In what ways is coca central to Quechua identity? How is this centrality enacted through rituals and other means? Just how do the runakuna use and think about cocaína?

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Religious and social purposes that illustrate their ethnical lifestyle

General (Spiritual) = despacho as being a ritual sacrifice

Communication to the earth

Restrictions are rule because of the sense its practice

Relations + focus

Metabolic process provides hallpay = cocaína chewing

Throwing out the phutuy and kintu


Exclusive marker with their cultural identity

Provides practice work

Just how would you define the worldview of the runakuna (people) of Sonqo? Exactly what are its important elements? What are illustrations that Allen uses to describe the place of complementary competitors in the lives of people in Sonqo? How can their worldview differ from your world watch?

Their globe view sustains a natural affect believing that most of

Inanimate objects which can be messed with sustain consequences

Men and women possess similar human relationships through the use of job.

Widower are demolished and wont be able to maintain a working brain

Married persons sustain a proper worked interactions

Pachamama is usually alive sama dengan recognition is needed when the planet is harmed


” Animating essence or perhaps energy and ANDEAN TRADITIONS are aimed at holding, handling and directing the stream of sami.

” Superb circulatory program = normal water, light, living, dead and interaction with others.

” Abstract idea ” materially manifested nevertheless what’s different? People may posses sami rather a thing that passes through. Fundamental for their worldview

” controlling, keeping and leading the flow = traditions



Both are had to become a oneness

Qhari = men

Warmi = women


_EMBEDDEDNESS_ = guy and female element that are used becoming a whole


God became a distant figure as a result of lack of power and closeness.

_SUN + MOON are more VALUABLE_

What kinds of forces will be threatening the cultural personality of the Quechua people and, in particular, the importance of coca in their community view?

Rules and government influence damaged their perspective worldview

Cocaína is transmitting into money therefore forcing the people in labor

How do the people in Sonqo conceptualize space, as well as history?

Time is broken, interrupted = series of stages punctuated by apocalyptical interruptions


Describe the business and reasons of two rituals that take place in Sonqo. What are rites of passageway? Give one sort of a transitional phase in which the Sonqeños participate?

Push ritual: there is a feast remembering the lives of the useless by permitting an individual to have meals.

When they get full the poop that comes out extends back to the planet becoming the fertile property they walk on

Describe three types of reciprocity for action in Sonqo.

Earth and individuals: giving back to the entire world and in come back they obtain good

Gentleman and female: Men give the hard work, labor and types of food while the woman manage the household + provide nurturing atmosphere

Ayn: equality among work and labor force (Chapter 6)

Relating to family ideals ” as you protect an individual in return that they get exclusive chance and reputation

Think about the approach that Catherine Allen wrote this book. Did it make you love the persons portrayed in it? For what reason or obtain?

Provides an information perspective for the people relating to:

Everyday life

Ethnical traditions

Job + labor


The group gains a comprehension of what nature signifies and the value towards the concept of the “reciprocity




The 1st hair slicing ceremony sama dengan godparents end up being the support system

Exchange of cocas

Triangle: collaboration with parents

Despachos = particular meal 3 times a year that represents a sacrifice to earth

Gain good luck and prosperity

Show the value and recognition of Gods

Force Feeding sama dengan eats for the dead soul and prays

It = Bronislaw Malinowski

“Get off the marianda

Interacting with people

Study man and concentrate the ideals

She chose not to concentrate on the politics, economical and social issues of the Peruvian people

Coca and coca chewing holds the people with each other

Expresses the their worldview

Powerful medium for divining and partitioning


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