Background Christchurch, Fresh Zealand was the home town of 100% organic and natural baby food firm, Green Monkey. Founded by sisters, Lizzie Dyer and Charlotte Rebbeck in 2002 (Green Goof Ltd, 2013).

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The two sisters set out to make 100% organic and natural baby food that was traceable and procured from simply certified New Zealand manufacturers. No additional baby food maker within the Fresh Zealand market could assert these same principles, creating a exclusive opportunity for Green Monkey (Bradley, 2011). Quest.

Green Monkey uphold a strong mission, to see a sustainable technique of producing many without harm to the environment, yet also to adopt the most of what the New Zealand perfect environment has to offer (Green Goof Ltd, 2013). Allowing the consumer to trace in which the products mostly come from is vital to Green Monkeys objective statement. Value Proposition Green Monkeys value proposition should be to offer details about each section of the sold merchandise, allowing clients from around the globe to see what is in the merchandise.

Offering a product that is affordable and of an increased standard intended for small children can be one of Green Monkeys starting principles.

Size Five employees from the vital function of controlling, marketing and maintaining the highest quality Green Monkey goods. Production of Green Monkey is out sourced to a manufacturer in Christchurch, New Zealand, due to high demand. Type of goods Green Apes product range covers products including growing up milk dust, meat and nonmeat baby food pouches (Appendix 1). Each of the products offered by Green Goof are 100% Organic without having additives. Focus on customers.

The target customers that Green Goof focus on are in a niche area where mom and dad are concerned about precisely what is in their infants foods. Green Monkey uphold top customer relations to guarantee the security inside the niche market. Segmentation Base As Green Monkey cannot compete on price alone, all their demographic offers adapted to high to middle cash flow families in Australia, China, Dubai and New Zealand (South, 2012). Green Monkey adhere to differentiation concentrated strategy because they are in a niche area. According to VALS psychographics research trailblazers are more want to purchase organic and natural foods (Strategic Business Ideas, 2009-2012).

Appendices Appendix you: Example of Green Monkey items Sourced from business. newzealand. com: http://business. newzealand. com/vBY4ddA/media/1185202/GreenMonkey_Event. jpg?

Citation Bradley, S. (2011). Green Monkey Organic Baby Foods Happy Entire world ” Completely happy Monkeys. Gathered April 7, 2013. from Bord Bia Irish Foodstuff Board: http://www. bordbia. ie/industryservices/brandforum/CaseStudies/Green%20Monkey%20Organic%20Baby%20Foods. pdf South, G. (2012). Small Business: So that it is in Cina ” Green Monkey. The New Zealand Herald, [online] 30th September.

Recovered from: http://www. nzherald. company. nz/business/news/article. cfm? c_id=3&objectid=10837054 Ecofind. co. nz (2013). Green Monkey ” organic baby food | ecofind. co. nz. [online] Gathered from: http://www. ecofind. co. nz/food-drink/green-monkey-organic-baby-food/ Greenmonkey. co. nz (2002). Green Monkey | Organics delivered naturally. [online] Retrieved from: http://www. greenmonkey. co. nz/ Strategic Business Insights. (2009-2012). Sample market and behaviors. Retrieved 04 7th, 2013. from Ideal Business Information:


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