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The author remarks employees will “give in demands, even unreasonable types, to avoid difference. ” Finally, some personnel choose collaboration to resolve concerns. The author asserts that cooperation involves staying interested in making sure the wishes of all team members are achieved. Employees that implement this sort of conflict resolution are likely to be remedy oriented as well as the resolution to the conflict often results in a fix that nor party organised before to the collaboration (Pilgrim).

Some of the aforementioned resolutions to conflict may be detrimental in both the short and the long haul because they will create hostility; this is true of both the contending and accommodating style of conflict resolution. Once employees can properly deal with issue the organization experience growth since both staff and managers are able to discover issues via various perspectives.


With regards to this dialogue we aimed at conflict resolution at work. We began this discussion by providing a definition of conflict resolution. Conflict resolution was defined as the process by which disagreements or disputes are remedies so that they usually do not result in physical violence or the continuation of hatred.

The discussion as well summarized 3 articles concerning conflict resolution at work.

The first article “Resolving Workplace Turmoil: To Defeat Disagreements and Build a Natural Team, a Manager Must Understand What Triggers Conflicts” discussed the reasons why discord often are present in the workplace. This type of article also focused on things that managers can take to prevent such issue and to handle it in order to does arise.

The second document “Effectively Controlling Team Conflict” focused especially on resolving team conflict and the triggers and solutions that managers can use to resolve this sort of conflicts. A final article “Conflict – an important Ingredient intended for Growth” focused on the idea that conflict can be a catalyst for development if it is dealt with correctly.

Total, the research shows that conflict resolution is almost often necessary since it relates to organizational management. It is evident which the inability to resolve conflicts can result in organizational inability or decrease the ability of the organization to operate effectively. Just for this reasons managers must take into consideration conflict resolution strategies.


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