Romeo and Juliet have a relationship together, loving relationship. But they both are not the same tribe is a Montague and is a Capulet, the two will not match because they have a rivalry between them for decades. They saw each other at first sight by a Capulet party. Following the party Juliet went to the nurse to ask her whom he is as well as the nurse said “his name is Montague and your woman really did not because she loved him.

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Here we see that the romance between Juliet and her parents is wearing out because when she actually is in love with Romeo she would go to the nurse for tips and does not bring her father and mother into it.

Juliet’s dad is a very unhappy person because he is usually worried once Juliet declined to get married to Paris. Juliet does not desire to marry Paris this is due to she is in love with Romeo. The girl does not just like Paris as a result of his take action in the story.

You observe that the romantic relationship with her father and mother is usually not so good. The daddy wants Juliet to marry no one aside from Paris, and her mother does not genuinely care which she is married to. Her mother as well thinks is it doesn’t right era for Juliet to get married. But having seen Capulet rustiness she determines to go with Capulet decision. “Hang thee, fresh baggage! Disobidient whelen!

I tell thee what, receive thee to church Um `Thursday` Or never seem me in the face. “(Act a few Scene 5) Act 4 scene one shows us Juliet can be refusing to get married to Paris, since she would like to get married to Romeo a Montague. Your woman pays a visit to friar Lawrence pertaining to help since she is receiving forced to marry Paris. Friar Lawrence provides her his researches in to medicinal attributes of herbs of having enabled him to concoct a “distilled liquor which Juliet must drink. When she drinks this kind of solution she is going to fall in coma, and her body may have an overall look of death. Friar Lawrence does not desire anyone to learn about the plan, not even the doctor.

The relationship is usually expressed even more clearly involving the daughter and her father and mother by the simple fact she asked friar Lawrence for support and again forgets her parents in the conversation. This shows that her parents are very strict about her romance. “O, close the door! And once thou hast done so, Come weep beside me. Past wish, past arrived, past support! Juliet does not get along with her parents easily, could it be the truth that your woman does not appreciate her parent’s feelings. She does follow her father and mother but betrays them in back of their backside i. e. she unites Romeo without her parents permission if they are not meant to become of the rivalry.


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