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Research from ‘Literature Review’ section:

Cole (2007) discusses just how in many cases, happenings of law enforcement officials brutality, can be confused with numerous self-defense tactics or an actions that the suspect may well have taken causing the use of push (such because: resisting detain or attempting to physically strike the police). After reviewing various situations from the National Association of Justice, that they found that: law enforcement uses force in a limited fashion. Where, it is usually involving low levels of power such as: forcing, grabbing and shoving. In many instances, these occurrences will often take place during the process of creating an police arrest (with the suspect resisting). This is significant, because it reveals how the several abuses which might be often being reported inside the press will be based upon isolated incidents.

However, when looking at the information from the content Black America in Upheaval over Law enforcement officials Brutality (1999), it features how ethnicity profiling offers often generated various firing of hispanics (by authorities officers). This really is problematic, mainly because as these incidents gain headlines, they are elevating the overall quantity of outrage that many individuals are feeling towards police force. As they believe that they are applying various tools, to harass someone relying on their cultural origin, rather than the person violating the law. From this aspect, the different ideas provided, highlight the possible abuses that can arise when police force is given higher flexibility in determining using force. After which, the odds increase that law enforcement brutality; will end up more common down the road.

Clearly, law enforcement limits the overall amounts of electricity and discretion as far as the use of force is involved. Where, low levels may occur during an arrest (such as driving and grabbing). However , the use of various methods (such while racial profiling) and the raising number of deaths; is leading to outrage amongst minorities (who believe they are really being targeted for no reason in all). In this aspect, the application of racial profiling could be aiding, to lead to various occurrences of law enforcement brutality. Consequently, all police agencies must carefully screen how and once these guidelines are applied. This will help to lessen the overall amounts of police violence as much as possible.


Black America in Uproar over Law enforcement officials Brutality. (1999). Jet, ninety six (4), 4 – on the lookout for.

Cole, G.

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