CommunicationVocabulary: * Social Shock 2. Cultural Circumstance * High-Context Culture 5. Low-Context Tradition * Individuality * Collectivism * Assertive * Female Why Examine Culture? 5. Globalization * Rise in intercultural Shock 2. Avoid Tradition ShockCultural Contexts * Precisely what is cultural Framework? * The relative emphasis different cultures place on nonverbal communication 5. High-Context tradition * Low-Context cultureCulture Principles * Exactly what culture values? Four categories of cultural ideals: * Individualism vs . Collectivism * Decentralized vs . Centralized * Doubt vs . Conviction * Assertive vs . FeminineContexts, Values and Communication * How do ethnic contexts and values impact communication? 2. What happens if: *

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A person from a high-context lifestyle is communicating with a person from a person from a low circumstance culture? 2. A person from a very individualist traditions is conntacting a person from a far more collectivist lifestyle? Culture Surprise: * A situation of dilemma and distress experienced simply by an individual who is suddenly exposed to a new, peculiar or foreign social and cultural environmentCultural Shock: 5. The relative emphasis different cultures place on non-verbal communicationHigh-Context Culture: 5. Cultures that place a high emphasis on nonverbal communicationLow-context Traditions: * Cultures that do not really tend to value emphasis on nonverbal communicationIndividualism 2. Placing a top quality on person accomplishments and individual Collectivism * Create a high value around the accomplishments of a groupMasculine *

The traditional social and cultural ideas of male characteristicsFeminine: * The standard social and cultural suggestions of feminine characteristics| Objectives: * Be familiar with different causes men and women talk * Be familiar with differences in how and what men and women communicate Vocabulary: 2. Content: The topics or matters covered in verbal connection * Men are more likely to concentrate their attention on the articles of a chat, while women tend to be more feeling and marriage focused.

Why men and women speak * Reasons men speak * Share information * Accomplish a task * Factors women speak * Build relationships 2. Develop focusing on how men and women talk *

Just how men and women talk * Guys: Verbal communications, value directness * Females: Nonverbal communications, Value feelings What males and females communicate 5. What men and women communicate 5. Men: Subject areas of expertise, solving problems, content targeted * Ladies: Emotions, experiences, relationship focused * Status vs .

Support. 2. Independence versus Intimacy. 2. Advice or Understanding. 5. Information versus Feelings. * Orders or Proposals. * Conflict or Compromise. | Objectives: * Identify and explain the barriers experienced in intercultural communication * Understand how to conquer barriers in intercultural communication Vocabulary: 5. Ethnocentrism 2. Barrier Barriers in Intercultural Communication * Ethnocentrism 2. Assuming similarities * Supposing differences * Focusing on stereotypes. * Distinct Communication Rules Overcoming connection barriers 2. Seek information 2. Ask innovative questions and listen 5. Tolerate ambiguity * Become “other focused


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