Simply globalization Is definitely the process of developing interconnectedness between various parts of the world. It is a method through which different world is unified into a single society. Globalization touches virtually all spheres of human lifestyle; social, economical, political, social, environmental. Financial impact:

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Positive Impact:

1 ) Trade with other countries immensely increased. Export products and imports boomed as a result of opening up of trade marketplaces.

installment payments on your Global meals chain / restaurants

3. Liberalization of Indian markets to get foreign players. This has improved the influx of guys, money, material, labour, technology etc by foreign countries to India.

4. Market segments expanded. A lot of the Indian industries have global markets and India serves as a market for most foreign corporations

5. Globalization is responsible for the growth of countless industries in India and particularly software market.

6th. Growth of MNC’s

six. Globalization offers given countries greater access to global markets, technology, financial resources and top quality services and skilled human resources.

almost eight. Improvement in and higher access to top quality goods and services and an dramatical increase in the amount of trade.

on the lookout for. Access to global capital assets via the stock market and intercontinental debt depending on economic potential of nations and the markets.

10. Access to technologies depending on nations responsiveness to value to security of IPR and the liable usage of solutions.

11. Access to the world markets for the skilled human resources from nations with inherent intellectual and technical functions (the outsourced workers of IT, Pharma, BPO and KPO work).

doze. Increase in exports of goods and services through which nations have their respective competencies.

13. Increased the purchasing capacity for the nation through the creation of a sizeable central class which can be hungry for quality services and goods while there coexists a large poor class in whose time is usually yet to come.

14. Changing of labour force from agricultural sector to industrial sector and so reducing hidden employment in agricultural sector

15. High quality and low cost products flooded Indian marketplaces increasing customers’ choices.

16. Regarding organized price tag chain.

17. Simply few years in India property phone was a prestige symbol but now mobiles can be seen in the hands of many rich and poor people.

18. In agricultural sector new varieties of farm tools, new farming practices, applications of biotechnology like drought immune, pest immune varieties and so on are indirectly due to the positive effect.

19. Indian corporations adopting worldwide standards inside the areas of accounting, inventory administration, Human resource, marketing, customer romantic relationship management techniques etc .

20. Increase in flow of investments from developed countries to expanding countries, that can be used for economical reconstruction.

21. India gained extremely from the LPG model as its GDP increased to on the lookout for. 7% in 2007-2008. 22. The free of charge flow info both basic and commercial. Negative effects:

1 . Rich poor break down increased because of unequal flow of money

installment payments on your Ethical responsibility of organization diminished

3. People are unable to integrate in the period of globalization and they are facing many concerns due to professional expansion just like land indifference, loss of sustenance, displacement and so on

four. High expansion but issue of lack of employment

your five. Price hike and inflation of every daily usable products

6. Native traditional industries in India received badly affected as they are unable to compete with foreign players.

7. Authorities driven public sector products are in sale because of increased privatization

almost eight. Growth in several sectors became uneven.

9. Even more inflow involving has irritated the problem of corruption.

Social impact:

1 . Language:


a. Many persons in India became bilingual or multilingual than before.

b. Prominence of English as a terminology increased and importance of various regional dialects decreased. Bad impact:

a. Some languages acquired extinct.

b. Traditional knowledge that is usually expressed in the languages which might be becoming wiped out is getting unutilized. Many patents are recorded internationally which is already mentioned in our traditional materials. 2 . Music, dance, entertainment:

Positive impact:

a. A large number of foreign musical technology instruments inundated Indian industry.

n. Foreign films became widely available in Of india markets. c. Indian time-honored music offers gained globally recognition

d. Fusing western music with American indian traditional music is encouraged among musicians. electronic. Many and also the are learning Indian dance forms just like Bharatanatyam although many Indians are receiving attracted to overseas dance varieties like jugo, hip-hop etc . Negative impact:

a. The penetration of global pop music has marginalized the traditional Of india music. n. There is a rise in tendency of playing american songs and pop music during matrimony functions, birthday celebrations, engagements etc . c. Folk and tribal music is nearly vanished. Government is usually taking steps to preserve this. d. One can see in India that inhibitions had been diluted due to advent of multimedia and the channel of entertainment. This has also naturally had some affect on the older cultural ideals with the concentrate now staying on consumerism and achievement.

