Romeo and Juliet is a enjoy about decisions, and more importantly, about actions which comes after the decisions. The play demonstrates just how love and hate may impair your decision making process, which in turn creates silly actions. The main characters help to make decisions based upon hate or perhaps love, as well as the actions cause unforeseeable effects. For all activities, there are effects – plus the more important the action is definitely, the more significant the result. The activities in Romeo and Juliet were fuelled by hate.

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In the enjoy, there are two feuding households – the Montagues as well as the Capulets. They have been fighting pertaining to so long that they can’t bear in mind what they are preventing about.

The hatred of every other has been embedded for the families so much that there has been three brawls inside the streets and many lives had been lost. Family and those linked to the families experienced the hatred embedded in their minds so much, that the decisions they made resulted in critical consequences for either the smoothness who committed the actions or other characters inside the play.

A character in the play sent a challenge for the life of your member of the contrary house. A Friar related to both residences must consider the hatred when acquiring action. Significant actions that had been committed may have been different if the hate between the Montagues and the Capulets did not can be found.

The hatred between the two families can be seen clearly when Romeo step up to stop a fight among Tybalt and Mercutio. The fight appeared from challenging on the life of Romeo by Tybalt. Romeo is a Montague and Tybalt is actually a Capulet. Romeo had simply secretly hitched Juliet, Tybalt’s cousin; thus he was not willing to fight against a part of his own family. In this quote, Romeo says that he adores Tybalt as well as the name Capulet but Tybalt will never understand why.

[I] love thee better than thou canst formulate till thou shalt know the reason of my love. And thus, good Capulet, which name I sensitive as very much as my own own,  be satisfied. (Act 3, Field 1, Range 63-66)

Romeo’s friend, Mercutio, takes up Tybalt’s challenge. Both start preventing and Romeo steps in to try to put a stop to the fight. On those grounds to Romeo’s action of trying to prevent the fight, he block’s Mercutio’s eyesight and Tybalt sword moves by Romeo and towards Mercutio. “Why the devil arrived you among us? I was hurt through your arm. ” (Act several, Scene 1, Line 97-98) says Mercutio to Romeo after becoming stabbed. The consequence continues as Romeo, seeing that his friend is dead, becomes furious. Approaching Tybalt, Romeo says:

…Mercutio’s soul is but slightly way above our mind, staying pertaining to thine to keep him firm. Either thou or We, or both equally, must go with him. (Act 3, Picture 1, Series 121-124)

He fights and kills Tybalt out of rage. He could be banished to Mantua, a neighbouring community, by the Knight in shining armor.

Romeo could have done anything other than stepping in front of Mercutio to stop the fight, although his initial reaction was to end the fight as soon as possible – before anyone acquired hurt or killed. Rather than stepping into stop the fight, Romeo could have tried to convince Tybalt or Mercutio to stop fighting, but that could have taken too much time and it could not even job, so it had not been worth the chance of wasting time. He would have just strolled away, yet that would not put an end to the fight. Romeo could have become the Knight in shining armor to come and stop the fight, yet that would have taken too much time and the fight might have long been over and someone might have previously gotten harm by the time Romeo gets back with the Prince.

The fight would never have started in the event Tybalt experienced never dispatched the challenge about Romeo’s lifestyle. If there is no deal with, than Romeo would not had to step in that will put a stop to it. Mercutio would never experienced died and Romeo would never have wiped out Tybalt away of craze and been banished. The sole reason Tybalt sent the battle on Romeo’s life was because of the hatred between the Montagues and Capulets. If there was no hatred between the two families,  then Romeo may have never needed to step in the front of Mercutio and trigger the serious outcomes.

