The War of 1812 as well as the Mexican-American Battle are two wars that physically look two opposites. The War of 1812 involves a good amount of naval challenges and a few key land battles, while the Mexican-American War requires numerous area battles and few, in the event that any, naval battles. Even so there are numerous commonalities.

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The Warfare of 1812, The US saw Great Britain being a major problem for their definition of “contraband and the impressment of American sailors into the Uk Navy. And around this time the “warhawks are chosen to the Home of Reps.

They wanted war as the British had been supplying the Indian with guns and ammunition and inspiring Indian difficulties.

William Holly Harrison is sent western to face away against American indian warchief, Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe. After the deal with the Americans find English weapons together with the fallen Indians. The Warhawks are convinced that we are able to capture Canada, which they desired for its seafood, furs, property, and lumber. Warhawk Holly Clay can be elected Presenter of the House, and appoints warhawks to the property committee in Foreign Contact.

The Philippine American Conflict was to some extent began by the president and Mexico collectively. Polk wins the Political election of 1944, and Tyler annexes The state of texas on Drive 2, 1845.

We usually are sure on the southern boundary of The state of texas. Mexico says it’s the Nueces River while the US claim it’s the Rj Grande. On top of this the US desires a battle with Mexico with the hope of forcing Mexico to hand above California. Polk sends plenty commanded by General Zachary Taylor in the disputed territory.

So both of these wars will be started with all the expansion in the United States’ boarders being a main thought. The Warhawks want Canada and Polk wants California, both pertaining to reasons of commerce.

South america sends a unique army and camps out on the opposite area of the water from Taylor’s men. About April twenty-five, 1846 the Mexican armed service crosses the Rio Grandeand attack’s Taylor’s army. The moment Polk hears of this he immediately goes toward congress and asks to declare war. His factors: The People in america have been bitten on American soil. Congress declares battle.

Madison’s reason’s for war on Great Britain in 1812: Impressment of US Sailors into the English Navy, plus the seizure of non-contraband valuables off American trade ships. The house moves the statement 79 ” 49, while the Senate passes it nineteen ” 13. They declare war on June 18, 1812, without knowing that Britain repealed the Orders of Authorities on 06 16, 1812.

The Us citizens being bitten on American soil could be counted as being a similarity because the Chesapeake/Leopard Affair happened in US Comarcal waters and so did this first harm in the Philippine American Warfare.

However , among the big dissimilarities between the Battle of 1812 and the Philippine American War is the householder’s reactions. The individuals war pleading for war with Great britain to save the nation’s honor, as the Mexican American War had not been very popular. Another difference would be that the Mexican American war is definitely the first war not battled entirely upon US dirt.

I also believe that the in 1812 the US was a a bit more prepared intended for war then they were at the beginning of the Mexican American battle. The Mexican American Conflict is a good offer more popular in the south than in the north because the to the south look at the war as a chance to wipe out Mexico and gain property to develop more silk cotton. So the the southern part of states mail a lot more men than the north does.

As well as the same with most wars in the past when, even more men passed away of contamination and disease than for the battlefield. Dysentery was one of the big illnesses during the Mexican American warfare.

The US defeats Britain a couple of times and benefits control of Pond Eerie. ALL OF US makes endeavors to capture Canada but falls flat every time since the US Officers were Experienced of the American Revolution and many were incompetent, state militias, especially New york city, never kept the state to fight. Early in the war the US records Toronto and burns Canadian Parliament to the ground, which we purchase later on inside the war; however , we have no enough makes to hold Toronto so we all withdraw. In Lake Champlain, British will be defeated in a naval challenge at the Fight of Lake Champlain. All of us Commander Thomas McDonough rigs his ships with two anchors permitting them to flames nonstop devoid of pivoting, he drives the British back to Canada.

Initial Campaign led by Basic Zachary Taylor, his army moves southern region across the Rio Grande, winning ever challenge, and by the final of 1846 controls north Mexico. Standard Stephan Kearney and a force of 1700 men were ordered to capture the relatively unpopulated provinces of recent Mexico and California. He captures Santa claus Fe without a fight, the administrative centre of the province of New Mexico. He ties up with rebelling Americans beneath the command of John C Fremont and by February 1847 the US handles all of A bunch of states.

So in the War of 1812 America is utterly lost in gaining any area, however in the Mexican American War all of the land we hoped for at the beginning of the battle we have very little problem in obtaining. We were and so successful in the Mexican American war the Mexican government invite Santa claus Ana to return because of the incompetence of their current generals. Yet , one big similarity is the creation of extremely popular warfare heroes. Claire Jackson inside the war of 1812, sometime later it was on Zachary Taylor inside the Mexican American War.

On August twenty-four, 1814 ” British troops land in Maryland and attack Wa D. C. It is captured. The burn up the White-colored House and Capital Building. Next day a tornado hits D. C. British keep Washington as the spot basically strategic, the move and attack Baltimore; however , they are unsuccessful.

Polk feared Taylor’s increasing popularity so he told The singer to remain in Northern Mexico until the whole area had surrendered. Basic Winfield Jeff is appointed to capture Mexico City. Scott and 10, 000 marine corps sail to Mexico, attack and record Vera Johnson, and head on to Mexico City.

This time around it is in direct contrast, British capture our capital in the Conflict of 1812 while we capture the Mexican Capital in the Philippine American Conflict.

Equally events happen to be however in the same way followed by peace negotiations.

In October 1847 Santa Bêtisier is defeated and both equally sides wait for serenity negotiations. Nicholas P Eintönig was dispatched with Winfield Scott to draft a peace treaty, but when this individual and Jeff quarreled Polk ordered his return. Trostlos did not go back, if he previously returned every one of Mexico has been annexed in to the US. Serenity Treaty can be signed simply by February 2, 1848. The treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ” 1848. The treaty experienced four conditions. First, Mexico cedes the US California, New Mexico, Illinois, Utah, and Nevada. Second, The Rio de janeiro Grande is placed as the southern border of Arizona. Third, The united states agrees to pay South america 15 , 000, 000 dollars. Occasionally this cash is referred to as “conscience money.  Finally, The agreed to shell out claims of American citizens against Mexico ($3. 25 million)

Peace discussions for the War of 1812 took place in Ghent, Belgium. It involved David Quincy Adams, Henry Clay-based, Albert Gallatin, Jonathan Russel, and Adam A Bayard. A treaty is drafted, which concluded the battle of 1812, it was authorized December twenty-four, 1814. The war is called a bring. Captured place goes back to Status Quo Initial ante Bellum ” The way items were ahead of the war. Both equally nations settle all the property they owned before the war began. Various other questions would be negotiated by joint commissions. 5 weeks before information of the treaty reach the united states the Battle of New Orleans is fought. 7500 Uk troops east of New Orleans move to capture the city and gain control of the Mississippi River. 6000 American troops await the British beneath the command of Colonel Toby Jackson, in whose men massacre the English. Casualties will be British have 2100 lifeless or wounded, while the People in america have simply 21 useless or wounded. This is the British’s worst beat of the battle. As a result of this kind of battle American feel that that they won the war, even though technically it had been a draw.

Th biggest major difference in the two treaties was your dealing with land, in the Treaty of Ghent the property was every returned to its unique owner. In the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, they have huge amounts of terrain ceded for the US. There were also no dealings of money in the Treaty of Ghent. The Mexican American Warfare eventually generated the Gadston Purchase and ultimately thefulfillment of Show Destiny. The War of 1812 sooner or later led to the Joint Profession of America the Rush-Baggot Agreement, as well as the agreement from the 49th seite an seite from the pond of the woods to the rocky mountains as the upper border of the US.


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