For an International Special event of community Youth Week in Dec, 2011 “Growing up in a challenging world” This proposal is suggesting that “Growing up in a challenging world” is a appropriate theme for International Special event of universe Youth Week which will be saved in Dec, 2011. The proposal comprises two parts; the former part introduces the strength of this theme, when it comes to its significance to Hong Kong and the last mentioned part addresses the details in the week, such as the issues that may be explored during it and the ways that the selected issue could be addressed.

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Growing up in a demanding world” is a perfect theme intended for the week as it is process high relevance to Hong Kong as Hong Kong itself is a city over loaded in difficulties which steps youths’ capability on place to place, majorly educational, cognitive and social. It has been agreed for some years that “Hong Kong children were born in a competition about survival”, young people have to target excellence trough out their particular entire junior in order to survive after they graduate, which means to have a good job with good wage.

The most popular form of challenge Hk youngsters need to face is the educational ones. Every single youth in Hong Kong have to is the community exams in order to permit them climbing along the ladder to occupy a seat pertaining to higher education. These kinds of exams had been always identified as fateful to a youngster’s life while different product labels; representing distinct level of capacity youths include achieved in educational ground will be stigmatized on every youth through certs and test report cards, which will previous throughout their life. Your competitors is eager as everyone taking this challenge is at risk to ruin all their whole life.

While every junior in Hk are destined to face this willing, “fatal” concern in their life, the theme “Growing up in a challenging world” will draw every Hk youth’s focus as it coheres with the environment they were given birth to in. Considering the detail in the week, “life planning” is highly suggested as the main issues which will be launched in the week. As good organizing usually starts at the beginning, it is necessary to bring in this strategy to youngsters in Hong Kong to plan their particular life when still clean and ambitious.

Through introducing life organizing towards youths, it can offer youngsters an obvious picture of things they will encounter inside the coming years and goals, which are if she is not set by others nevertheless themselves, they would like to achieve in their life. The issue on “life planning” is tightly related to the theme of the week; developing up in a challenging globe, as the goals and achievements they have aimed to attain in their life will motivates those to vanquish the challenges they’re going to face. A “sims” game is a perfect instrument that can address the idea of your life planning to the youth’s head.

Youngsters participating in the youth week will probably be all thought to be reborn as a electronic character; they should plan the life span of the persona step by step to be able to achieve their particular desired goal in life. To summarize, the concept of the the youngsters week; “Growing up in a challenging world” is highly linked to the situation Hong Kong youths happen to be facing. In the week, “life planning” can be strongly suggested as the main issue as it can inspires youths to try their utmost to overcome the problems in life and a “sims” game is definitely preferred to be the tool to introduce your life planning to yongsters.


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