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There are a number of leadership issues I’ve witnessed in the past. First, within a firm I used to work in, there was strategy and marketing decisions made that I definitely would not agree with. Applying social media and web 2. zero tools to get marketing can be described as vastly effective and affordable marketing strategy (). It can help an enterprise get away marketing campaigns inexpensively and easily and easily, although also building networks between potential clients and also other strategic associations. However , some businesses have been gradual to adapt to such new and ground breaking trends. In one firm We worked in, management caused it to be quite clear they were doing not want personnel using any kind of social networking to market business operations. This was based on the idea that it was not as an effective technique more traditional and costly campaign methods, just like direct mail and print advertising. Thus, social media was highly discouraged. Eventually, I would have got encouraged staff to network and advertise on their own brand-tailored social media networks. This does not mean allowing employees to surf the web for personal reasons, yet a company driven approach to currently established systems that would profit the business.

The 2nd leadership concern I came across in the past was when I proved helpful in a small, family-run firm. There were a number of personnel who had immediate relationships to the owner. Several of the workers there was actually the children, nieces and nephews, and other relatives. This made the task very fun to work in because of the relaxed family environment that came up with the organizational lifestyle. Yet, design for leadership utilized by the supervision often endured because of the trend for family associations to outweigh work relationships, resulting in the isolation of nonfamily affiliate employees. Quite often, family and organization identities will be blurred in the context of family businesses. In line with the research, “culture and other institutional factors, formal and casual, affect the make up of family based businesses and the social networks used by loved ones who are managers” (Stewartt Hitt, 2011). This can make a situation in which family member employees may be cured more in private than other staff. For example , if a family member was late, she or he may get yelled at or perhaps scolded, yet there were hardly ever formal sanctions placed against them. However , non-family affiliate employees received written safety measures and write ups for the same types of offenses. This kind of

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