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The 2001 film, _”Osmosis Jones”_, focuses on the representation from the human affected person and the daily conflicts a body looks in order to preserve function. The film _”Osmosis Jones”_ can be described as film that tries to capture the attention of youngsters ages ten to fourteen, by exposing the mechanisms of the body of a human. It is able to disclose the dangers of maintaining a harmful diet plus some of the effects that are connected by doing so. The film demonstrates that bacteria and viruses are found openly in the environment and that 1 must be cautious with the substances which one chooses to ingest into one’s organism.

“Osmosis Jones” can be described as film that tries to participate children’s thoughts and fascination of the human body through comedy and movement. It uses neurological analogies to show and describe many of the main functions in the human systems. Although occasionally rather vaguely and by misconceptions, the film details upon individual internal devices such as the disease fighting capability, the nervous system, the circulatory system as well as the digestive system.



Throughout the film “_Osmosis Jones_”, the immune system is definitely the one which is usually predominant over the entire film. Osmosis Roberts, the “protagonist” of the film, is a representation of a white-colored blood cell who by making use of a cold supplement named Dricobenzometapetramine, “Drix”, communicate to damage a dangerous malware. Throughout the film, the immune system is usually shown in charge of combating against bacteria, infections and malware such as the antagonist of the film, Thrax also referred to as “La Caida Roja”; a virus commonly brought on by the Bacillus Anthracis bacteria. White bloodstream cells or leukocytes guard the body against infectious disease and foreign materials; in the film they may be represented since the police officers of the human body, the FPD.

Most often medication that is delivered to combat the most popular cold functions alongside the immune system to soothe symptoms and get rid of malware. Drixanol, is known as a medication that may be portrayed being an antihistamine that helps relieve symptoms of the regular cold including sore throats and runny noses simply by combating off of the natural histamine. Histamine sets off the inflammatory response because an immune system response to overseas pathogens. The film “_Osmosis Jones_” uses numerous numbers of analogies that represent features of various bodily organs. The lymph nodes in the human body will be compared to a police stop where overseas particles are trapped and restrained by entering the circulatory system. Much similar to the film, white blood vessels cells are simply within the lymph nodes and play a crucial part of the immune system.


The film “Osmosis Jones” reflects the attention from the children by animating a rebellious officer who does not follow recommendations and who have fights away bacteria with his “gun” however , a light blood cell’s defensive device does not work the fact that film shows it. A white blood cell uses a process called phagocytosis wherever it encompases a bacterium and eventually engulfs it and uses digestive enzymes in order to it down. Not only does the film show this problem, but in fact, a white blood cellular has a “life span” of only 3 to 4 days on average. Unlike Osmosis Jones, white blood skin cells do not have relatives like “Granpappy Osmosis” because white blood cells will be produced in the bone marrow of an individual. White blood cells usually do not reproduce through the process of mitosis which contradicts what Leah, a character which will Osmosis Jones shows great interest intended for, says about the man being a cell the reproduces with him self.


To make the immune system of your human body more realistic, the film “_Osmosis Jones”_ could have produced some improvements, improvements that will better teach the film’s viewers. Rather than showing Osmosis Jones battling bacteria having a weapon, that they could have proven Osmosis Jones going through the phagocytosis. This may allow the viewers to have a more accurate visualization and representation of how the immune system fights against contamination.

In addition to this, they will could have displayed other cells such as B-cells and helper and great T-cells; cellular material that perform a great part in an person’s immune system. In the film “_Osmosis Jones_”, B-cells could have been proven secreting antibodies while assistant and great T-cells could work alongside the white-colored blood skin cells. Furthermore, Drix should have been an antiseptic for the reason that a chilly pill focuses on relieving chilly systems just like sore throats or runny noses whilst an antiseptic is able to get rid of bacteria preventing it by reproducing.



Throughout the film, the nervous system was displayed as the controlling center of the body. The mayor’s office was located within the brain and had the ability to control the entire body system. The hypothalamus, shown to be located in the center with the brain (in Thrax’s mind model), is correctly displayed throughout the film as well. As i have said several times, the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling body temperature and hence forth, the nervous system is responsible for maintain homeostasis through the body. In the film when the brain sent out signals through the entire body, the signals in which shown since electricity operating down cables. This example is actually quite accurate simply because nerve signs require electric gradients to visit across the physique.


