A)Intangible assets will be operational property that shortage physical element. However , the future economic benefits that are based on intangible resources are usually less certain than tangible operational assets. Due to this uncertainty, the valuation of such assets trust multiple quotations, therefore the trustworthiness of the information may not be as accurate. In addition , the relevance of the data in the decision making process makes question because the future benefits are unidentified. Copyrights, franchises, goodwill, patents, and trademarks are just a handful of examples of intangible assets.

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Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), intangible property including patents, trademarks, terme conseillé, franchise negotiating, customer prospect lists, license deals, order backlogs, employment contracts, and noncompetition agreements should appear on a company’s balance sheet. GAAP requires intangible asset recognition (apart from goodwill) on the balance sheet if the explained asset comes from contractual or perhaps other rights or has the ability to of being separated from the obtained entity.

B)The value of goodwill within a company’s balance sheet captures the unique value of the company overall over and above the identifiable tangible and intangible assets.

Goodwill can only be recognized as an asset on the balance sheet each time a company partcipates in the purchase of a whole of portion of an additional company. The importance of goodwill is a residual worth that is calculated by subtracting the fair value with the acquired industry’s net resources from the reasonable value from the consideration changed (or obtain price). In addition , if the goodwill is produced internally (as opposed to purchasing another company), the costs received is expensed not capitalized.


C)i)December 31, 2006253356= 57. 1%


December 23, 2007226688= 41. 7%


ii)26. 5 million of impairment was recorded against our CodeGear reporting section

iii)CodeGear, 26509= 39. 4%


iv)In the text is says that they consider various info points the moment determining these types of values just like discounted funds flows and market equivalent transactions. This should be done at least each year

v)Loss about Impairment of Goodwill26, 509

Goodwill26, 509

vi)On the affirmation of cash moves it implies that the disability of goodwill was within the operating actions. Its demonstrates it is supplying the company a loss of twenty six, 506 in 2007

vii)If there is a damage on impairment by goodwill and this impacts the cash stream statement I think that it should known to everyone in a footnote. It would be understandable if this kind of amount is usually minute rather than shown but since it large and recurring it is something which needs to be noted and addressed.

D)i)December 23, 2007(31658/544017) sama dengan 5. 82%

January 31, 2006(40521/443899) = being unfaithful. 13%

ii)The major amount if perhaps recorded intangible assets by December 23, 2007 was $68, 205

iii)Primary cause of the decrease in the cost of intangible property, net about

Borland’s balance sheet from 2006 to 2007 was amortization. Most intangible possessions are amortizable and that’s why total accumulated amount for 3 years ago was higher than 2006.

iv) Amortization Expense$ 8, 863, 000

Accumulated Amortization$8, 863, 500

E)Software development cost was not made a fortune in 3 years ago balance sheet. It had been feasible because they were not really selling any third party computer software and as shortly as software program was deemed for technical feasible they put it up on the market. Analysis

F)Borland accounts for these expenditures by expensing the production costs of the advertising initially the marketing takes place. The cost from money certain activities of the reseller channel will be treated as advertising bills.

i) 3 years ago


june 2006

Total advertising charge including financed advertising

$2. 3 , 000, 000

$2. 8 mil

$4. 4 million

Total advertising expense / Total revenues

Total advertising expense / Providing, general, and administrative expenditure

ii)This desk shows that advertising and marketing spending offers decreased each year. When consumed proportion to total revenues and general bills, the percentage that composes advertising and marketing expense diminishes each year. Since advertising costs are expensed the first time the advertising occurs, this may certainly not represent an actual decrease in marketing, just a decrease in new

advertising campaigns.

iii)Looking at the resources of the company may help to exhibit fluctuations in the modern value by least with regards to book benefit. Even more so, you can actually stock value will help to see where traders see the current value from the company as well as brands.

G)i)For the getting Segue Application, Inc, the price was invested in the obtained assets and liabilities based upon their estimated fair values on the date of purchase with the leftover classified since goodwill. The developed technology, customer relationships, agreements, and trademarks are amortized over their respective periods. These amortizable intangible assets were calculated using the income strategy by approximated the predicted cash flows from when the projects turn into viable and discounting those to the present benefit.

ii)131, 663/141, 456 = 86. 93%

iii)In procedure research and development is usually research and development acquired from Segue Software, Inc that had not reached technological feasibility and had no alternate use. This amount was charged to operating charge upon completion of acquisition. The worthiness was computed using the profits approach by estimated the expected money flows in the projects once commercially viable and discounting the money flows for their present value.

v)On the money flows declaration, an output of $115, 939 million is reported for the acquisition. This amount differs because the affirmation of cash moves only information the amount of money that actually adjustments hands.

H)i)Based strictly upon the numbers on Borland’s financial assertions, it seems as if the company has already established a record of poor financial performance from the years 2005 to 2007. You can actually net income reported an increasing damage in all 36 months ($29, 832 in 2006, $51, 953 in 2006 and $61, 673 in 2007). Also, in line with the Borland’s balance sheet more than half with the company’s possessions are either goodwill or intangibles. Seeing that these intangible assets have got a more unsure economic profit than other concrete assets, the financial condition is not as good as it at first seems on the balance sheet.

Yet , a closer inspection of the economical statements gives an explanation which reflect Borland’s financial condition while poorly. Most of the company’s working expenses result from research and development and expenses concerning goodwill and intangibles (36% in 3 years ago, 32% in 2006, and 31% in 2005). This is theoretically a violation of the complementing principle, however it is a necessity since the future economic great things about goodwill and intangibles is usually uncertain. This kind of results in improved expenses and lower earning in the current intervals and decreased expenses/increased earnings in the future. The statement of cash flows demonstrates that Borland spent a large area of its expenditure on acquisitions of different companies (Legadero, TeraQuest, and Segue Software), technologies, and investments that include goodwill and intangibles, which further more supports this analysis.

ii)The market’s belief of Borland’s value within the period by April one particular, 2007 to March thirty-one, 2008 can be described as negative 1. The overall pattern shows a decrease in value of Borland’s stock price (beginning approximately 5. 4/share and stopping roughly 2 . 0/share), implying negative belief of Borland’s value. Borland’s market increased at the end of 2007 involved $218, 927, 916 [(total common shares outstanding) * (stock price) = (72, 975, 972 stocks * $3/share = $218, 927, 916). The publication value of equity is usually $202, 070, 000; which means market value estimate is higher than the publication value can be $16. being unfaithful million since December thirty-one, 2007.

iii)After reviewing the analysis in some parts h. i and they would. ii, it really is clear the fact that current value of Borland’s goodwill and other intangible possessions is undervalued. Although current earnings are low due to increased bills in the current times, the high market increased over the book value implies that investors believe the value of the organization will be higher in the future.

iv)In Borland’s Might 7, 2008 press release concerning Q1 2008 data, the business states that the goodwill impairment charge of $13. three or more million connected with CodeGear is usually an occasional occurrence and was essential by GAAP standards. Borland did not believe this effectively portrayed the financial status of the provider’s normal operations and thus must be excluded in any investor’s assessment of the business. Borland contains a valid point in this statement since these kinds of goodwill impairments affect the economic documents although do not occur from the key operations of the company.


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