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The Trail of Tears, a U. S. Army-guided forcible associated with the native Americans from the southeast to west of the Mississippi, began in 1838, and thousands of Cherokee were displaced; thousands died along the way.

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The realities of those actions was a much different thing than the values of the United States. A nation that was built with tolerance and freedom as the precepts had not been only forcibly expelling residents from terrain they had completed, but was looking to fundamentally replace the culture of the Cherokee region. Instead of safeguarding a weak minority, factory-like settlers in the U. T. had been in England, the government used the community of Cherokee, taking all their land, exploration its rare metal, and getting rid of the Cherokee culture from their landscape. This behavior was and is contrapuesto with the U. S. ideals of morality and justice; the manner where the Cherokee were treated goes against the grain of United States values such as democracy, equality, and fair treatment.

White defenders of the Cherokee were vocal in their objections to these unjust acts that were counter for the values of the United States. One Senator decried the land-grabs, requesting facetiously, “do the responsibilities of proper rights change with the color of the skin? ” Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote the fact that maltreatment from the Indian nations around the world would cause “the brand of this land, hitherto the sweet omen of religion and liberty, [to] stink towards the world. ” In a region that believed to worth toleration and justice, the answer should have been an unequivocal no . But the push intended for industrialization, rare metal prospecting and “progress, ” as identified by the Usa, rendered these concepts of justice and equality useless, even trite.

The Cherokee nation appealed to what the usa had heralded as its dedication to justice and morality; in an talk about regarding the Trek of Tears’ forcible expulsion, Cherokee market leaders entreated:

Perform unto others as ye would that others perform unto you. We hope them to remember that, for the sake of principle, their ancestors and forefathers were required to keep… and that the winds of persecution wafted all of them over the superb waters and landed them on the shores of the new world, when the Of india was the only lord and proprietor of the extensive fields. Let them keep in mind in what way we were holding received

Experienced the American government and citizens, prominently Andrew Jackson but completely down to the individual gold prospectors who encouraged the forcible removal of the Cherokee from Georgia, followed by the precepts by which america was founded, most likely a more fair and hospitable compromise might have been reached.

Regrettably, the Usa States’ wish for land, gold, and a homogenous culture outweighed the guidelines of values, justice, and protection of a minority. The Jacksonian era and its aftermath were a disgrace to ideals, having forsaken these people in favor of manifest destiny, industrialization, and “progress. ” Because of these disputes, I believe which the quote reported above is definitely misguided and false, and the “higher use” of the terrain by “civilized” Americans was not a better than the “primitive” lifestyles of the Cherokee.

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