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This paper’s topic is over the articles that CNN uses beneath its “Crime + Justice” category. The articles chosen for the paper show multiple different cases that might be considered “celebrated cases” underneath “The Wedding ceremony Cake Model of Criminal Justice”. After searching through lots of the articles, it appears all the instances under the category would be regarded as high profile and popular which is what matches under celebrated cases. To summarize, after studying the situations that were picked out, it seems CNN picks questionable topics that would get persons thinking about particular ideas and whether things are being done correctly.


To understand the casual justice process and where you can place cases, Samuel Walker created a means of describing that. Walker compares informal rights to a four-layer cake, outlining that with each degree of the cake (starting from the bottom of the wedding cake and going up) the cases become more and more serious or more and more famous. For example , petty thievery would be considered as the 4th level on the marriage cake since it is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a significantly less serious criminal offense punishable by a fine, devoir, or a short jail term usually lower than one-year incarceration. The 3rd amount of the wedding cake would be for less serious crimes that could remain a criminal offence. This level is more reserved for the younger or perhaps first-time offenders of such things as burglary or possibly a robbery preformed without guns. A criminal offence is a severe offense such as murder, equipped robbery, or rape. Punishment can range via imprisonment in state or federal institutions or even capital punishment. The second level is good for serious felonies only such as robberies associated with a lot of money, afeitado, and tough. However , the very best of the wedding cake, 1st level, is for the celebrated circumstances. This is available to the famous people, high marketing cases just like OJ Simpson, Micheal Jackson or the kidnapping of At the Smart. The high-profile instances like these likewise involve the complete criminal rights process.

CNN’s Articles

After looking at the current rights articles on CNN’s site, many in the event not all the articles are about superstars or of people with large popularity. Also, if the instances were not fully commited by highly popular people, they were captured by nationwide headlines. This may fit beneath the top level of the cake, the famous cases, because the media commonly focus on first level circumstances for views and to quite possibly bring about social change.

Costs Cosby

Bill Cosby, an American stand-up comedian, acting professional, author and recently a convicted sexual offender was considered “America’s Dad”. Cosby within the years, was subject to highly advertised allegations of sexual strike. A lot of women include accused him of things like sexual electric battery, child sex abuse, and in many cases sexual wrong doings. On Tuesday, September 25, 2018 was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in condition prison to get the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand which occurred 14 years back. His circumstance represents the most notable level of the cake because of his acceptance and how much coverage his case had. In fact , the whole page of CNN’s offense and rights was filled with reports and updates regarding him receiving his phrase and cup shot.

Michael Drejka

Florida person Michael Drejka is the believe of a firing that occurred in This summer 2018 over the handicapped car parking space outside of a convenience store. Following firing a round in to Markeis McGlockton’s chest, the person crawled back into the store and fell in front of his child’s ft. McGlockton was later pronounced dead on the hospital. The truth has attained some surface because of the Fl “stand your ground” regulation which also had the spotlight in the shooting death of teen Trayvon Matn. According to Mark Randall and Hendrick DeBoer (2012), the fortress Doctrine and “stand-your-ground” regulations are endorsement defenses for those charged with criminal murder. The law in Florida says that one can use deadly power to prevent death or superb bodily damage before avoiding because they have the right to maintain that location regardless if there exists a way to escape the situation. Formerly, Drejka would definitely walk away from this kind of shooting without having repercussions, nevertheless , he was arrested in August 13, 2018 and remained in jail for 50 times before going upon bail pertaining to $100, 000. This case can be considered a celebrated circumstance because it attained national headlines, even though the persons involved were not popular. As well, the Black Lives Subject movement may well have helped this case gain its celebrity on the countrywide headlines too.

Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh, the US best court nominee is being charged of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford when they had been teenagers in a party in Montgomery region, Maryland. Likewise, Deborah Ramirez accused Kavanaugh of subjecting himself for a party if they were at college. The girl claimed that Kavanaugh forced himself on to her with out her permission. There is probably more evidence from one of his institution friends, Tag Judge. This case against Kavanaugh is considered a celebrated circumstance because he is usually possibly likely to hold an important position in the US government. Additionally it is close to mid-term elections meaning this could be very political and change the minds of many people.

Victor Ortiz

Ortiz, Boxer and entertainer, was arrested after having a months-long analysis by a friends and family protection device. Victor switched himself in on Wednesday September 25, 2018 and was arranged at the East County Jail in Azar County. His expected bail is going to be hundred buck, 000. Ortiz was recharged with forcible oral accouplement, forcible rape, and forcible digital penetration, according to police. The case would become considered a celebrated circumstance because Ortiz is a very well-known fighter and entertainer. He previously roles in “The Expendables” movies along with TV shows.

Ji Chaoqun

Chaoqun, a 27-year older Chinese created man was arrested Tuesday September dua puluh enam, 2018 in Chicago for supposedly spying for Beijing. He was accused of operating as an “illegal agent” and becoming part of China’s top lookout agency. Ji was apparently tasked with identifying persons for likely recruitment because spies. Military intelligence within a statement explained “adding that he may face up to a decade in penitentiary if identified guilty of behaving as a great illegal international agent. ” This case would be considered a celebrated circumstance because it was obviously a highly popularized case and the fact that the US military became involved with finding out if Ji Chaoqun is guilty of spying on Americans working for ALL OF US defense installers. With the worries growing among US and China, this could be the foreshadowing of a operate war together.

Ramon Escobar

Escobar, described as a violent predator, is thought to be the believe of eliminating three desolate men as well as the attempted hug on several different people. The victims that died, had been result of accidental injuries sustained from your violent disorders. The living through victims of Escobar’s episodes left one on your life support and 2 other folks in comas. Investigators assume that the reason for his attacks had been robbery. Escobar has been caught and will be organised without pacte and is also expected to can be found in court Friday September 21, 2018. The case is considered a celebrated case because it is now popular because of national head lines and because showing how he could be linked to other attacks in Tx.

Mexican Authorities Seize Control

After recent spikes in homicide in Acapulco, Guerrero Coordination Group and joint procedure of Mexican state and federal departments seized control of Acapulco’s authorities department on Wednesday September 26, 2018. The matched attack triggered the disarmament and detainment of the authorities from the train station. As of now, there have been two law enforcement commanders that had been arrested on murder charges and will be shifted for their security. Even though the city’s police will be in shambles, the city will certainly operate as per usual. The case would be considered as a celebrated case for its place on nationwide headlines as well as the fact that the Mexican armed service hard to become involved in the research. CONCLUSION Every one of the cases that CNN reviews are all extremely popularized circumstances that make it to the top of the headers for millions to see. However , these situations are more than just popular news stories. They show the radical changes which might be happening everywhere. With instances such as the fatal shooting of McGlockton, that goes to show us that probably we need better laws to protect ourselves by trigger content gun owners. Also, cases such as the 1 with Ji Chaoqun who had been suspected of spying in American security contractors, show the American people if they are as safe because they think. The cases that are reviewed upon CNN’s “Crime + Justice” page

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