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Ozone layer depletion is the destruction of ozone gas of uppr atmospheric part (stratosphere), due to substances created from malfunction of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). The ozone layer performs an ultimately significant function in gripping, riveting ultraviolet rays that are unsafe to living creatures for the Earth. It had been until 1974, chlorine was found as the catalyst which speeds up the ozone destruction.


Natural Causes of Ozone Depletion: Stratospheric Clouds

The ozone hole more than Antarctica is created by a multitude of unique atmospheric circumstances over the place that incorporate to create an ideal environment to get ozone destruction.

Gusts of wind over the Antarctica continent whack in a exceptional clockwise way creating a so called polar vortex causing air over Antarctica does not increase air in the rest of the earths atmosphere. The chilling temps on the Antarctica (up to -110 F) result in the development of polar stratospheric atmosphere (PSCs) which are a mixture of frosty H2O and HNO3. Due to their extremely cool temperatures, PSCs form a great electrostatic appeal with CFC molecules along with other halogenated chemical substances

In the Antarctic summer, because the heat rises, high energy photons can easily photolyze the halogenated chemical substances, freeing tungsten-halogen radicals that then catalytically destroy O3. Because Antarctica is constantly between a polar vortex, revolutionary halogens are unable to be diluted over the whole globe. The ozone pit develops since result of this process. In Mar 2006, the winds circling high above the Arctic allowed near-record numbers of ozone-destroying smells, collectively generally known as nitrogen oxides or NOx, to descend some 50km from the mesosphere to the top of Earths stratosphere. NOx, is a universal term for the group of extremely reactive smells, all of which contain nitrogen and oxygen in varying amounts, especially nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide(NO2). NOx destroys ozone, heating up the stratosphere by absorbing ultraviolet radiation. In addition , strong winds bring even more nitrogen oxides down to the stratosphere.

Man-made Causes of Ozone Depletion: Ozone-depleting chemicals (ODS

)The main cause for the depletion of ozone is determined as excessive release of chlorine and bromine from man-made compounds such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), halons, CH3CCl3 (Methyl chloroform), CCl4 (Carbon tetrachloride), HCFCs (hydro-chlorofluorocarbons), HBFCs (hydro-bromofluorocarbons) and CH3Br (methyl bromide) are found to have direct impact on the depletion in the ozone level. These are categorized as ozone-depleting substances (ODS). Ozone-Depleting Chemicals have been proven to be eco-friendly, steady and nontoxic in the ambiance below. Consequently, they have gained popularity over time. However , their particular stability allow them to float and remain static high up in the stratosphere. The moment up generally there, ODS are comfortably separated by the solid UV lumination and the resultant chemical is chlorine and bromine. Chlorine and bromine are recognized to deplete the ozone coating at supersonic speeds. 1 chlorine molecule has the capability to break down 1000s of ozone molecules.


  • Problems for human wellness
  • Overexposure to strong UVB light causes non-melanoma epidermis cancer, cataracts, sunburns, deterioration of disease fighting capability and quick aging.

  • Devastation to environment
  • Various crops varieties are vulnerable to strong UVB radiation and overexposure could very well lead to little growth, photosynthesis and blooming. Hence, ozone layer destruction will cause lowering of nutrient contents and crop yield of plants.

  • Menace to marine ecosystems
  • UVB radiation eliminates phytoplankton, resulting in reduced endurance rates for people organisms. In the aquatic meals chain, plankton appear high up. Hence, getting rid of of phytoplankton disrupt food chain in the marine.

  • Effect on pets or animals
  • In trained animals, a lot of UV light could also cause skin and eye malignancy. It will also bring about mutations in animals.

  • Impacts specific materials
  • Materials like materials, wood, textiles, rubber happen to be massively degraded by too much ultraviolet radiation. Increase in photo voltaic UVB amounts will consequently accelerate synthetic polymers and naturally occurring biopolymers to malfunction, limiting the time for which they are useful outdoor.


  • Desist from using pesticides. Pesticides or herbicides in kind of aerosol includes CFCs, a kind of ODS, which contribute substantially to ozone layer exhaustion.
  • Motivate car-pooling. These types of vehicles emit a lot of greenhouse fumes that ultimately form smog, a catalyst in the depletion of ozone layer. At the. g. NOx, CF
  • Enhance eco-friendly vehicle. Promote cars that use crossbreed engine or perhaps electro-zero release engine. This could reduce the release of nitrogen oxides (NOx) which bring about in ozone layer destruction.
  • Prohibit the use of hazardous nitrous oxide. The Montreal Process formed in 1989 helped a lot inside the limitation of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). However , the protocol never covered nitrous oxide, which is a regarded harmful substance that can damage the ozone layer. Nitrous is still in use today. Governments must take action now and outlaw nitrous use to reduce the rate of ozone destruction.

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