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Qualifications Review

As a multimedia student writer knows the lighting cost for video production is indeed high. As a result, he believed If they can do a exploration about the reduced cost light, it will be helpful for others. And he asked some production houses about “What is the low budget? “

“Low spending budget means the provision of any high quality product/service using at the minimum cost. inches

SIMPLY CLICK Production House

“Production with inexpensive is a low quality. “

Picture Matix

Research Difficulty

How do we perform low budget video production using natural lighting?

Finally, creator found his research trouble and

If we applied natural light system, it is going to save each of our money. The particular one will be the finest opinion intended for the low budget lighting program. But If we used normal lighting program we have to subsequent some tips for getting a better result.

  • Select the right camera
  • Select the corresponding lenses
  • Finding the best locations
  • Work with reflectors and flags
  • Associated with sun the backlight
  • Capture during green hour and magic hour

Relevance and Relevance

What is video production?

What is Low budget?

What is blur hour and magic hour?

Basically Online video Production can be making online video. That is the most basic answer. Video production is writing a script, capture it and edit it clip together. There are 2 things in video production called Pre-Production and Post-Production.

Pre-production means the things you will need to think ahead of start your shooting. (script, story board, crew, actors¦etc. ) Content Production means editing of raw footages, add changeover effects, dubbing, and this the very last step of video creation.

Blue hour is the short time following the sun falls or just before it comes up. The thing is Atmosphere is so colorful but sun is unavailable in that time. Magic hour is usually leading upto sunrise along with sun go up.


The objective of this kind of research is giving an idea about the low price range video production and how to put it to use properly. It will eventually helpful for the student who learning film creation or online video production, students, new company directors.

Whenever we used this natural light (available light) to shoot our videos we could save the amount of money that we allotted for the lighting equipment.

Literature Review

“When filming decorations, windows can be quite a great benefit, but you have to be wary of where the sun is usually.

In case you film half a scene each day and the other half in the afternoon, your lighting will change drastically and you may not be able to match your shots if you do not plan cautiously. “

Ewan Stewart

“One of the biggest advantages of capturing with normal lighting is the ability to widely move the camera surrounding the scene (without having to device lights up to hide them). For those of you that love to use Steadicams, or proceed handheld, this can be really liberating as you can really be natural and the actual action from the scene. “( http://noamkroll. com/shooting-with-natural-light/)

Noam Kroll

In author’s opinion likewise same. If we used organic lighting for the videos shooting it will be so less difficult for videographer, because he can easily manage all the stuff and they can do his work quickly.

Capturing with prevalent lightweight will be a truly freeing on account of strategy the art of film making. when done well, youll have capacity to benefit that in some circumstances could way exceed what you may well have finished old lamps. immediately same tho, you could exclusively receive these outcomes on the off chance that you expect correctly, choose the right equipment and do your examination once it includes areas and working day lightweight. It is conjointly essential that on the off probability that you select to utilize characteristic lightweight there’s motivation to try to consequently, beside the plain while you just may envision their simpler to number with (which isnt the situation). For the off opportunity that your story contains an extremely organic, regular seem than misuse available light-weight will be one in everything regarding best determinations youll are way because the style of the generation. but, in the event that they are shooting A hobby film that wont gain moreover from this framework than dont simply utilize it because of youll have the capacity to. create the right means to fix your venture and if their to use available lightweight, then simply find a way to create it look stunning.

  • Hypothesis
  • If we utilized natural lighting system. Then we can carry out low budget online video production.
  • In this estimate there a two variables in right here. That is Centered Variable and Independent Varying.
  • Based mostly Variable: Low budget video production
  • Independent Factors: Natural lighting
  • Led lamps
  • Three-point lamps
  • Reflectors

Research Questions

  • Technique and Strategy
  • Target audience
  • Youthful film makers
  • Students
  • How I wish to test

Experiments with variant techniques in natural light.

Ex: Documentaries

Short video

Selection interviews with film directors and producers. (getting their insight on lighting)

The sample group


The author will find out the reliable information by referring and researching through books and online resources such as e-books, articles, information, magazines and newspapers which are proficient in low budget and video production.

In the last stages of study, the creator will gather information and data which will fit greatest after an exhaustive important research and thought. The creator comprehends that his examination compose falls beneath the connection ask about inside the goals area. For this he may embrace the organized way as the request method.

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