You know that there are currently many kinds of cologne that is being produced by different local suppliers. Now days, a large number of consumers are getting conscious on how they smell and they are incredibly choosy of the kind of scent that they get and make use of at an extremely reasonable cost.

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This kind of perfume is made from different oils that may be blended may arise an enchanted perfume that many body will certainly love.

The program in putting up this organization started, if the proponent create of the four girls of Lumabas-Sibbaluca Relatives who like to try various perfume aromas and they are incredibly fond of employing colognes.

They can go out of their property without bringing out cologne so they chose to put up a business which is close to their cardiovascular system and that is developing perfume.

Quick Description of the Project

The AROMA of the NAVIGATE is a company that manufactures scent which is taken out from numerous flowers that can be found in our nation.

This device is chemically proven to be hypo allergenic so that it can be utilized by every Filipino and in many cases those who are hypersensitive to some chemical substances. The advocates decide to make this product because every Filipino specially girls that love to place perfume whenever they go out or perhaps at home to feel fresh and fragrant throughout the day.


The company is drive by simply its objective by providing competitive, low cost, hypo allergenic, good quality perfumery products to every Filipino who wanted to have a positive impact to everyone they will face by their taking scent. Aims

The company aims to expand their market with the country yet other parts worldwide. The company planned to promote their very own product internationally to show the ingenuity and skill of every Philippine.

The company also aims to give jobs to Filipino in order to help in the unemployment issue of the nation. Brief Profile of the Businessperson

The Aroma of the Navigate is a firm owned by simply Maria Rosela Aznar, Maureen Marie Doctora, Mary Flower De Leon and Cleta Sibbaluca. The eldest daugther Ms. Rosela Aznar, is actually a trainor in Perfume making which had initiated to put up the organization. The different owners would like to have an added source of income which will eventually end up being the major source of income on the success of the organization. Project’s Efforts to the Overall economy

The Aroma of the Orient deals how a corporation can help uplift the economy of the nation by providing salary generating activities that will maximize number work as well as the contribution it will do to the authorities.



1 . 1Description of the Item

Since the beginning of recorded background, humans have got attempted to cover up or enhance their own odor by using cologne, which imitates the features of nature’s nice smells.

A large number of natural and man-made materials have been used to make scent to apply for the skin and clothing, to put in cleaners and cosmetics, or to scent the environment. Because of differences in body chemistry, heat, and body system odors, zero perfume will certainly smell exactly the same on virtually any two people.

Natural ingredients flowers, solide, spices, fresh fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves, gumline, and pet secretions as well as resources just like alcohol, petrochemicals, coal, and coal tars are used in the manufacture of perfumes. Several plants, such as lily from the valley, usually do not produce essential oils naturally. In fact , only about 2, 000 with the 250, 500 known blooming plant types contain these types of essential natural oils.

Therefore , synthetic chemicals can be used to re-create the scents of nonoily substances. Synthetics also create original aromas not found in nature Through the name of the product, the consumers will be aware of that this parfum that acquire sweet and mild aroma that is incredibly pleasing towards the nose.

The merchandise label has been design within a creative logo and that is a fabulous sensuous ans care totally free spirited dude. This product which can be one kind of perfume, is simply made by the proponent as perfumes which can be used even in day time and this it aroma last for a long time even if you sweating due to strenuous activities like working out in a health club, doing homes chores or perhaps do malling with your close friends. 1 . 2Comparison of the Merchandise with Its Competition


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