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Endeca Technologies is known as a software company that established by Steve Progenitor on Sept 4th 2001. In the case, the business is currently searching for a Series C round financing to reduce the expected pre-money valuation many times because of the NASDAQ had fallen. In the end, the corporation got a rough pre-money valuation of $25M. Currently, there are two different term sheets that each of them includes some positives and negatives putting in front side of Sopas to let him choose.

Total, Papa will need to choose the initial term bed sheet because the rewards in that term sheet are definitely more than the second term sheet, and at the same time it has less negatives.

Does Endeca look like a great investment at this time?

Overall, Endeca appears to be a high-risk choice for investors obtain. Since Endeca is a technology software firm, this industry is very competitive and extensive; everyday you will discover new firms emerge in this industry with new technologies and ideas.

At the beginning, Endeca planed to make a Series C circular funding in around November and Decemeber in 2150. However , as a result of NASDAQ started coming, the CEO Papa noticed that raising funding at that time was vey hard. Thus, Papillas extended the funds via Series B to an extra six months. Papa’s action provided many other companies to have the chances to cope up and build up their technology and managing strategies. Hence after this six-months delay, Endeca needs to put in more effort to gain again its market status. Exactly what are the motivations for BVP and Venrock? Ampersand?

Bessemer Venture Associates and Venrock invested in the 2nd round about Endeca. Since Papa experienced connections with Venrock, where he had dished up a summer season internship while at HBS. Papa and Venrock built the great relationship at that time, thus Venrock is ready to invest in Endeca, which is his motivation to purchase the firm. Ampersand is actually a new potentially company that may invest in Endeca in Series C. This is a very varied company so far they will didn’t purchase any technology company a lot like Endecayet. First, because Ampersand never invested in any organization in this market yet, as a diversified investment firm, they can be willing to take the chance to try fresh thing obtain on Endeca. Secondly, Ampersand has a long-lasting connection to Endeca’s top management team, and this is Ampersand’s inspiration to invest in Endeca.

How has got the CEO managed the C round? Do you do anything several? The CEO Papa hasn’t handled the Series C round well due to a number of reasons. First, as mentioned ahead of, because at that time the NASDAQ was falling, to prevent the bad expense situation and wished industry will get better again, Papa stretched the Series M investment to get an extra half a year. However , this turned out to be a negative decision. The fact is that the industry didn’t boost later as well as the company was having hard to get the term sheet via investors. Secondly, even though luckily Papa got two term sheets ultimately, what he did wrong was that selection a verbal commitment for the insider-led and a potential customer DGSCP says that one offer is better than the other 1.

If in the long run Papa choose the other offer, he might always be risky in breaking his words in front of DGSCP and losing business with these people. If I were responsible for handling the C round, I would definitely do things differently. To begin with, I would not really delay the Series C round expense. I think expenditure funds are incredibly important upon doing a organization; it is always better to prepare for enough funding rather than need it yet cannot find the money. Additionally , I would certainly not bring the insider-led and the potential client DGSCP into the offer to give virtually any verbal dedication before We made my decision.

Offer a detailed discussion of the pros and cons in the two term sheets. Which can be more favorable to Endeca? Assess the two term sheets both financially (in terms of value) and non-financially (other terms. ) Which provides associated with a higher possibility of your survival and success?

First Term Sheet



Many investors who spent before, simpler for the transition

Hardly dilutes Venrock

Original Value equals to Liquidation Preference

Built verbal commitment before

Potential client DGSCP involved

Lower price per share, $0. 985/share

Much less Capital

Low valuation

Second Term Bed sheet



Higher Price per share, $1. 25/share

More capital

Bring in fresh investors, fresh opportunity

Drop Anger Series B investors and DGSCP in the C round

More complex because of fresh investors

Ampersand doesn’t have very much experience in investing this kind of industry

Accumulated dividends and redemption legal rights

As the chief representative to get Endeca’s investors, which deal should advise to the Plank? Why?

While the chief agent for Endeca’s shareholders, I do think Papa should choose the first term piece. According to the evaluation above, the first termsheet has more rewards over the second term piece and less downsides compared to the second term linen. The only thing My spouse and i concern about the 1st term piece is the capital is less than the 2nd term bed sheet. However , in reality the capital the second term sheet supplied is still far from what Papillas initially needed for Series C. Most significantly, because Progenitor made the verbal determination with the potential DGSCP client that he would choose the 1st term linen, consider the near future cooperation and business that Papa may possibly do with DGSCP, I do think it is a wise choice to choose the first one at this point.


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