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These encouragement strategies can include providing positive response to develop her confidence and creating a timetable that enables her to find time for you to complete the paperwork every day. Through the use of centered awareness interviewing technique, Janice will be able to disclose reasons for feeling inadequate with families and adult consumers though they are really impressed by her work. Subsequently, the transition issues linked to this scenario incorporate providing Janice with extra supervisory support and personnel development pursuits in attempts to build her confidence and allow her to feel at ease with adult customers. This could be accompanied by evaluation after having a given time period regarding her goals, successes and decision about her profession.

Example Three:

David walliams is a hitched forty-four-year-old African-American who has worked with Family Support Service Centre for 16 years as being a substance abuse counselor. He is a recovering abuser with 18 years of soberness working within lot of anxiety at home because of financial obligations. When he has a exceptional function record, Michael jordan has had intervals of repeated absence by work, major depression, and uncertain of whether he can relate to clients’ addiction problems. Consequently, employees is concerned that he might have experienced a relapse or is looking at drug work with.

The most suitable recommendation for Michael is recommendation to ideal professional and support systems to assist him during the challenging period. The counselor includes a huge responsibility of ensuring his relationship with clients is safe, effective, and suitably dedicated to the demands of the consumer (Murphy Dillon, 2011, l. 334). Michael’s uncertainties on how to relate with clients’ problems shows that satisfy this need and needs support through recommendation. During this procedure, he ought to be informed from the concerns of his colleagues and presented an opportunity to react. The human services manager will need to however compliment his behavior of continuing to work regardless of the actual stress and depression concerns while referring him towards the employee assistance program and policy. The possible transition issues contain retraining, recommendation for outside the house assistance, coaching, and extra organization support.


Similar to individuals seeking specialized medical examination and treatment, persons in several working environments have similar issues. As a result, it’s rational for human service managers to encounter similar issues just like clinicians and use the same strategies to handle them.


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Murphy, B. C. Dillon, C. (2011). The clinical romance: issues and dynamics. In Interviewing for in a multicultural world (4th ed., pp.

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