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In my critical analysis article based on the article Some Lessons from the Assembly Line by Claire Braaksma, my own target audience will probably be graduating senior high school seniors. This audience is going to consist of teenagers between the age ranges of 18 and 19, who happen to be contemplating what to do with their lives once graduated. My analysis will use good examples from the aforementioned article to provide the audience with insight into a few potential options after secondary school and provide a comparison of the lifestyle of a student compared to that of a blue-collar worker. The analysis of the college juniors point of view will also help them to achieve awareness for the importance of higher education and how to enjoy opportunities theyve been provided. All of these elements can prove to be useful when it comes to decision-making time.

In order to understand what youre reading, you must manage to analyze it in even more detail. Consequently , as the group reads this kind of essay, you will need to include a great analysis that can help them understand all of the components included to provide strong insight into the creators point of view. Publisher, Andrew Braaksma, was very clear and to the point in the text of his writing which usually made it a generally easy read. Using both an informal and powerful tone, this individual did an outstanding job expressing his point of view on how priceless a higher education is, to appreciate what you have got, and to continue to work hard at all you need to do. His vivid descriptions of scenes throughout the article help the reader to visualise themselves in those same conditions. Perhaps, having that type of perception can persuade a graduating senior for taking a much deeper look into all their future.

In examining the creators article, Certainly with his standpoint and imagine my goal is to explain my understanding and support of his views on education and effort. To explicate further on my backing of the authors opinions, I want to provide even more context on the advantage of creating a higher education from a personal viewpoint in hopes to encourage the youth to strive for more out of life. My own analysis are not complete without the inclusion of text cases from the writer. An example including, rows of hulking, spark-showering devices have replaced the lush grounds and cavernous lecture accès of college life, is torture describing how his summer days like a blue-collar job differ from his college days and nights are essential when planning to reach this young and impressionable audience. I really believe those good examples will available the audience up to considering all of their options following high school. To conclude, I believe my critical examination of experts article can be extremely beneficial to the intended audience of graduating aged people.

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