Analysis of Henry’s conversation of Harfleur showing his role as being a leader and an creativity Henry’s speech to his men prior to the battle of Harfleur is among the most powerful, educational speeches of all time. The talk defines Henry as not only a friend on to his men, but the powerful head; ‘Once even more unto the breach, dear friends, when more’, practically meaning to the break in them my friends, talking about the walls of Harfleur.

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Henry is conjuring his guys in a move, including military, noblemen and commoners, with the aid of repetition of ‘once more’ to enforce the fact that this is not the first time it is done, mentioning the memory of the Englishmen’s warlike ancestors and forefathers of which that they aspire to end up like, so that they will abide by him in his conquest.

The speech keeps strong extremely exaggerated styles, to impact the public with what would happen in the event that they were to not fight or help Henry in this superb cause.

The purpose is partly to provide evidence that the men were fighting for a good reason, and so they can have trust in their leader, but also to inspire them to battle the French ‘or close up the wall with the English dead’, ironic because the hole in the wall of Harfleur can be enormous and would consider thousands of systems to actually half load but a thought which usually would not make you.

Henry V is a arbitrator peacemaker, he reasons with his males, suggesting that men should never always fight, that ‘In peace absolutely nothing so get a man as stillness and humility’ the soft ‘s’ sibilance adds a calming strengthen, and paints a picture with the ideal gentleman, of which most men would become like, who will be calm and good humoured. He procedes contrast this with ‘but when the fun time of conflict blows in our ears’, the onomatopoeic plosive ‘b’ sound is so loud and very clear, as is the war while using imagery of ‘blows within our ears’ reveals us that even the suitable man are unable to ignore this, will not disregard this and that he must change from the pacifist to the mma fighter.

The metaphorical language describes the man turning from the civilised human this individual has become, back to nature together with his predatory-like mind and that he need to ‘imitate the action from the tiger’ and fight for his worth since an Englishman. Dynamic imperatives are used to straight address the group, showing Henry’s leadership abilities as he is definitely telling them what to do and think ‘stiffen the sinews, conjure up the blood, disguise good nature with hard-favoured rage’ he is recommending his men to change in state, by man towards the fighter into a point of uncontrollable anger and ferocity for fight.

Similes are used powerfully in addition to these imperatives; ‘like the brass cannon’ referring to the eyeball emerging of ones skull in rage, he could be consuming his audience with all the passion and rage of war with powerful symbolism changing the atmosphere and preparing them for the battle of their lives exactly where they are to prove themselves to the community, wildly high but extremely inspiring and puts him in full control of all of their emotions, determining his status as Ruler and innovator.

In addition to the metaphorical comparison among human and animal, Henry relates the good feelings of battle to the processes of characteristics; ‘galled rock’ the men will be hard as rocks, at physical electricity and mindset. Other images include the ‘swilled with the wild and inconsiderate ocean’ demonstrating to his men that it is natural method for one to always be overpowered with rage, specially when it is for a good cause as the one he is suggesting, and that we have to take what is ours (France) like the surf take control of the ocean.

The men are lowered to incapable bodies; Henry goes on in his speech to control not only their minds but their physiques with ‘set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide’ the solid imagery naturally makes you do the action which in itself grinds you and makes one particular feel used with rage, this is further than inspiration, the boys are bodily empowered by the speech. Furthermore he makes it every mans duty with their mothers to fight ‘dishonour not the mother.

The sentence is usually short and stands out intended for clarity as it is an important a part of his conversation, he wishes them to experience guilty in the event they do not produce their moms, of which possess raised them, proud. Onomatopoeic repetition brings rhythm towards the speech and commands the boys to go forth with their obligations with use of ellipsis; ‘on, on’ the choice to go to conflict is no longer a decision but an issue of life that must happen, the men include turned into the animals of war and possess now become ‘noble English’ further motivating them to be as their forefathers were.

To get after all all their ‘blood is fet by fathers of war proof’ of which they have to live up to, plus the alliteration with the ‘f’ audio adds dynamicity to the presentation, the warfare has become a physical part of all of them, it’s within their blood. Nearly the men need to follow taking after the actions of their ancestors and forefathers, but Holly wants these to make record; ‘teach all of them how to warfare. Again another short sentence, he wants them to be an example, be the best men any King could have, slightly forced his individual trumpet there. Strong imagery of Britain and patriotism is used to make the men experience not only happy with their moms and the california king but also their country ‘the strength of your pasture’ as England is seen to be fields of green country, much like the battlefield in which they fought.

To enforce this kind of he uses rhetorical questions ‘swear that you are worth your breeding’ of which every man could swear he is, as part of his ego although also zero man would like to feel not worth. Henry likewise says that he can begin to see the drive and determination in most of their eyes; ‘noble poli in your eyes’ metaphorical although inspiring on the other hand, he makes every man feel like he truly can do it, he could be a jet fighter.

A further simile ‘I see you stand just like greyhounds inside the slips’ the greyhounds getting hunting canines, hungry for power. Stick to your spirit and upon this charge’ act on your instincts, don’t think for conflict is something not of emotion of the weak, as you do this kind of you must ‘cry “God pertaining to Harry, England and St . George! ’ a fifty percent rhyme with charge a final couplet uses imperatives to mention the cause concerning which the guys are struggling and improves moral and patriotism, st George being the client saint of England, the last push for these men from men to soldiers.


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