Bangladesh is one of the poor countries with one of the top population of the world. Is the region poor as a result of huge number of people or the poverty itself is the reason behind the overpopulation? To resolve this issue, I have looked over the overall creation condition and population on the planet and tried to find the missing backlinks between the two. First I presented a lot of facts about community population and demography. However analyzed the Malthusian and Marxist thoughts about population.

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We talked about the present views that considered population growth because the main reason in back of poverty. I then discussed my arguments about those watch and reviewed how population growth is usually not the principal cause of low standard of living, gross inequalities or perhaps limited liberty choice that characterize much of the developing universe. I attempted to find the primary reasons behind the impoverishment of the poor countries and how all those lead to overpopulation.


Human race came into existence around 2 billion years ago.

Agricultural Innovation took place about 10, 1000 years ago when people used to look and collect food. In those days the estimated world human population was about some million. The citizenry started to expand significantly following the agricultural trend. However , the most dramatic human population growth took place after the Industrial Revolution in 1750s. The earth population was approaching one particular billion people and was increasing by simply more than two million annually.

This dramatic population development is termed population explosion because inside less than three hundred years the quantity of people mushroomed to much more than 6 billion whereas just before this, universe population grew very gradually for an incredible number of years. With this very instant, nearly 7 billion folks are sharing this planet. By simply 2050, the people is likely to reach being unfaithful billion. The world population is very unevenly written by geographic location, fertility and mortality amounts and age group structure. Right here we also have to consider the definition of demographic move: transition from high labor and birth and death rates to low birth and loss of life rates.

Almost all of the developing countries are in stage two and the designed countries in stage three. So inside the developing countries, though death rate features dropped drastically due to improvement in medication and medical care, fertility level remains high. So human population growth is usually highest in the developing and poor countries.

Existing books:

Now the question is why delivery rates are extremely high in the developing countries? In 1798, Thomas Malthus proposed a theory that determines the relationship between populace growth and economic advancement. According to him, poor people countries happen to be poor as a result of population expansion. Eliminate the inhabitants problem as well as the problem of poverty will probably be solved independently. To eliminate the excess people, confident and preventative checks are necessary. Positive bank checks are famine, natural disasters, war and so forth which relating to him is a good approach to get rid of the unnecessary people who are burden towards the society. Preventive checks will be only ethical restrain since birth handles were viewed as sins according to the Catholic Cathedral. Malthus was not aware of the technological improvement that would occur and thus he came up with the idea that foodstuff production will never be able to keep up with the population development. Thus the perfect solution was to get rid of the poor people.

Karl Marx found the Malthusian point of view since an invective against mankind. Marx precise the fact that with technological progress, there is more creation. So capital would be raising too. Yet , the handful of capitalist who have all the resources exploit the poor workers and maintain them poor. So poverty is the reaction to a poorly organized capitalist society high is no the same distribution of wealth. In the Marxist standpoint, overpopulation is definitely not the real reason for slow monetary growth and development. Though the theory of Malthus is much criticized and controversial, his ideas are still remaining in the present world. Many theorists and economists see the lowering of population growth through severe procedures as the easiest way of ensuring economic prosperity in a developing region. According to them, uncontrolled, wild population boost is the main reason for low lifestyle, malnutrition, unwell health, environmental degradation, and many other economic and social concerns.

There is a theory known as ‘population-poverty cycle’. This kind of theory says that overpopulation makes the monetary, social, and psychological problems more complicated. While more youngsters are born each day, there is significantly less savings price per person inside the household and national level. Because of the out of control population progress, the government does not provide the standard necessities for the additional persons. This leads to low living regular of the existing generation and eventually poverty is definitely transferred to the newly released.

At present Customer the most populated country on the globe with a volume of 1 . thirty four billion. This country has performed one of the most tough and coercive population control policies in the early 1980s- one child per family members policy. Although this policy dramatically decreased the growth price, is triggered many socio-economic problems and controversies. However , the decline in the fertility rate in China through one child policy is much less successful than approaches based upon women personal strength and education in some regions of India, such as the state of Kerala. This shows all of us that inhabitants no longer continues to be a problem even though there is slower economic expansion by centering on empowering persons, especially women.

Defending my own thesis:

My personal thesis is that poverty causes overpopulation and solve both the problems, different issues are needed to be looked after. One of the main triggers that continue to keep poor countries and the indegent poor can be unequal flow of money and natural resources. The developed countries consist of one particular quarter with the world’s inhabitants but ingest almost many of these of the world solutions. In 2005, the richest 20% of the world accounted for seventy six. 6% of total personal consumption. The poorest 20% consumed only 1 . 5%. When one child is born in a designed country, how much money and assets spend to it is equivalent to 16 children in the developing countries. Therefore the designed countries should cut back their very own very high ingestion instead of asking developing countries to control all their population growth. However they will not do that in an attempt to hold down the development of the indegent countries to carry on dominance more than them and to maintain the very costly living style. And so they produced population expansion the main reason lurking behind poverty to distract everyone from the real reasons.

They pressurize the indegent nations to take on aggressive inhabitants control applications even though they will themselves went through a period of sizable population increase that accelerated their particular development processes. So as the LDCs happen to be kept poor, no or less development occurs and thus generates overpopulation. Also a huge amount of solutions are carry idle. For example , only 12% of all the potential arable land is underneath cultivation. Therefore the land in fact being grown amounts just a small fraction of the potential. In respect to one web resource- ‘Enough arable property exists in India to provide each person in the country approximately fifty percent an corrosivo. In famine-ravaged Ethiopia, every person could have three-quarters of an corrosivo of fertile land. Africa, the weakest continent, provides 20. 2% of the planet’s land location, and only 13% of its population.

America has a whopping 2 . you acres of arable land per person! ‘ So many areas with potential resources are under filled and many small areas (urban areas in the LDCs) will be concentrated with too many people. This unequal syndication of people when it comes to land triggers poverty rather than the population progress. Underdevelopment alone is a huge difficulty. If the government authorities of the expanding countries take up correct strategies that enhance higher degrees of living, higher self-esteem and expanded liberty, population will require care of on its own. If people are healthy and better well-informed, they will themselves be aware of the truth that smaller sized families are superior to larger households.

On the other circumstance, if they are misleading and physically and mentally weak, the large family could be the only real supply of social security. So the birth control programs and severe kid control guidelines will be not successful if there is not any motivation to empower and enlighten the folks, especially the females. If the girls have the same roles and status such as the men and have access to birth control, fertility rate will land by itself. Nevertheless , the most wealthy people of the producing countries take in most of the assets and deprive the rest of the persons of their daily necessities. Since the poor folks are kept poor they neglect to get educated and stimulated which leads to low quality of life and overpopulation.


Overpopulation is not the key cause at the rear of poverty. It is the other way around. Yet , fast population growth is not attractive too. And so in order to develop, countries just like Bangladesh ought to adopt plans that give attention to making people aware of the ways to keep the family tiny. The consequences of rapid inhabitants should nor be overstated nor minimized. However , it really is pretty clear problem of population can be not simply problems of huge number. It is about quality of life and material health. So if there is not equivalent distribution of wealth, nonproductive resources, and subordination of ladies, poor countries and poor people would remain poor which will bring about the problem of overpopulation.


Todaro, Michael G. and Jones, Stephen C. (2009). Monetary Development. 9th Edition. Addison-Wesley. Weeks, M. R. (2012). Population: An intro to Concepts and Problems. 11th copy. California: Wadsworth Publishing.


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