The principal source I chose to research may be the Act of Supremacy (1534). This was an act exceeded by the British Parliament establishing the British monarch, which at the time was Henry Tudor VIII, while the head of state and religious mind of the Chapel of Britain. Although there is often some glamorization in the producing and interpretation of traditionally based videos, I loved both “The Other Boleyn Girl as well as the cable series “The Tudors. I found Henry VIII quite interesting, twisting both equally law and religion to accommodate his particular wants.

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The ideas for The Work of Superiority document, I suppose, would have recently been from King Henry VIII but was authored by Lord Thomas Cromwell to become made into guidelines by the British Parliament. God Cromwell was the chief minister to Holly VIII by 1532 till 1540. Head of the family Cromwell was not born in nobility and did not reveal the traditional sights as other king’s rspectable advisors performed. He planned to end solariego privilege that was “¦a cultural and marketplace defined by inherited social ranks, every of which owned inherent sociable and economical privileges and obligations.

 ( Head of the family Cromwell was obviously a Lutheran Reformist and wished England to break its ties with the Papacy. He believed in the teachings of Martin Luther whose theology educated that the holy bible was the only source of work knowledge exposed from Goodness and that virtually any man capable of studying the bible could determine this expertise ” without the church or perhaps priest.

He taught that all baptized Christian believers were priesthood holders and did not demand a priest’s intervention to pray to God, which was in direct infringement of the Père and Roman Catholic Chapel. Lord Cromwell’s want to get reform and separation from the Papacy motivated his advisement to the full. As we discovered, during the early Middle Ages, the monarch was the sovereign head of his/her kingdom. If the Papacy gained more power compared to the monarchs throughout the High Middle Ages, King Henry, along with Lord Cromwell and other advisors, believed it was a violation of the king’s sovereignty and wanted to go back to the time when the monarch experienced no competitor rule inside the kingdom. Primarily, Lord Cromwell ordered “Valor Ecclesiasticus that was a reporting of all of the funds of all theCatholic churches in the uk, Wales and English handled Ireland. This kind of reporting offered the Full and his advisors a clear interpretation of the useful the Catholic churches. As a result of Henry VIII’s lavish way of life and his requirement of military glory, his gift of money quickly diminished.

The king’s advisors, which include Lord Cromwell, convinced the king to eliminate all the riches and home from the monasteries, priories, convents and friaries and fill up the king’s coffers, since that prosperity would have been redistributed for the Vatican, possibly even these experts wanted Henry VIII to think. With this new information, Head of the family Cromwell purchased dissolution of the monasteries, priories, convents and friaries. The monasteries had been dissolved then closed or perhaps forced to shell out financial homage to Holly VIII. This document was written in the 16th 100 years in Nov of 1534. Around this period, the full wished intended for the Père to annul his matrimony to Catherine of Aragon so that this individual could get married to Anne Boleyn. The king believed that mere pressure on the Père would provide the required effects.

Catherine of Aragon was previously the wife for the king’s big brother, Prince Authur who passed away in 1501. She later on married Henry in 1509. The california king used the truth that Catherine was not able to produce sons as heirs and too old to do this, in order to request the annulment in hopes to marry his current like interest, Anne Boleyn. Pope Clement VII refused this request upon both ideology and out of dread. “Catherine of Aragon was your aunt from the Emperor Charles V of Spain (the Holy Roman Emperor) whose army ornamented Rome.  ( Head of the family Cromwell hardly ever fully believed in the king’s desire for reformation or separation from the Papacy, however , this individual knew the king fully desired this annulment. Lord Cromwell applied that information to his benefit, realizing that the Pope’s refusal to grant the annulment will turn the king resistant to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Act of Supremacy not merely made Holly VIII equally head of state and church however it broke connections between England and the Papacy. The Work of Supremacy was a even more political question than theological. Prior to England’s break from the Papacy, the Roman Catholic Church experienced the power to produce laws imposed on Great britain and ruled by Several Law. Several Law was “¦ecclesiastical law, esp. (in the Roman Catholic Church) that set down simply by papal pronouncements.  ( Also, the Catholic cathedral was able to accumulate revenue off their parishionerswhich had been then delivered to the Papacy. With the creation of this Act, England suspended the Papacy’s power and declared the king mind of both equally England and it’s really church. “Albeit the king’s Majesty justly and legally is and ought to be the substantial head with the Church of England¦ by authority with this present Legislative house, that the full, our sovereign lord, his heirs and successors, nobleman of this sphere, shall be¦ the only substantial head¦of the Church of England¦and combined to the real crown of this realm¦ (

During the sixteenth century, the Act of Supremacy influenced both Papal powers and the English people. For the citizens of England, it absolutely was now a great act of treason showing any support to the Papacy, which was punishable by removal of all house or in some instances, death. Above 400 individuals were executed for not swearing fidelity to the Take action of Superiority. It also halted all monetary collections towards the Papacy. Past powers of the Papacy were now suspended and awarded to possibly the king or the clergy leaders with the Church of England. The powers to grant dispensations, which are faveur from Several Law, were now directed at the Archbishop of Canterbury. The full now hired the higher-level church dignitaries, like bishops. The immunity provided to members of the holy purchase by the Papacy was right now revoked.

These benefits when provided for the clergy had been remnants of Papal best authority. “By removing the legal power of the Pope in England and Wales, Holly was increasing his very own power inside his personal realm.  ( The present day effects of the English spilt from the Papacy led to England becoming and remaining a majority Protestant nation. It ushered in a theology that don’t require the church’s involvement to enter nirvana, receive solution, or speak to God. As well, with the removal of Papal expert, the Both roman Catholic Chapel Canon Regulations, and defenses provided to clergy, Legislative house and express powers were now even more centralized. Not anymore did the clergyman enjoy any significant roles in politics. While using dissolution of monasteries, the property of Lords had a many layman plus the Lord Chancellor was no for a longer time a member with the clergy.


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