Several misconceptions and flaws looked throughout the film dealing with the central nervous system. Through the entire film the hypothalamus is merely shown as the place where temperatures is handled but in fact the hypothalamus offers much to do with the endocrine system too. Nerve skin cells in the hypothalamus control the pituitary sweat gland by producing chemicals that either stimulate or curb hormone secretions from the anterior and trasero pituitary. Many of these chemical body hormone secretions include great results throughout the body system as well as maintain homeostasis. One other misconception in the us in the film is when ever Thrax uses a DNA “bead” and as a result of disturbance inside the DNA your body temperature starts to increase. Nevertheless , it is known that body temperature increases being a defense device. When the physique recognizes another substance, body temperature increases in order to denature or coagulate the foreign bacteria.


There are several advancements that could be considered for the representation in the central nervous system. Firstly, Thrax can be shown as a character who also inserts his own DNA to disturb his host cells’ GENETICS. Therefore , through transcription and translation replications . of this revised genetic information will disrupt other cellular material which could eventually include the hypothalamus cells. Furthermore to broaden upon educational purposes, a reflex arc could have been proven by Frank burning his hand. Particular receptors in the hand will send signals through exocytosis to neurotransmitters which would then move through receptor mediated endocytosis to specialised neurons. This sensory information might then be transmitted to the spinal cord which usually would cause interneurons to the meaning to motor neurons and from here causing the muscle to agreement.



In the film “_Osmosis Jones_”, the circulatory product is represented while large “highways” that let organisms and substances to journey to different parts of your body. The film portrays a real representation of arteries and veins, which will like in most text literature are symbolized through the colors red and blue respectively. Arteries are portrayed because red since they carry oxygenated blood cells away from the cardiovascular system and to other important internal organs. Veins on the other hand are symbolized blue because they bring back deoxygenated blood vessels to the cardiovascular system in order to be oxidized once again.

Even though these shades are often used to differentiate the two, blood is always crimson however; oxygenated blood may be a brighter reddish while deoxygenated blood is normally more of a reddish colored brown colour. In addition , the kidneys wherever shown while true representations of blood vessels filtration. To ensure a element to exit the body, it must include a “ticket” meaning that it must be processed ahead of exiting the body through peeing.


A great catch and false impression that was seen in the film “_Osmosis Jones_” in respects towards the circulatory program was that the arteries and veins were depicted since flat areas that only lead to additional organs. Nevertheless it is known that arteries and veins are somewhat tube and fluids as well as nutrients and waste materials travel through the circulatory system. Not only did the film disregard the shape of veins and arteries it failed to talk about the plasma that makes around 90% associated with an individual’s blood.


To improve the realistic element of the circulatory system within a human body, arteries, veins and arterioles has to be depicted while round and tubular passageways. This would further allow the target audience to understand just how red blood cells, light blood cells, platelets and plasma every flow over the body. Additionally plasma must be shown in greater attention for the reason that the majority of nutrients including sugars, proteins, fats and sodium will be imbedded within the plasma. Furthermore, Frank’s harmful life style could be shown through the narrowing if perhaps of blood vessels and arteries due to plaque buildup. This might further highlight the importance of a well-balanced and nutritious diet and lifestyle.



The film “Osmosis Jones” represented the digestive system in both equally its mechanical and substance aspects. The film displayed the digestion system starting at the oral cavity and moving its approach down the human body. At the beginning of digestion, the film portrayed tooth as the methods used to breakdown foods into smaller items. The drool is demonstrated as a the liquid substance that softens the meals allowing for less difficult management with the food. The tongue was depicted because an body organ that helped the food move about the mouth enabling the teeth to break the food down into even more compact pieces. It absolutely was then proven that the tongue moved the chunks of food throughout the pharynx and finally into the tummy. The tummy was proven as an organ that chemically broke down foods nevertheless that could also affect the procedure for regurgitation if the stomach cannot process or perhaps digestive the food.