The hatred between the Montagues and the Capulets triggered Friar Laurence to give Juliet a sleeping comprim�, an action with grave consequences. Her problem is that her father, Capulet, is ordering her to marry Rome but she can’t since it would go against her religion because the girl with married in secret to Romeo. Juliet asks Friar Laurence for any solution to her dilemma. The Friar proposes that Juliet take a unique potion that would make it seem like the girl were useless. This is the Friar’s instructions to Juliet about when to take the potion and the effects of the potion:

…Let no the Nurse rest with the in thy chamber. Have thou this kind of vial, being then during sex, and this distilling liquor beverage thou off. When presently through almost all thy problematic veins shall entertaining a cold and drowsy connaissance, for zero pulse shall keep his native improvement, but surcease. No warmness, no breath, shall state thou livest… (Act four, Scene you, Line 94-99)

The potion’s effects could “continue two and 40 hours” (Act 4, Picture 1, Range 107). Friar Laurence explains to Juliet to take the potion before going to bed, as well as the next morning her family would locate her “dead” and then consider her intended for proper funeral at the house of worship. Romeo can be informed by letter and would arrive right before your woman wakes up and so the two of all of them can get away to a Mantua. Juliet confirms to the remedy and takes the comprim� home with her. Friar Laurence produces a notification to Romeo and gives this to another Friar, Friar John, to be brought to Romeo in Mantua. That night Juliet requires the concoction and anything goes in accordance to prepare, except that the letter never reaches Romeo because Friar John is usually quarantined within a house upon suspects of getting the plague. Romeo’s stalwart reaches him and tells him that Juliet is definitely dead:

…Her body sleeps in the Capel’s monument, and her immortal part with sides lives. I saw her afflicted, suffering, affected in her kindred’s burial container and at present took content to tell you… (Act a few, Scene one particular, Line 17-21)

Romeo is usually shocked and he rushes back to Verona. Friar John is unveiled from quarantine and tells Friar Laurence the letter will not be delivered. By this time, Friar Laurence is concerned about the consequences of the undelivered notice. He makes a decision that he will write once again to Romeo and then he will go to Juliet’s tomb and stay presently there. Romeo extends to Juliet’s burial place and incurs Paris, who may have come there to grieve. As a consequence of supplying Juliet the potion and never informing Romeo, Romeo gets rid of Paris after which kills him self because he cannot live without Juliet. Juliet awakes soon after Romeo’s fatality and gets rid of herself once she sees Romeo’s dead body.

To prevent the death of Paris, Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurence could have spoke to Capulet and attempted to convince him to not any marry away Juliet therefore soon. Friar Laurence would have told Juliet to run away to Mantua to live with Romeo that night. Friar Laurence would have told the Montagues and Capulets which it would be a sin to marry Juliet since she is previously married to Romeo. This individual did not do any of these alternatives because he discovered that his plan would work. He thought that Romeo can be informed. As well, if this individual told the families that he privately married Romeo and Juliet, they would always be infuriated with him.

In case the hatred between the two families had not been around, then Romeo and Juliet would not have had to been wedded in magic formula. If the Capulet’s knew that Juliet was married to Romeo, then simply Capulet would never have had to power her to marry Paris, france. This would have got given no reason for Juliet to ask for Friar Laurence’s support, which might have prevented the death of Paris, Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence would not had to given the potion to Juliet in the event there was zero hatred between Montagues and Capulets, which usually would have avoided the terrible consequences of three fatalities.

If the hatred between the Montagues and Capulets had not existed, then certain actions in the play could have been diverse. Taking actions happens just about everywhere, everyday: making laws inside the parliament properties around the world, protesting in the streets against battle, striking with the workplace to get better functioning conditions, and standing up for what you believe at anyplace, whenever. Unfortunately with action comes consequence: the modern law could possibly be very unpopular with the open public and the federal government might not be selected next election, the protester on the street might be caught, the strikers in the workplace may be fired off their jobs, plus the person who stands up for what they believe might not be noticed. No one ought to be discouraged by taking action, even though you will find consequences. If nobody at any time took actions, then nothing at all would be completed, and the universe would become awfully an unteresting place.


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