Individuals have come program different definitions as far as personality is concerned. Yet , most of them often agree to the very fact that, personality is the person’s unique style of thoughts, patterns of thought, emotions and habit that usually persist as time passes and circumstance, (Morris & Meistos 1998p 442). Accordingly, Morris and Meistos have found out that personality as described in the above definition has two parts, that may be, it is a one of a kind pattern of an individual- all those tenets that isolate or tell an individual from an additional.

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Secondly, that individuality has a cause, that is, that they persist through time and around situations. The last example simply means that personality is steady and everlasting. According to James Kalat, in his summary of psychology, the word personality has become derived from the Latin term persona which means ‘masking’, (Kalat, 1990 l 467). That traces their roots from your theatres of ancient Greek and Rome where actors wore masks to point their emotions- whether they had been happy, sad or even angry.

The use of the phrase personality, however , has a completely different meaning in the word mask. According to James Kalat (1990), a mask can be put and be removed again after the play, nevertheless personality even as saw inside the definition above, indicates a thing stable and enduring. Persona also comprises all steady ways in which the behaviour of one person differs markedly from that of another person. With the several individuals who have wrote about persona, Sigmund Freud (1856- 1939) and Karl Jung will be the most notables ones.

Sigmund Freud basically held the opinion that our behavior is based upon unconscious intuition. Some of these behaviours are hostile and damaging; while others just like hunger, desire, self-preservation, and sex are necessary for the survival in the species. Lovemaking instincts in accordance to Freud just no longer mean lusty sexuality behavior but likewise desire to virtually any kind of satisfaction. Consequently, Freud regarded the sexual instincts as the most central in the progress personality.

James Kalat (1990) has found this aspect from your Freudian theory is very vital for the establishment of your full individual. Therefore in respect to him the way we all communicate, treat others and general marriage are determined from natural by our personality. Morris and Meisto, in their psychology an introduction have found that Carl Jung, who was students of Freud, had a diverse direction as far as personality is involved, (Morris & Meistos 98, p 442).

According to them, even though the two supported the position of unconscious in identifying human habit, Jung dropped out with Freud’s view that the Identification is the wish for sexual enjoyment which is led by the ego, Jung stressed that the unconscious is the way to obtain strength vigor manifested by ego, (Morris, Maisto 98, p 447). Further, Jung emphasized that the unconscious part of personality may break down in the personal subconscious and the ordinaire unconscious. Consequently , according to James and Maistos (1998), personality can be said to control the entire individual.

Patterns of your life which include tendencies, emotions, and communicational elements such as speaking, listening, hearing and sound are all manifestations of individuality. Communication, while has been identified by David (1990), pertains directly with personality of the in the sense that it is a process through which one has to listen to and understand the views and ideas of another. Generally emotions happen to be aroused throughout communication process. Emotions below can mean which the whole procedure can make 1 happy or sad, happy or restless

A good example of a communication procedure in which emotions take a center stage is extract obtained from a play by this Nigerian play article writer, Wole Soyinka in his 1965 play, the street. Salubi: 6 o’clock We bet. We don’t know just how it is, but no matter while i go to sleep I wake up that strikes 6. Now that is actually a miracle. Samson: There is magic somewhere however, not what you say. Probably the look of you using the nibbling stick Salubi: Look Samson, it’s early in the morning. Return to sleep if you need to start once again. (He begins to put his chauffeur’s uniform).

Samson: Who also lend you uniform? Salubi: I buy it with my own money. (Samson goes over, feels the cloth). Samson: second hand! Salubi: so what? Samson: at least you might have washed it. Look at that blood stain- has somebody smashed your teeth enamel? Salubi: garbage, no cleaning powder. Samson: all right, perfectly. But you are a funny person. Funny like those streets idiots. Just how can anyone get uniform if he hasn’t received a job? Salubi: impression. We take homogeneous to impress almost all future companies. Samson: Get back smear on the front?

Salubi: (angrily covering to Samson) Go mind your own business you jobless tout. ( Qtd Soyinga. Watts, 1956 PP 2-3) In such a conversation while using likes of Samson simply no meaningful understanding can take place. There is proof of personality with Samson relatively proud lying down his strike on the seemingly low status of the colleague. Eventually, a misunderstanding is evident, and finally they an escape out. To get an individual who always has a good personal impression, and it is normally self-confident and guaranteed, may be quite insecure especially one to 1.

This means that effective passage with the message may not eventually happen. Persons introduced to celebrities have been completely known to stutter, flutter or perhaps be minted dumb. An individual engaged in a two person colloquy must actually reckon with several images. 1st, he views himself as he feels he’s. He also feels him self as he wishes the various other would observe him. And then he perceives himself when he suspects the other person really does find him, (Abernathy, 1959 g 7). To illustrate the foregoing, suppose you as a college student go to see one of your favorite professors.

You see yourself as to some degree better-the-average students, though you happen to be sure how well you are mastering this particular subject. In the meantime you dream of being a celebrity student that your instructor will immediately think of you when couple of special awards is stated. Also, even so from the sculpt of one or maybe more comments this individual has made fear that the educator sees as quite poor. This hunch bothers you a great deal as you may prepare approach him. Once there is a extensive gap among these photos tension evolves, and most very likely a healthy and meaningful chat will be influenced.

The experiencing and tuning in aspects of interaction are interfered with even though of anxiety and tension hold, (Abernathy, late 1950s p 8). A young person prepared to fulfill an individual, whether in position of authority, have always had tension because of the approach they perceive this individual and also their individuality. Adults ought to in essence be created to understand that all their personality affects the way they will be perceived by the young technology. You can imagine you being dealt with by an individual with a distorted personality like in the case of Samson previously mentioned.

Personality essentially affects all aspects of interaction, but most crucial listening and hearing. Furthermore, if the adults realized the persona of the youthful generation they may be required to be addressing, for instance , they should understand the relevant information to relay to the teens. Ever heard of the generational space! Difference coming in the way youngsters comes to understand the older generation is actually vested inside the personality as expressed by two years. It is beneficial that at a later date adults will need to understand us! ( Abernathy, 1959 l 10)


Abernathy, At the. (1959). Basics of Speech Communication. Mc. C. Brown Company Web publishers. Hayes, D. (1998). Effective Verbal Interaction. Berkshire: Horder & Stoughton. Soyinka, W. (1965). The Road. Nairobi: Oxford University Press. Kalat, M. W. (1990). An introduction to Psychology. Belmont: Wadworth Publishing Company. Morris, G. M. & Maisto, A. A. (1998). Mindset: An Introduction. Nj-new jersey, Prentice-Hall.


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