In the coming week, Learning Team B is going to discuss the financial wellness of Ford Motor Co.

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The discussion will incorporate an examination of the current financial condition after calculating profitability ratios, fluidity ratios, activity ratios, and solvency proportions. We will certainly answer questions about where the business began, how the company handles their purchases, and in which the company is currently financially. We all will also consider the DuPont Approach as it relates to Ford Electric motor Co. and their financial problems.

Specific Job that have been Completed

How Much the business has obtained?

It has been learned that Ford Engine Co. borrowed 23. five billion us dollars in 2006 through the government so that you can reduce debts. Ford Engine Company’s debts liabilities, long term-debts, current notes is definitely the total of what the company has took out. Define the company Need

Due to money lent, Ford is within better form than Basic Motors and Chrysler. The financial proportions, profitability, fluidity, activity, solvency, have already been calculated.

The organization need includes high-level giveaways to resolve complications. The business requires of the Honda Motor Business is to boost in the area of return on equity and go back on capital by dealing with customer service requires and customer satisfaction as a means of retention of reputation and quality assurance.

How liquid is definitely the Company

The liquidation of Ford Motor unit Company are always defined as the capability in which because asset can be converted into money, to meet initial financial obligations. To ensure that Ford to fulfill this requirement, the company really needs more liquefied. The company can calculate their particular liquids by making use of financial portion such as funds ratio, quick ratio, and current proportion.

How Proficiently the Organization is definitely using its Possessions

This will be determined by using the Debt Percentages of the industry’s liabilities and assets. Additionally , the straight series depreciation technique will be used to ascertain if possessions are profitable or if, perhaps greater debts to the firm.

Strength and weakness

The strength and some weakness of an organization is crucial. According to (Titman, Keown, & Martin, l. 79), “Financial ratios offer a second means for standardizing the financial info in the income statement and balance sheet. Ratios answer questions about the firm’s financial wellness or durability and weak points.  The kind of questions are how water is the firm, will it be in a position to pay in time, did the firm fund the acquiring assets, is definitely the management effective in utilizing assets to build sales, is usually ROI satisfactory based on the organization financial goals and objectives, and are investors getting benefit for their purchase.

The percentage mechanism is usually liquidity, capital structure, and asset managing efficiency, success, and their market value ratios tests. “The trial is the current ratio to assess firm fluidity; we imagine the firm’s accounts receivable will be collected and turned into cash on the timely basis and that their inventories can be sold without an extended hold off. But the truth is which a company’s products on hand might not be incredibly liquid in any way, (Titman, Keown, & Matn, p. 80). 

Personal debt & Equity Financing

According to (Investorwords. com, 2014), “Debt loans requires credit money, generally as a loan from a bank, financial institution or industrial finance companies, to fund investment with the organization.  Organizations ought to maintain in mind that debt creates credit that s facilitates lower insurance rates and future borrowing. In addition , an organization can easily gain a tax insurance deductible interest rate to minimize the impact of repayment. Fairness financing requires investment lovers that provide money for a discuss of title. Each type of financing provides advantages and disadvantages of appeal, businesses use the two to finance investment endeavors.

Problems, Alternatives, and Potential Issues

The high-level of deliverables arises according to the Britannica (2014)website “because of financial problems at the beginning of the 21st century, the corporation sold away Aston Martin in 2007 and both equally Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008.  In addition to selling “Ford produces passenger cars, pickup trucks, and vehicles as well as parts and add-ons. 

Following Steps

They should further expound around the business require of Ford Motor Co. The Market Value Added (EVA) and Economic Useful (EVA) had been research, but need to be further more researched to clarify difference it makes for Honda Motor Company. All ratios and ROE need to be calculated and described:

ELIZABETH Earnings Ratio

Fluidity Ratio

Activity Percentage

Solvency Ratio


DuPont Approach

Finally, the team needs to determine how successful the organization reaches the end with the research.


In concluding, Learning Crew B talks about the financial health of Ford Engine Company within a progress record. The report includes an analysis with the current financial condition after establishing profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, activity ratios, and solvency ratios. The report get suggestions about where the company started out, how the organization manages their particular investments, and where the firm is now monetarily. The statement finally looks into the DuPont Method as it relates to Honda Motor Co. and their economical troubles.


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