3. Meals and Dress:

Positive impact:

a. Many dresses of overseas brands can be purchased in Indian regional markets. Dress up style, attires, etc of Indians transformed due to the positive effect b. Male and female dresses distinction is getting blurred.

c. Food and dress practices are internationalized

m. Pizzas, burgers, Chinese foods, and other western foods are becoming quite popular. electronic. Fusion of Indo european clothing is the latest trend. Ex lover: wearing traditional western jeans and Indian pyjama or kurtha. f. A distinct change in life-styles with fast adaptation to worldwide developments Negative effect:

a. Each of our traditional foodstuff and gown habits are becoming changed technology after generation b. Because of intake of american and fast foods there is a danger of no communicable diseases like overweight, hyper stress, cardio vascular conditions etc .

four. Religion:

Positive impact:

a. India is birth place of diverse religions just like Hinduism, Yoga, Jainism, Sikhism etc . Because of globalization new religions like Christianity entered India and possess multi dimensional impact on the culture of India. Adverse impact:

a. Conversions to Christianity increased by the financial and institutional support of western players.

5. Fests:


a. Western fests like valantines day, a friendly relationship day and so on are dispersing across India. Negative influence:

a. Importance of each of our traditional native festivals receiving decreased. n. Sacred part in our religious festivals is getting decreased and there is increase of secular part in the form of cultural gatherings during festivals. 6. There is increase in interaction between people of different countries bringing about admixture of cultures. six. Nations have built greater awareness of themselves and the additional countries and cultures of the world. India is not an exception

Social impact:

1 . Marriage:

Positive impact:

a. Love marriages increased and thus parents preference for children wishes increased. b. Inter religious and inter peuple marriages improved and thus peuple rigidities and inequalities obtaining reduced. Unfavorable impact:

a. Divorce charge increased

b. Marital life changed by religious sacrament to detrimental contract. c. Unmarried young boys and girls are showing same house and staying faraway from their father and mother. Thus with no marriage live-in relationships happen to be happening in India installment payments on your Family:


a. Previously each of the members of the family would the same type of work yet after the positive effect the same friends and family has modified different types of function depending upon supply and their financial benefits. n. As husband and wife are employed in many of the situations the child care is taken by child care centers or perhaps crèches. c. Family regulates on youngsters are getting weekend and kids wishes happen to be seldom ignored d. Sociable gatherings are becoming increased than religious events. Negative effect:

a. Elemental families elevated at the expenditure of joint families b. Family stopped to be a device of development.

c. The tone and decision of elders in the family matters decreased.

3. Education:

Positive impact:

a. Foreign universities tie up with Indian colleges increased. n. Literacy charge increased

c. Clinical and technological innovations have made your life comfortable, pleasant and pleasant. d. Extension of internet facilities to rural areas and thus increasing awareness in country youth. e. Increased access to better and qualitative education.

f. The options for your children increased as there are many channels in education to follow. g. Intensive use of information communication technology.

Negative impact:

a. Education became released

b. Pressure about children increased by parents, teachers, peers to obtain succeed in education which is essential to compete through this globalized globe c. Education is scored in the range of degrees a person contains rather than

the useful knowledge this individual gained.

4. Contemporary society:

Positive impact:

a. Persons shifting coming from unorganized sector to structured sector m. Distinction between polluting and non polluting castes having weakened. c. Social taboos are getting destabilized

m. Caste primarily based occupations are becoming converted to value based jobs. Negative impact:

a. Rural, urban divide improved

m. Migration of men and women from countryside areas to urban areas as a result of urbanization

c. Because of extreme mechanization demand for manual labour is definitely decreasing daily. This leads to embrace unemployment

Political impact:

Positive impact:

a. Awareness about the right to vote improved

n. Opinion developing in many politics issues improved with the help of ICT. c. Foreign obligations creating pressures upon domestic politics system. m. India claim in intercontinental matters improved

e. Economic support via international companies to India became conceivable due to globalization Negative effects:

a. Politico-bureaucracy-industrial nexus increased which can be affecting terribly the common person b. Criminalization of national politics and politicization of scammers increased c. Organized criminal offenses with politics support elevated

Environmental impact:


a. Awareness and concern about environmental concerns increased b. Technology and financial support from international organizations to combat climate change Negative impact:

a. Excessive emission of green house fumes which leads to climate transform and global warming b. Terrain degradation as a result of excessive usage of chemical manures c. Destruction of ozone layer because of release of ozone depleting substances like chloro floro carbons (CFCs) d. Abnormal mining and

deforestation caused shift of huge numbers of people without proper rehab and resettlement provisions.


1 .

2 .‎ 3.

V. V. N Pavan Kumar


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