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As well, they could be giving customers greater amounts of totally free items than are necessary (i. e. napkins, paper glasses and plastics utensils). This is problematic, as it means that the underlying costs for these things will begin to increase exponentially. At which point, the expenditures for meals and other products will skyrocket. Given the fact that they are up so much, this really is a sign that the is what is developing. As a result, managers need to be capable of controlling the amount of food that is getting thrown away and how condiments are dispersed to customers. If they can be able to achieve this objective, this will help to reduce these costs. This is when the underlying profit margins of the restaurant will begin to maximize. (Brown, 2003, pp. C4-1 – C4-16)

The lack of skilled labor is an indication that managers may not be paying enough for choose positions within the staff. This is certainly troubling, since it means that those who have knowledge in working in the market will more than likely locate employment with competitors. When this takes place, the overall top quality of the meals will begin to decline. This is when the attributes of the products and providers will change, which will have an unfavorable impact on the corporation. Over the course of time, this will impact the reputation of the establishment. To deal with these challenges, managers have to seek out these individual who are more skilled and provide them better forms of reimbursement. This will help the restaurant, to cope with issues encircling the quality of meals and the sorts of services that are being delivered. (Brown, 2003, pp. C4-1 – C4-16)

The factors most likely had a unfavorable impact on revenue. At the same time, the establishment would have prices in comparison with competitors. These ingredients are important, mainly because they mean that lots of customers will start going to additional restaurants. To address this issue, management needs to concentrate on reducing prices. The best way this can be achieved is by assessing what clients are investing in the same merchandise with competition and then being released in below all of them by at least 15%. This will help for growing new customers depending on the lowest costs they are paying. While at the same time, there must be an focus on offering quick service and ensuring that the establishment has been cleaned. Once this kind of occurs, it will help to improve revenue and the image of the company. (Brown, 2003, pp. C4-1 – C4-16)

Evidently, the cafe that we happen to be examining is able to deal with the above mentioned issues. This will require managers to: control food squander, have a better compensation framework for competent employees and reduce prices at a restaurant. If they will focus on these different factors, they shall be able to increase the overall quality of products and services that are being provided. This can be a point that their income will increase and their image will alter for the better in the community.


Beriss, D. (2007). The Eating places Book. Nyc, NY: Höhe.

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