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Technology Type

Specialised Training Essential

Specialized Equipment Needed

Internationally Accessibility

Workflow Types perfect for the Technology

Process Complexity Best Suited for the Technology

Synchronicity of the Technology

Core Benefits of the Technology

Limitations of the Technology

Video Conferencing

Pc, internet access, video camera, microphone, and audio speakers


This kind of technology is most effective for executing meetings with people who happen to be geographically dispersed (Kear, Chetwynd, Williams, Donelan, 2012), letting them communicate like they were seated next to each other. Video webinar allows for the transmission info in more than one way, which in turn ensures persons receive the info much better.

Mid complexity


Improves interaction because it permits participants to watch nonverbal connection of the other participants (Denstadli, Julsrud, Hjorthol, 2012). Restores many visual tips that would not really be visible with sound conferencing or perhaps e-mail. Applying video conference meetings productivity is usually increased, because it eliminates the long conference calls. Document sharing and group effort is greatly increased. That reduces the need for people to visit different spots in order to keep meetings and discussions, which usually reduces the travel spending of a organization.

Video conference meetings facilities and equipment can be expensive and everyone who will become attending the meeting would require the requisite hardware and software. For a reliable and uninterrupted conference, there is need for a fast and reliable web connection. There is likelihood of a slight postpone between responses even with an internet connection. If a participant has virtually any hardware complete breakdowns, they would not really manage to go to or be involved in the getting together with. With people in several time zones around the world, some individuals would be required to stay up all night to be able to attend the meeting or discussion. In board place, the camera might not be capable of see each of the parts of the room. Therefore , many people might not be quickly seen with the meeting.

Instantaneous messaging


Internet access, computer, cellphone


Suitable for speedy responses to a question. Permits private marketing and sales communications between acquaintances irrespective of geographical location. Instant messaging allows for an efficient and effective communication providing instant receipt and reply.



Allows for real-time interaction between several people positioned in any section of the world and so they do not have to pay for international very long distance expenses. This is a saving to the company since long distance calls are quite expensive. Instantaneous messaging is a practical and period saving technology because it does not distract the employee. If it were a telephone call, they would have to stop what exactly they are doing to answer the call. Acquaintances can also exchange information in real-time in the comfort with their desk. Acquaintances can easily discuss files during an instant talk session. Instantaneous messaging reduces the expenses necessary for conducting a video conference. Useful for customer support mainly because an employee can respond to multiple customers at the same time regardless of all their geographic position.


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