This article will assess the 19th, 20th and 21st century with regards to the main public well-being strategies found in United Kingdom. It will also compare the similarities and differences of the living conditions in towns and cities between the three called centuries previously mentioned. In assessing the differences between 19th, 20th and modern world, the home for that pet in the nineteenth century caused so many fatalities.

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This is because overall health was very poor and people had many health issues such as poor and over-crowded housing which will caused the rapid pass on of illnesses, pollution and poor environment as individuals were ignorant to the causes and consequences from the pollution and poor manure system which brought about bad smell that was not bearable for living.

Additionally , the poor law system in the 19th century, this tactic was started take care of the under fortunate mentioned above, like the lower category people. Additionally in the 19th century, there was clearly an event of cholera outbreak which in turn claimed numerous lives.

The cholera show that was killing persons became an interest to Dr John Snow (1813-1858). He did various investigations and he eventually found talked about in his research a particular hydrant that was coming from the infected River Thames was the cause of the cholera break out. In Beveridge’s report in the 20th 100 years, it helped to bring a big change to the educational standards inside the areas that had been highly impacted by poverty. The Beveridge report stated that all working people need to pay each week contributions, these contributions were used since benefits by government to pay people who were sick and tired, unemployed, retired and widowed.

The benefits helped the under privileged to satisfy some of their standard needs that were impossible on their behalf in the nineteenth century. The National Well being Service arrived to effectiveness simply by Clement Attlee’s, who was one of many members with the Labour Government due to the end result of Snow’s report. With all the 21st century, the general public health was drastically transformed compared to the nineteenth and twentieth century. This is because the public welfare white conventional paper, choosing overall health: making healthy and balanced choices simpler, (2004) was introduced while the knowing of health was growing in size which forced the government to create bout the population health white colored paper.

This kind of document marketed societal justness, dealing with extensive causes of ill-health, inequality inside the society along with identifying people needs to support and empower them. In the 21th 100 years, people are more informed; technology and research have increased, making better medical program more efficient and effective with additional improved living conditions, compared to the two previous generations. The similarities between the 19th, 20th and 21st Century is that famous individuality mentioned above aimed at improving the health of the human population over time.

They all carried out several investigations and research to get about results. In the twenty first, there was the Protection Firm, an independent company that targets protecting individuals’ health through the entire UK. There is also the Countrywide Institute intended for Clinical Excellency also a completely independent organisation; all their responsibility is to provide national guidance and treatment of ill-health which has increased the living standard, condition and a big improvement of health inside the wider UK population. Bottom line Before public well-being came into effect living condition was inadequate causing unwanted death.

There was also inequality; the rich could manage to live in better areas, very good education and to pay for great medical treatment. The under privileged were left with no choice but to have one day each time. In the twentieth and modern world, there were numerous strategies used to improve into the inequality in Britain. In the 21th century, there are more approaches implemented to enhance public health that were set out within a document and had three base values. These was assembled to improve, guard and empower the lives of individuals in the united kingdom population.


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