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“Let him hurl his twin-forked super bolts down on my head.. allow him to make the hugely surging sea waves mingle with the paths of the heavenly stars he cannot make me die, inch says Prometheus after his suffering provides him the hope to tolerate Zeus (Aeschylus 83). In Prometheus Sure, Aeschylus shows the effects of suffering on a individual’s hope throughout the two characters of Prometheus and Io. The diverging reactions of those characters concern us to choose whether a positive or a negative reaction to extreme suffering is the wiser decision.

Prometheus suffers considerably, both mentally and physically, as he is punished by simply Zeus, a tyrant, for his like and closeness to humans. Since Prometheus disobeyed Zeus’ law, he could be forced to suffer from physical soreness as he is “chained here, nailed about this cliff over a deep ravine, in which [he] remain” (Aeschylus 54). Prometheus writhes in soreness, but he can not approach, which signifies his physical suffering. He also suffers mentally, when he is unable to set his gift idea of experience to use, becoming bound to a cliff. His sufferings cause a great amount of pain, even so Prometheus continually struggle below Zeus’ difficulty, showing his resolve to not submit to Zeus. Furthermore, Prometheus’ enduring affects his hope by giving him more feeling and optimism than before because he knows that the for a longer time he withstands Zeus and weathers the storm, not really telling Zeus the secret of who is gonna take over his throne, the earlier Zeus will fall from power. With a more loyal attitude, he admits that he “can see the working day approaching the moment [Zeus’] head will soften, once that secret [he] described has led to his collapse” (55). Prometheus’ belief that Zeus’ brain will at some point soften displays that this individual gains even more hope mainly because now he believes that sooner or later Zeus will allow him to go, although in the past this individual did not. Even though Prometheus is usually suffering, this causes him to be even more optimistic and not submit to Zeus. This kind of depicts that suffering includes a significant effect on Prometheus’ desire because his misery helps him understand that if he remains hopeful, Zeus will collapse and he can finally be free. Prometheus’ story provides a lessons to the prevalent man that sometimes battling can be useful, mainly because it helps persons learn and will result in a positive consequence just like in Prometheus’ case, even more hope. Meanwhile, another figure is being tormented.

Io is also required to suffer, just this time beneath Hera’s wrath, however , Io begins to give up hope because your woman can not endure the discomfort she is experiencing. Zeus’ lust for Io causes her to be in misery, as Hera becomes Io right into a cow. When ever explaining her story to Prometheus, Io says, ” [Hera] is definitely oppressing [her] setting a fearful painful fly to chase a helpless girl” (67). Io did not whatever it takes wrong, yet has to suffer involuntarily, since she is continuously stung by a gadfly and is also forced to roam around paths that hardly ever end. This illustrates the significant amount of pain she gets to bear. Moreover, Io begins to doubt her hope of deliverance. The girl does not want to continue becoming tormented in the future, as Prometheus told her she’d, and your woman can no longer stand the soreness she is in now because she says, “I would prefer to expire once and for all than suffer this kind of afflictions every single day” (72-73). Io causes this statement like she has abadndoned life. Instead of fighting the pain, Io would rather pass away because your woman no longer is convinced that her physical body or brain will be free of charge. Furthermore, Io’s statement that she would alternatively die than to continue to become in agony is used to indicate that struggling has influenced her too much. It is significant in representing the effects of suffering onto her hope because it reveals that she has simply no faith still left, as your woman can not put up with a lifetime of pain.

Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound illustrates how the sufferings of Prometheus and Io affect their very own hope. Equally Prometheus and Io undergo physically and emotionally, nevertheless Prometheus is able to use his suffering to aid himself be hopeful, that gives him perception that they can withstand Zeus and eventually be free. Io, is also in great anguish, however , in a contrast to Prometheus, her suffering contains a negative impact on her hope, causing her to lose every one of her trust because she believes that she will hardly ever be free from the pain or perhaps suffering she actually is going through, actually in the future. The two stories give the wisdom of positive and negative effects of suffering on the person’s desire in a manner that can be understandable, and possibly useful, to the people approaching Aeschylus work.

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