A contagieux disease is known as a bacteria or perhaps virus which could is transported from person to person, or from pets or animals or the physical environment to many of these by a number of ways. By way of example air and water, to contaminated articles or fomites, insect and animal attacks (Reigelman, g. 210, 2011). The growing of a nommable disease is easily transferred and may range from one common cold to anthrax making the disease transmittable. I will be discussing the communicable disease chlamydia and how the infection impacts individuals.

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Chlamydia is a treatable and a preventable disease, and with awareness and prevention persons can protect themselves from contacting the contagious disease.

According to Center to get Disease Control (2011), chlamydia is a sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Chlamydia trachomatis, can harm a woman’s reproductive internal organs if kept untreated. Indications of chlamydia are generally mild, left untreated may cause serious complications. This quiet disease may cause damage that is certainly irreversible, including infertility, prior to a woman acknowledges a problem and men attacked with chlamydia experience a discharge from your penis.

The infection chlamydia can be transferred through sexual speak to from one person to another. Using more than 50 million cases reported worldwide and 3 , 000, 000 cases in america, chlamydia is considered the most common A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE in the United States (Chlamydia ” CDC Fact Sheet).

Data Studies

In 2009 an overall total of 1, 244, 180 situations were reported with thousands more hidden. The chlamydia infection is usually prevalent among sexually lively young adolescents, between the age range of 14-24 years. It is three time higher than individuals among the age 25-39 years (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999″2008 [NHANES], unpublished info, 2011) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2011). Data shows that 10%”15% of untreated chlamydial infections result in diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Causing a spectrum of disorders, inflammations of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or adjacent peritoneum should PID occur10%-15% of cases can result in infertility. Chlamydia prevalence among sexually energetic young people by simply age group in the United States between the a lot of 1999 and 2008 are at 50% between ages of 14-19, 30% between the ages of 20-24, 18% between your ages of 25-29, 8% between the age ranges of 30-34, and 10% between the age ranges of 35-39 years. Chlamydia is affecting the younger population for a greater level and should take priority in awareness regarding the disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2011, para4. ).

Environmental Factors

Poverty stricken areas lack knowing of sexually sent diseases creating for individuals to travel untreated and spread the condition. Individuals with limited health care access in these areas are less more likely to go to a doctor or a medical center to receive tested. People living within areas experiencing economic challenges often have cultural issues. Not enough education, including morals and values influences how the younger generation view the implications of vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex. In wealthy areas young people gain access to health care but feel waste and do not seek medical attention for anxiety about embarrassment of the diagnosis.

Treatments and Prevention

According to, Center for Disease Control (2011), chlamydia can be treated and cured with antibiotics. Just one dose of azithromycin or a week of doxycycline (twice daily) would be the most commonly used therapies. All sexual intercourse partners ought to be tested and treated, any kind of persons with a diagnosis of chlamydia should prevent any sexual acts for seven days after the antibiotics are finished, this will aid in the prevention of spreading the disease. Persons diagnosed with chlamydia should be retested every three month following treatment, regardless if their spouse has been cured. Having safe protected love-making will assist in spreading of diseases, yet abstinence is a good protection and guarantees not really contracting any disease (Chlamydia ” CDC Fact Sheet).

Prevention of STD’s ought to include an educational approach. It might consist of dialogue among advisors, teachers, close friends, and friends and family. STD’s lso are preventable and making educated decisions will help lower the chance of making life changing behaviors. College students are afraid to attend their doctors for screening or assessment forfear their particular parents will quickly realize their children will be sexually active. With training students upon HIPPA as well as the compliances doctors must comply with, will increase young people to get screened and treated intended for chlamydia or perhaps additional diagnosed STD’s, as a result reducing the chances of life altering health concerns. In addition to education and counseling, important components of population-based prevention and control consist of: (1) screening high-risk masse for frequent STDs; (2) treating individuals with diagnosed and probable infections; and (3) reporting A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE cases to the Health Department(Bankowski & Bankowski, 2009).

Available Resources

Solutions available to the public to assist with treatment and care be based upon the location of patients. Use of facilities in rural areas is limited for the individuals with supplied transportation. Cellular health care is usually increasing in areas of deficient facilities permitting individuals to acquire testing and treatment. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 grows insurance get for adults and removes chlamydia screening copayments for young females who join new insurance plans (Centers to get Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2011, par. 5). The Office of Into the Human Providers and Prepare Parenthood is actually a couple of service that will give resource for anyone seeking healthcare service in the neighborhood.


My own recommendation concerning chlamydia is good for information for being available in areas regardless of economical status. With increasing truth T. Versus. shows, commercials should be aired frequently addressing STD’s. R / c, including The planet pandora and I-heart radio should be required to showcase awareness and prevention including resources for medical regarding STD’s. Local wellness services should certainly prepare consciousness booths by local middle and high school graduation to educate and answer any questions about diseases. Open public outreach about chlamydia is important to reducing the burden of the disease chlamydia. The infection is definitely preventable and curable, with proper treatment.

Understanding the disease is vital to having a wholesome lifestyle, coming from preventable procedures and ongoing health testing will aid in diagnosing and treating the illness early in incubation period. Undetected chlamydia has serious health concerns intended for both men and girl. The statelegislators can require insures to generate screening affordable and raise awareness in all communities. Inside the low income communities the legislators ought to promote money for screening process and treatment.


To summarize chlamydia is known as a communicable disease contagious by means of bodily fluids. The illness is prevalent in young adults and with awareness in areas with high rates of the disease, I believe that with the help of govt programs these kinds of a planned parenthood and free clinics, people could have access and obtain screening, assessment, and treatment. Raising recognition will motivate individuals to attend health companies to test intended for chlamydia and other STD’s and educate themselves on how to prevent a reoccurrence and how essential is to continue treatment and follow ups after treatment every three months. People can gain confidence and help other folks understand how serious it is to make informed decisions about their into the their associates. Information on secure sex and understanding the effects and tough realities of all STD’s can benefit culture to decrease loss of life rates, newborn mortality relating to STD’s, and a less sexually infected America.


Bankowski, T. B., & Bankowski, B. (2009, June). Let’s Confront the Muted Epidemic of STDs.. Globe & I, 14(6), p176, 8p, several Color Photographs. MasterFILE Most recognized. Centers intended for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC),. (2011, April). CDC Grand Times: Chlamydia Elimination: Challenges and Strategies for Reducing Disease Burden and Sequelae.. MMWR: Morbidity & Fatality Weekly Record, (), 60(12): 370-3. CINAHL. Center pertaining to Disease Control. (2011). Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Recovered from http://www.cdc.gov/std/chlamydia/STDFact-Chlamydia.htm Chen, M., K. Meters., Sundararajan, Versus., H. JS., & Fairley CK, (2007, April). Data for the potency of a chlamydia awareness campaign: increased populace rates of chlamydia testing and diagnosis.. International Journal of A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE & HELPS, (),. MEDLINE. Reigelman, Ur. (2011). Public Health. Retrieved from your University of Phoenix guide Collection database

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