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Talking about an ergonomic chair is usually talking about overall health, because sitting correctly has become a vital concern today. Who may have not put in hours before the computer and suffered these terrible backaches? What are these types of cervical conditions that we have endured more than once?

In fact it is that implementing a bad posture when seated leads to a number of pathologies that directly affect our well-being.

Thus, for many who work in office buildings having a suited chair is crucial to prevent upcoming injuries that harm not merely the staff member himself but also company. Not in vain, numerous studies consent in declaring that among 60 and 80% of individuals experience back pain at some point in their working life. This circumstances translates into very considerable person, economic and social costs.

This kind of pathology, known as by a lot of experts the epidemic with the 21st century, and direct result of sedentary lifestyle, is transferred to the youngest, for the school children.

Precisely what is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is actually a concept that has been a research, but more specifically a multidisciplinary science, mainly because it incorporates below its umbrella concepts of psychology, physiology, biomechanics and engineering. The brand new science placed on office furniture attempts that the situation, that the interrelation with technology (computers), which the work alone and that the range of the available elements (various objects), is done with efficiency, safety and comfort pertaining to the worker. Applying these kinds of concepts to furniture in general and in particular to ergonomic workplace chairs, all of us will achieve greater labor efficiency, decrease of tiredness, improvement in well-being, enhance motivation and reduction of pathologies linked to the workplace at the office.

The idea of ergonomic business office chairs in these cases takes on a special dimension being a guarantor of occupational overall health. But what are definitely the conditions that these types of chairs need to meet?

  • Comply with the legal and usage rules.
  • This time is undeniable. Both the components and the design have to comply with the suitable regulations. By simply extension the concepts of adaptability, basic safety, anti-tilt, etc ., must be considered.

  • Facilitate a correct seated posture.
  • Although it is obvious, a chair need to allow the staff member to maintain a proper posture as a result of its design and the range of materials.

  • Facilitate motion.
  • Soaking in a static element is definitely not recommended, and so the chair has to be equipped with factors that aid user freedom in a basic way.

  • Durability
  • Searching for a good quality as well as price proportion should not be synonymous with lowering the durability of the seat or their components. The progressive deterioration of a chair can create problems that all of us initially tried to avoid.

  • Design.
  • The ergonomic office seats are not orthopedic or heavy items. This type of chairs must be able to be incorporated into the general style of the office, along with being able to end up being personalized with the colors or corporate logos. In the same way, this concept of a seat has to cover all the purchases, going through the reception to reach the managers.

From HMT we are persuaded that style, functionality and occupational health are not for odds. So when you choose any brand of furniture in the market do not forget the need to incorporate ergonomic office chair in all work stations.

Great things about the ergonomic chair

The ergonomic chair makes the spine adopt a proper posture, for example:

  • Repair of the organic position from the curves of the column.
  • The gastrointestinal tract is no longer oppressed, so digestions after eating are optimized.
  • The position in the chair permits the diaphragm and lungs to unwind, so that our breathing is more complete and deep, leading to better mobile oxygenation.
  • The muscular tensions go away, thus the pain vanishes.
  • The weight in the body is no more discharged for the sacrum, but on the tripod formed simply by knees and pelvis. This kind of causes the axis of gravity from the spine to move backwards, thus reducing the strain on the waistline, and supplying the pelvis a more secure balance.
  • The desire of the chair of the couch with cascading fall minimizes the pressure on the veins of the thighs, thus staying away from the tingling of the legs, cold ft and varicose veins.

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