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In this project I will evaluate the “Crimson Tide” depending on OB issues which are organization, skills, character, perception, values, and behaviour. First of all I would really prefer to say anything briefly about the movie. On the US elemental missile sub, a young initially officer periods a mutiny to prevent his trigger completely happy captain coming from launching his missiles just before confirming his orders to accomplish this. An organization is basically consciously synchronised social product. There are 3 essentials being an organization

-group of people

-continuous otherwise project

-common goal

When we consider the Crimson Tide we can see the all three features in that boat.

First of all they are really group of gift in a indivisible submarine. Secondly, this group of people are not together but they gathered to a job that U. S. Navy blue nuclear boat, USS Alabama, to be open to launch its missiles within a preemptive hit if Radchenko attempts to fuel his missiles.

It is enough to be a business for a group. Thirdly, even though they use other ways, they have a prevalent goal which can be protecting their country.

Most distinct skill of Chief Ramsey his experience and loyalty towards the Navy. He never inquiries to orders. He thinks he could be there to make use of to the instructions, sometimes impatiently, and make sure his crew’s devotion to apply purchase. He does not believe to democracy in the submarine. For example he says “we are here to preserve democracy, not to practice it.

Ron Hunter is known as a young, inexperience, and good educated guy. He finished Harvard University or college. He is remarkably educated in military background technical tactics. Hunter is somewhat more analytic and conservative towards his mission. Hunter is usually against the razzo launch and tries to make an impression on support by Ramsey to confirm the second meaning before going forward with the start, because he has hope that it was possibly a great abjuration from the previous order. This habit shows his humanist and rational side. Hunter plays a number of roles.

He makes certain that Captain Ramsey makes the correct choices. For instance , he is waiting the rest of the message to start of the nuclear missiles. As well he motivates his crew. Ramsey is known as a strict and arrogant innovator who hardly ever motivates his crew, good results . the effect from Seeker, Ramsey gives a motivational speech after the crew to restore most operations following your Russian strike. I will concentrate on Ramsey’s and Hunter’s individuality, perception, principles and behaviour in this component to my job;

The Big Five Personality Version:

high extraversion: overconfident, pushy

low agreeableness: frosty, dissident

high conscientiousness: organized, stubborn

large emotional balance: self-confident, calm

high openness to have: curious


Machiavellianism: practical, adjust

Self-esteem: likes him self

Risk-taking: risk-taking by shooting the missiles

More Type A: multitasks

Significantly less Type W: can unwind without accountable (after downgrading sitting in his cabin and being calm) External positionnement of control: controlled by simply outside causes (government)


Perceiver: Captain Outspoken Ramsey

Target: Russians, Hunter

Situation: Submarine…wants to assault Russia


Halo effect: general impression by a sole characteristic.

Stereotyping: Harvard students are nerds and hunter is definitely one of them with no experience


He belongs parents generation. This generation’s features are willpower, authority, traditional Hofstede’s Structure:

High electrical power distance: Chief as a specialist

Large Individualism: Focus on his judgment

Large Masculinity: Won’t care a whole lot about persons (e. g. fire-alarm) High

Uncertainty elimination: He won’t like uncertainness. Wants to act quickly. For example this individual wants to blast missiles Low long-term alignment: Doesn’t love nuclear war…. he would like to act now Substantial Indulgence: Submarine/Job is his second home comfortable log cabin and his dog Attitudes:

Job satisfaction: work place is like his home…. (e. g. dog)

Neglect: the moment hunter took his expert he attended his vacation cabin and was listening to the background music like nothing occurred before Affective: emotional romantic relationship to the navy blue. Traditional philosophy Engagement: His speech to the soldiers at the outset of the film.



The top Five Individuality Model:

high extraversion: assertive, gregarious, sociable

high agreeableness: cooperative, having faith in, empathetic

high conscientiousness: organized, continual

substantial emotional balance: self-confident, quiet

high openness to try out: flexible, interested


Machiavellianism: useful, manipulate

Self-esteem: committed goals relevant to his career

Self-monitoring: attention to exterior environment because they build a relationship to the marines

Risk-taking: risk-taking by simply downgrading Ramsey

Positive: identifies chances and tries to prevent elemental war Even more internal positionnement of control: controls his destiny, self-employed, makes his own decisions


Perceiver: Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter

Target: Ramsey

Condition: Submarine…. would like to stop Ramsey and also indivisible war Ideals:

He belongs Baby Boomers Generation and its particular features happen to be social acknowledgement, responsibility

Hofstede’s Framework:

Central power range: He sees captain while an specialist but he can not afraid of sending Ramsey in to imprisonment. He also makes comments with staff members Central Individualism: Concentrate on his thoughts and opinions but also take care regarding others thoughts and opinions Low Masculinity: Takes care of persons and feeling (e. g. over weight of any crew affiliate ) Low Uncertainty prevention: Takes the chance of not knowing what are the results next. Does not want to shoot missiles High long-term orientation: Scared of nuclear conflict, stops Ramsey Middle Luxury: Separates function and family. Has his family who will be waiting for him but also he kept the birthday of his daughter as a result of his task Attitudes:

Job satisfaction: He could be proud of to become a lieutenant

Continuance: Would like to make profession upgrade into a captain

Engagement: Build a good romance with the crews

one particular

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