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Much later, my father described the difference between rational confidence and justification and recommended to me the fact that former is probably more healthy mentally than the second option. According to him, the two achieve a similar short-term profit, but rationalization is connected with long-term effects in the characteristics of specialized medical depression and mood swings. He explained that folks who rationalize purposely steer clear of acknowledging disenchantment and that this kind of repression generally results in negativity that is often expressed after, and often in manners which have been far removed from their unique cause. I recognized in friends and acquaintances what my father discussed and discovered to recognize the significance of “making lemonade” as a conscious and purposeful decision to salvage discontentment rather than as a subconscious justification.

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It is more difficult to identify if natural proneness or environmental influences and modeled behavior is more in charge of the fact i seem to have always exhibited an increased degree of sympathy. I always keep in mind caring regarding the well-being of family pets, including stuffed animals and balloons before the age where I actually learned that these where inanimate objects. Ahead of that, I recall being relocated to tears above “sick” balloons and my own older brother when secured a chocolate ransom from me by intimidating to harm a packed bear. I actually also recall being incredibly concerned whenever someone else sustained an injury or perhaps acquired an illness and I often did my own best to comfort family members who had been sick.

My mother shows the same patterns and I especially recall her modeling a great empathetic attitude, which begs the question whether my empathy is a reflection of her environmental influence on myself or evidence of the fact that both of all of us share that genetic component of her innate heritage.


Introspection seems to be natural to my father, and according to him, this individual does not call to mind any exterior influences in this regard in his case. Within my case, it can be more difficult to be aware of whether my own tendency toward introspection is known as a function of sharing my father’s family genes or a product of his counsel and advice, since I remember his explanations about the importance of being honest to their self regarding one’s existence and to make an effort to think about my own feelings and reactions. Relating to my dad, it may not continually be possible to understand why all of us feel the way we carry out or how come we the actual things all of us do, nevertheless very often, it is also possible to learn more about ourself by making the purposeful hard work of putting our feelings and thoughts into words.

My father provides always had a habit of spending time alone just thinking of things, but I have found that my most introspective considering is activated by the procedure for writing away my thoughts into a journal. In fact , the primary purpose of my diary is more of a system to induce my introspective awareness than it is, particularly, intended to memorialize my thoughts in a written record. Nevertheless , since We started driving a car, I realized that I may reveal a natural tendency toward more self examination with my dad, because after i reported that driving extended distances without any help tended to trigger introspective thoughts, my dad confirmed that he has got the exact same trend.

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