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Objective: Non-invasive typical Magnetic reverberation imaging is known as a routine analysis investigation accomplished in people of gleno-humeral pathology, however , the precious metal standard modality to evaluate these lesions remains to be Arthroscopy. In recent times, MRI features revolutionized to get the ideal technique to detect shoulder pathology with increased precision. The purpose of this kind of prospective examine was to determine the diagnostic ability of conventional Permanent magnet resonance imaging (MRI) in present day scenario as compared using a reference common, Arthroscopy, in patients of post disturbing shoulder pathology.

Supplies and Strategies: Fifty sufferers of content traumatic shoulder joint pathology of either sexual, and among 18 to 50 years of age who has been through pre-operative MRI evaluation and subsequent Arthroscopy were contained in the study. The MRI findings were in comparison with the studies of surgical Arthroscopy. Statistical analysis with the data was compared with the help of statistical deal for the social scientific research system version SPSS 17. 0.

Results: The sensitivity/ specificity of bony lesions discovered in both the modalities diverse between 1/1 and 1/0. 94, those of rotator cuff lesions different between 1/1 to 1/0. 89, which of capsulolabral lesions various between 1/0. 93 to 0. 58/0. 86 correspondingly.

Summary: The study confirmed moderately excessive diagnostic precision of standard MRI to diagnosing osseous and turn cuff shoulder joint pathology. The result of capsulolabral lesions doesn’t demonstrate very high classification accuracy but are still motivating as compared to previous comparable studies.

Keywords: Arthroscopy, Bankart, Capsulolabral, Glenohumeral, Hill sach’s, Magnet resonance imaging (MRI), Rotator cuff, Shoulder.


The shoulder’s glenohumeral joint is vital in performing actions of daily living which demand a great mobility. Large range of movement makes the joint unstable and susceptible to personal injury[1]. On time and appropriate detection with the lesion is crucial in improving the immediate morbidity and other permanent complication or morbidity.

Magnetic vibration imaging with multiplanar slice capability provides a better smooth tissue distinction, and since the debut provides revolutionized to become the ideal technique for image resolution complex physiology of the glenohumeral joint joint and diagnosing shoulder pathologies. The accuracy of results in uncovering the lesions on MRI shows an improving trend over time with improved specialized specifications in the machine and better visual images of the pathology.

Another advanced medical modality in the diagnosis of intracapsular shoulder pathology is Arthroscopy, which has been the gold normal since a long time and can also be used as a therapeutic tool. Arthroscopy is usually costlier, completed under anaesthesia and can cause post procedural complications. On the other hand, Magnetic vibration imaging can be non- unpleasant, cost effective, and patient friendly procedure which in turn causes no post procedural difficulties.

The objective of this study was to determine the analysis ability of conventional magnet resonance the image, being non- invasive application, in contemporary scenario in comparison with a reference point standard, arthroscopy, in people complaining of post traumatic shoulder pathology, by evaluating and correlating the results of the two modalities. We further as opposed the result of this kind of study together with the results of other identical studies found in the literary works.

Materials and Methods:

Study design: The recommended study was carried out in a tertiary attention hospital of North India. Fifty individuals comprising of both males and females, inside the age group of 18 years to 5 decades, who reported with make symptoms like pain, limitation of motions, locking or instability, carrying out a traumatic celebration, and who were subjected to Arthroscopy following a thorough clinical and Magnetic reverberation imaging analysis done prior, were one of them prospective study. Patients with atraumatic shoulder symptoms or perhaps who has gone through any surgical / arthroscopy were omitted from the examine. MRI studies were documented in the penampilan form of the individual, for later guide. Arthroscopy was subsequently performed by the knowledgeable surgeon and findings of the identical were documented in person’s performa type to evaluate it together with the MRI findings. Prior endorsement was extracted from the ethical committee in the institution ahead of the start of the examine, and written informed permission was also obtained from each of the patient contained in the study.

Machine: Magnetic resonance the image study was conducted upon GE HDX 1 . your five Tesla equipment and image analysis was done using the image processor RE: MR Benefits Windows four. 4 amount share, which has multiplanar reconstruction capability.

Fast spin- echo images were widely used for make imaging because they offer a lot of time savings over conventional rotate echo and display related contrast to people of conventional spin replicate. However , excess fat suppression was required in T2W images and there is several loss of advantage definition as compared to conventional rotate echo. Gradient echo utilized because of short acquisition as well as excellent visualisation of the labrum.

The position of the patient: Patients were imaged supine, going head- first into the gantry. The arm with the patient was kept by way of a side within a neutral to slightly externally rotated location. Elbow support with extra padding was used to minimize patient’s motion. Shoulder area coil utilized for sufficient signal and optimum signal to sound ratio.

Data evaluation: The Magnet resonance the image and Arthroscopic findings had been grouped underneath three brain, namely Bony lesions, Turn muscles lesion and Capsulo-labral lesions to get ease of comparison. The data was then tabulated on Ms Excel schedule in a expert chart and studied to get correlation. Record analysis in the data was conducted while using statistical bundle for the social science system edition SPSS 18. 0. Nominal categorical info between the teams were compared using Chi-squared test or Fisher’s exact test while appropriate. Tenderness, Specificity, Great predictive value(PPV), Negative predictive value(NPV) and Accuracy was calculated to investigate the classification accuracy of MRI studies as correlated and compared to the Arthoscopic findings getting reference normal.


Present study was performed in 60 (50) individuals, out of which forty 3 (86%) had been males, and seven (14%) were females. Majority of sufferers in the present research were inside the age group of 20 – 40 years (74%) with the indicate age of 35. 36 years. In our analyze, twenty three (56%) patients suffered with shoulder injury on the correct side and twenty two (44%) on the left side. Twenty-seven (54%) patients suffered damage in sport activities (such football, golf ball, wrestling, football, boxing, kabaddi, badminton), 18 (28%) patients had a history of fall, five (10%) got injured when lifting heavy weight, and four (8%) suffered accidental injuries in road traffic accidents. In the present study, the MR Image resolution findings were compared with the Arthroscopic results for each sufferer and were classified into true positive, false great, true unfavorable and fake negative. The Arthroscopic findings were taken as reference regular for comparison.

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