Transference and countertransference will be feelings toward an individual that are brought about by past experiences and relationships. These feelings occur without conscious thought and can be great or bad in nature. Transference is normally carried by patient into the clinician-patient romance as caused by their record with previous figures of authority in their lives. (Pearson, 2001) For instance , a patient may possibly perceive the clinician to become similar to her or his mother and as such views these people as a growing figure who he or she in that case strives hard to you should.

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Countertransference, in the medical setting, is brought by the clinician and it is usually noticed in his or her unfavorable feelings for the patient once again as a result of previous experiences they had in early stages in life. (Pearson, 2001) The consequence of those earlier experiences will be triggered by clincian’s face with the affected person. For example , a clinician may be more nurturing and compassionate towards an individual that reminds him or her of his or her grandma and grandpa thus invoking similar filial emotions pertaining to the patient.

The concepts of transference and countertransference had been first described by Sigmund Freud while emotions patients and doctors projected on each other, which usually had are derived from past experience. The 2 terms are being used frequently in psychoanalytical literature and result from many cases of psychoanalytic treatment. The function projection plays on equally transference and countertransference was emphasized not only by Freud but likewise by many other members with the medical community.

Projection occurs more often in clinician-patient interactions than in additional settings. The definition of output as a means of adaptation and communication, a sort of defense mechanism by the individual, provides insight to its frequency in medical adjustments. (Waska, 1999) The patient confronted with his or her health issues and the specialist faced with the job of helping the patient may well revert to projection in order to cope with their various tasks. Consequently , transference and countertransference happen as an aftermath of the dynamics of the said projection as well as of the initial romantic relationship between the patient and the specialist. (Waska, 1999)

In essential, patient therapist relationships are very important factors inside the rehabilitation process. Experienced therapist need to be powerful communicators and develop rapports with patients that facilitate trust, conformity, and convenience. An individual who tasks unconsciously past experiences to their new and present fact can create a obstacle in the romance and prevent their improvement.

Transference and countertransference caused by these projections are the the majority of direct causes for the communication boundaries ” obstacles that can result in detrimental and even fatal results in the person’s treatment. These kinds of work through components produced through positive thoughts, such as a sufferer who sees the therapist as a nurturer figure and tries to make sure you the therapist and therefore will not disclose useful deficits, which can be not enhancing, and survey only confident. Adverse feelings could also create a barrier in that the patient becomes aggressive or resistive toward the therapist’s ideas and plans. (Pearson, 2001)

The maladaptive effects of transference and countertransference may be reduced by a mindful effort on the part of the clinician as well as with the patient. Equally must make an effort to understand the aspect of their relationship. The clinician must be in a position to provide observations into her or his true character and thus ensure that the patient resolve distortions brought about by transference. The clinician must actively recognize the actual needs carried by the person’s transference and actively respond to his or her personal projection and countertransference. (Pearson, 2001; Waska, 1999) Research continue to check out the possibilities of using the components of transference and countertransference to make medical relationships more effective in assisting treatment.


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