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This brief story addresses the complexity of human nature. We see that the father inside the story provides awareness and he is happy with not consuming routinely. We also realize that he is mindful of the consequences of his drinking. To go on furthermore, we see the way the mother uses her kid and what she does to try and foil the father. Once we look at the father, we see just how he responds to his neighbor’s loss of life, what the neighbor represented to him and just how that lets us know about the father’s character.

We come across that he has a Christian belief and that one should perform unto other folks. He feels that he could be expected to move, and he also seems to enjoy funerals. When we check out what happens to the son, we see the dad’s reaction to the drink and he does not assume responsibility. He is embarrassed by what happened great biggest feel dissapointed is that this individual missed the fun because he had to see regarding his boy. He currently knows what drinking truly does. The child doesn’t find out when his father says, “never again”. The boy didn’t know if having been talking about him or the alcoholic beverages, which indicates that there is not a organization answer to set up father drinks again.

We have a great innocent child telling the story and he is reacting as to the is around him, which leads us to the motif. The subject of the short tale is you can intentionally injury themselves to aid that of a family member. When the mom is laying beside her son and calling him her ‘guardian angel’, we have a sense that she sees that she is reliant on exterior influences (God) to help her when it comes to her husband’s ingesting. She knows that she himself is weak and can bum to stop him from consuming. She as well is as helpless as her husband when it comes to his having. Which may be the actual the author is attempting to make.

Though alcoholic beverages is common and approved in culture, the author can be suggesting it should be cured with extreme care. Something that the son right now knows after drinking the first time. Rather than alcohol having a positive effect on the person, the author could possibly be implying that if not taken in moderation, not only can alcohol transform an individual, however it will have a bad effect on an entire family also. Which seems to be the case pertaining to the friends and family in the history. With the mother struggling is obviously due to her husband’s consuming. At no level in the story is there a perception that she can trust her husband when it comes to his drinking.

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