Over the movie, there were several beliefs involving the gastrointestinal system. When the meals was ingested and Osmosis Jones was swallowed with it, instead of the food going through the cou and over the esophagus through peristalsis, this somehow came out into “Downtown Frank”. This can be a great belief for the reason that food must move through the esophagus by a means of small muscle tissue contractions referred to as peristalsis; which will pushes meals down the esophagus and in to an individual’s abdomen.

Another misconception that is typically viewed in many children catalogs and movies is usually when food reaches the stomach in general. This is observed in the landscape when the information reporters show the images from the whole gram crackers inside Frank’s belly. This specific part the film contradicts on its own for since at the beginning of the film one is able to see that food is broken down in to small bits by mechanised digestion in the mouth.


The film “Osmosis Jones” might make several improvements that would demonstrate the process of the digestion system more accurately. First of all, that they could improve the way they will show meals moving into the abdomen. They may do this simply by showing the smaller pieces of dampen food coming together and having bolus. From this level the tongue could be demonstrated pushing the bolus down into the esophagus and through peristalsis, the bolus could be shown going down the esophagus and in the stomach. A marked improvement that can be shown of how the stomach digests food is by showing enzymes braking straight down food or perhaps by hydrochloric acid disintegrating the food contaminants.


The film “_Osmosis Jones_” does an excellent work of recording children’s imagination and challenging them to find out more on the human body. The film uses animation, humor and concrete floor scientific data that allows children of the particular age group to easily follow along and comprehend many of the functions their inner systems have. It uses basic analogies that allow children with limited knowledge of your body to make connection as to how a body reacts and shields them from diseases. Over the entire film, the movie makes an exceptional work to name just about every organ and organelle correctly; as to insure that kids retain some realistic familiarity with the body. As well, the film makes regular connections to how a healthy diet strengthens one’s body versus an unhealthy diet plan with excessive concentrations of saturated fats.

Although many myths of the body are seen throughout the film, this may trigger the eye of many youthful viewers. For example , when among the police officers brings up that he is going to the kidneys to see “the stones”, the film humorously pokes fun of calcium supplements, magnesium and also other mineral salt deposits that sometimes grows within the kidneys. Due to this funny approach, children might be intrigued to research details about such a topic and maybe also decide to go to take advanced biological programs in the future. General, the film “_Osmosis Jones_” makes a valiant effort to describe the features of different body parts and for this reason offers children a general general concept of how the body system works.


The film “Osmosis Jones” needs to be marketed like a learning device for children. The film can be an challenging way to interest kids of age range eight to fourteen to learn more about their physiques and to around give kids an idea showing how their systems operate. This kind of film permits a child to learn about his own body in a amusing and amusing way that will allow him to help to make connections between his body system and every day things. Children will learn that white blood cells behave as police officers for the body and that the body’s lymph nodes work as police stations/prisons for bacterium and other unnecessary substances. Children would also be able to understand overall main functions of body devices such as the circulatory, immune, intestinal and central nervous systems.

Children might learn the white-colored blood skin cells belong to the immune system and fight off foreign substances, children will learn that arteries approach nutrients away from the heart and other internal organs through the circulatory system, children would find out that the pearly whites, saliva as well as the tongue most work together to break down meals for the digestive system and children will also master that the hypothalamus is area of the central nervous system and this it controls the overall body temperature of an individual. Overall, this film could be easily used by teachers and also other educators to introduce the body and its system to a majority of children. It would be a great learning tool for the children to learn about the body with an educational way but as well since an enjoyable way.


In conclusion, the film “_Osmosis Jones_” sets off a children’s imagination of the human body through comedy and animation. Even though with a few misconceptions the film touches after important devices such as the immunity process, the nervous system, the circulatory system and the digestive system. It offers the film’s audience having a visual interpretation and representation of every system and its main function. It offers children with a general knowledge of how the physique functions and exactly how the body protects itself by intruding chemicals. It is a great learning tool pertaining to classrooms launching human anatomy to children and overall an excellent film to sit watching with the complete family.

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