Chapter fifty four: Community Ecology

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Concept 54. one particular Community interactions are categorized by whether or not they help, harm, or have zero effect on the species involved.

1 ) What is a community? List 6 organisms that could be found in your schoolyard community.

2 . It will look for interspecific relationships. Be clear on the meaning of the prefix! To begin with, distinguish between intraspecific competition and interspecific competition. Give one of each.

Sort of








three or more. What is G. F. Gause’s competitive exclusion principle? Give one example.

4. Define ecological specialized niche.

5. Several species of Anolis lizards reside in the same types of forest and have the same diet. Discuss

source partitioning to clarify how interspecific competition is reduced. (Study Figure fifty four. 2 . )

six. What is the between the primary niche and the realized market?


Study Determine 54. 5, and then make clear what is intended by character displacement. (To do this, you should learn or perhaps review the between sympatric populations and allopatric populations. You will find these details in Chapter 24.


8. Predation is a term that you likely already know. Is it possible to give types of some predator-prey combinations since listed below?







Fungus infection







9. List three particular adaptations that predator kinds possess to get obtaining food.

10. List three ways victim species elude predators.

10. Compare the 2 types of mimicry.

Kind of Mimicry





12. What is herbivory?

13. Performed you list any unique herbivore different types for predation in your respond to question being unfaithful? Or herb adaptations in order to avoid herbivory? List two modifications for each category here.

13. Describe and provide an example of each of the following relationships:

Type of








15. Which usually category previously mentioned includes the other 3? Note that various other texts might define this kind of term more narrowly.

18. Your text uses +/” symbols to indicate how interspecific interactions affect survival and reproduction in the two species. Use this notation for each of these interactions.

Kind of Interaction





interspecific competition


+/+, +/”, “/”, +/0

17. What is types diversity? What are its two components? What makes it important?

18. What does a great ecologist summarize in a foodstuff web?

nineteen. Know the numbers of trophic structure in foodstuff chains. Offer a food sequence here, which include four links that might be found in a alpage community, and tell the level for each organism.

20. Term every patient in the pictured food chain, and give the trophic level in the field.

21. In line with the energetic hypothesis, why are food chains limited in length? Simply how much energy is usually transferred to every single higher level?

twenty-two. What is a major species? To get the area where you reside, what will be considered a dominant forest species?

24. Name one keystone species, and explain the effect its removal has on the ecosystem.

25. Explain facilitator or groundwork species and provide an example.

You could omit bottom-up and top-down controls.

Concept 54. 3- Disturbance influences species diversity and composition 21.

What is the intermediate interference hypothesis? Give an example of a disturbance event, and describe the effect it has on the community.

27. Ecological succession is definitely the changes in kinds that take up an area after having a disturbance. What is the difference among primary sequence and secondary succession?

Strategy 54. some Biogeographic elements affect community biodiversity twenty eight.

Explain latitudinal gradients regarding species richness. Where can be species richness greatest?

29. There are probably two key factors in latitudinal gradients. List and explain equally here, and set a star next for the one that is just about the primary cause of the latitudinal difference in biodiversity.

31. Explain what is demonstrated by a species-area competition.

23. Renowned American ecologists Robert MacArthur and E. O. Wilson produced a model of island biogeography. While the model can be proven with island destinations, any separated habitat symbolizes an tropical isle. What are both factors that determine the amount of species on st. kitts?

32. What two physical features of this island then affect migrants and extinction rates?

thirty-three. Why perform small island destinations have reduced immigration rates? Higher annihilation rates?

34. Closer destinations have

thirty-five. What is the island equilibrium unit?

36. Use this model to explain how an island’s size and range from the landmass affect the island’s species richness.

extinction prices and

immigration rates.

Strategy 54. some Community ecology is useful for understanding pathogen life cycles and managing human disease

thirty seven. Let’s pull a couple of ideas from this section: What is a virus?

38. What is a zoonotic virus? List three examples.

39. What is a vector? List 3 examples.


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