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT). Due to the complexity in the anatomy, and also the proximity of tumors to critical and radiation delicate anatomical buildings, Brown even more notes that accurate and consistent patient placement intended for patients with head

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