1 . 1Identify right after between bacterias, viruses, fungus & organisms.

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•Bacteria can be described as microorganism, most bacteria is definitely harmless. It really is found in dirt, water, plants, animals and humans; it could only be viewed under a microscopic lense. Antibiotics will help treat bacterial infections. Examples of bacterial infections are TB and MRSA. •Viruses live inside additional living organisms. They can enter into humans mega bucks, mouth and breaks in the skin. Infections can spread through body fluids, the air, and insects including mosquitos.

Antibiotics have no effects on viruses; however people can have got vaccinations to aid prevent infections.

Examples of viral infections are Norovirus and influenza. •Fungi are an patient such as yeasts, molds and mushrooms. Fungi infections are typical and can influence your skin, hair and fingernails. Examples of fungus infections will be athlete’s ft . and thrush. •Parasites happen to be organisms that live on or stuck in a job host; they will cause disease in individuals. Parasites utilize the host to for foodstuff and to breed of dog.

Instances of parasites will be worms, ticks, lice and mites.

1 ) 2Describe precisely what is meant by infection and colonisation.

•Infections are when bacteria, malware, parasites and fungi enter the body and multiply, evading the body’s defense mechanisms. Infections will then cause condition, signs of disease are fever, pain, inflammation, runny nose, sore throat, and rashes. •Colonisation is the moment bacteria and viruses can be found in the body, but do not trigger illness.

1 ) 3 Describe what is meant by a ‘systemic’ and ‘localized’ infection

•Systemic infection can be caused by bacterias or viruses that have came into the blood vessels and propagate around the human body. Systemic attacks are health issues such as the common cold and flu. •Localized disease is if the whole body is definitely not affected; an infection which is not in the bloodstream. Localized infections can be an attacked wound or cut.

1 ) 4Identify poor practices which may lead to spread of contamination.

•Poor hand washing methods.

•Not wearing PPE.

•Not storing or cooking food correctly.

•Poor hygiene.

•Inadequate vaccines.

•Incorrect dispose of spend.

2 . you Explain the conditions needed for the expansion of bacteria.

•Microorganisms require moist environments to increase in numbers.

•Temperatures between 20-40c are ideal for regarding microorganisms.

•Time to grow.

2 . 2 Talks about ways a great infective agent may your body.

•Through openings in your body such as mouth, nose.

•Cuts and grazes for the skin.

•Surgical injuries.

•Medical devices including cannulas.

•Transferred coming from mother to child.

•Sexual tranny.

2 . 3 Identify prevalent sources of illness.

•Contaminated products.

•Contaminated food.

•Contaminated water.

•Contact with sick people.

2 . 4 Make clear how infective agents can be transmitted to a person.

•Direct contact including – holding, biting, intercourse.

•Indirect contact such as – air-borne.

2 . your five Identify the main element factors that will aid it much more likely that disease will happen.

•Weak immunity process.

•Poor infection control practice.

•Vulnerable people including babies & the elderly.

•Open injuries.

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